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So much hectic junk is brewing now. What happens when Katherine's younger daughter joins the mix?

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I am always the good little angel in the family. I stay hidden in Judy's shadow. Mom has loved us both equally. But sometimes, I don't really want too much. I wanted the standard life. So I got straight A's, graduated high school, went to college, and got a semi-stable boyfriend. I was happy, at first. But then as the story goes, I got bored. But, I had no way to cure my boredom. That was until one night at the bus stop.

I was sitting alone waiting for the next bus to take me home when I met him. I had just come home for my spring break. I was looking forward to a boring break just like last year. Then, this man sat down next to me on the bench. I got a good look at him. I recognized him right away. He was Greg Brown from my mom's magazine company. Beach Radio Magazine sells like hot cakes at my school. I'm actually proud of my mother's work with this one. For once, she did something cool. But anyway, back to Greg. I was checking him out. And believe me, momma liked what she saw. He seemed much better than my current boyfriend. I was blushing right away. I kind scooted close to him. I lightly tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around to me. Oh wow, he has such beautiful eyes.

"Hi!" I said cheerfully to him. Greg looked at me slightly confused at first.

"Hi..." he said to me uneasily. I kept smiling at him.

"I am huge fan of your magazine!" I said cheerfully.

"Okay," he said. I noticed that he was very worried. So, I decided to lighten the mood some. I sat up straighter and more graceful.

"I am Morgan," I said. "I am Morgan Delany." That caught his attention completely. His eyes grew big in surprise.

"You're Morgan?!?" he asked in shock. I nodded.

"The Morgan Delany?" Greg asked again.

"Yeah," I said. We paused for a moment in silence. Greg was really happy now.

"Oh wow!" he yelled out. I looked at him slightly surprised.

"Am I a celeb or something?" I asked him. Greg quickly grabbed my hands.

"Yes!" he said quickly. "You are a celebrity in my eyes!" Okay, I wasn't excepting this. Clearly, he has a crush on me. Oh wow! It's pretty exciting. Richard was never this enthusiastic about me! Come to think of it, this could be fun!

"Oh?" I asked him. "How so?" Greg looked like a balloon about to burst.

"Well..." he said. "You just are!" I was really blushing now. Oh wow! This is really exciting. I could run with this!

"I am?" I asked him.

"Yeah!" Greg said again. This is interesting indeed. I wanted to know more about him.

"So," I said. "How did you first hear of me?" Greg looked overjoyed now.

"Last year!" he exclaimed. I looked at him surprised.

"Really now?" I asked.

"Yeah!" he said again. I smiled at him richly.

"That's interesting," I replied. We went silent for a moment. I stretched out a bit. I lightly turned my ankles a bit. I don't know what to make of Greg yet. He intrigued me so much. But yet, he was a little too odd for my taste. It's like a sci-fi novel that I have to read in class. (I don't really like sci-fi, but I end up reading to the very end just to figure it all out.) So, I did what I normally do in situations like this. I listened on and asked him many questions.

"So," I said to him brightly. "How long have you been working with the magazine?"

"Three years," he replied.

"I really loved your Coldplay article!" I said to him like a little fangirl. Greg gave me a charming little smile.

"Thank you," he replied. "You're a Coldplay fan?"

"Oh yes!" I exclaimed happily. "I am a huge Coldplay lover! I have loved them since high school! Chris Martin is so hot!" He looked at me with no expression on his face. I was panicking on the inside. "Oh crap!" I thought. "He's going to think I am a big loser because of my crush on Chris Martin!" I braced myself for the worse. But enough, Greg just lightly held my hands as he smiled at me.

"That's okay," he said as if he had read my mind. "You're free to have a crush on whoever you like!" I slowly began to relax some.

"Really?" I asked him innocently.

"Yeah," Greg replied. "I have a great crush on you and everyone looks down upon me because of it. But I don't care!" I noticed he was blushing after he said that. I found myself smiling at that.

"You... like me that much?" I asked.

"Yes!" Greg said aloud. I giggled at that. Oh wow, this could be fun after all. Now that think of it, Greg's definitely better-looking than Richard. And even more charming than him. (In a very dorky way.) I don't really know yet. I'll just have to keep taking the little trip with him until I get all of the answers.

Greg and I talked until the bus came. I turned to him smiling as I rose up from the bench.

"Care to ride with me until we get to our homes?" I asked him sweetly.

"Sure!" he said aloud. I smiled and headed onto the bus. Greg followed after me. It looks like I will be having fun with Greg Brown as my new bf after all! Hee-hee!

Riding Through the City on My Bike All Day Because the Filth Took Away My License

Don't cry, my little emo. I'll be out on a cruise for the weekend. But don't worry, the BRMc crew and FOB will be back with me for more hectic crap as the story heats up and reallly takes off.
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