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Pete and Rose have a lunch date together. (Plus Pandora's Box is opened wide! I'm back baby!)

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Pandora's Box opened the next day during Rose's lunch break. She was having lunch with Pete like she and him had planned this morning. It wasn't easy for the sexy Emo rock god. Ashlee wanted to spend the whole day with him. At first, it was a nightmare to convince her otherwise. But within a few minutes, Pete managed to escape from Ashlee for the day and try to meet with Rose. They kept in contact through text messages. It was like a co-op mission. One false move and it could ruin everything. Rose even got dressed up for the occasion today. She had on light tan short skirt, dark pink halter top, and white sand sandals. Her make-up was done up lightly today. Rose even put her hair back into a ponytail with a dark pink scrunchie. Her friends and co-workers noticed her look today. Rose never wore anything causal to work. She was always wearing that business suit of hers. So something had to be up today. Aunt Vanessa was on the case.

"Rosie!" she said happily to her friend. "How are you today old friend?" Rose smiled to herself kindly. She knew Vanessa too well.

"Yes, it is a lunch date with Petey," she replied. Her friend's eye lit up in delight.

"Oooo!!!" she said aloud. "Where will you be today?"

"Sorry," Rose replied. "I'm not allowed to tell you that one!"

"Awwww!" Vanessa pouted. Rose shrugged.

"Sorry," she said. "Life's hard than you die!" Her co-worker pouted again. Rose just smiled to herself and got back to work. Vanessa shrank down into her cubicle and went to her work. That was it for the moment. Aunt Vanessa wasn't going to give up that evening. She was going to get information somehow and post it on her blog.

Meanwhile, Rose waited in excitement as she edited up her articles. She just couldn't wait to be with Pete again. The wild nights weren't enough. Rose wanted to be with Pete whenever she could. The journalist looked up at the clock. "Damn," she thought. "Time is going so slow!" But, the journalist tried to make herself keep working to keep herself calm. The excitement was just killing her inside. "Just hang in there girl!" she thought to herself. "You'll make it just fine!"

Lunch time came around just in time. Rose secretly hurried off to the latest outdoor cafe in Miami. Vanessa watched her and decided to follow behind. She would've done so if Adam hadn't stopped her with a question on help with the article. "Dart!" Aunt Nessie thought. "You got anyway this time!" But, Aunt Vanessa will be back!

At lunch, Rose met Pete through the instructions he gave her through text. "Let's see," Rose said to herself. "All the way to the center table on the second level." The journalist looked up at the stairs. "Okay," she thought. "Here we go!" Rose processed up the stairs. She looked around for her lunch date. The woman happened to look up and notice Pete flagging her down. Rose smiled to herself brightly. Her patience was finally paying off today. Within a few steps, the journalist was through to her lover boy. Pete smiled at her charmingly.

"Hey there," he said. Rose blushed at him lightly.

"Hi," she said shyly. Pete pulled out a seat for her. Rose looked amazed. "Oh wow!" she thought. "What a gentleman!" Then, the woman sat down next to him. Lunch started off normal so far. The soon-to-be couple talked and joked around while they ate like old friends. As they talked, Pete slowly became horny. However, it wasn't worth dragging her away to a bathroom and doing her out here. So what to do? What to do? Then, an idea came to him. Pete slightly looked under the table. The conditions were perfect. Rose had on a skirt with no pantyhose today. Now, to put the plan into action.

Rose seemed off into space when she felt someone touching on her knee. This time, she wasn't as startled as much. She knew who it was. Rose just smirked to herself in mischief. "Up to that one again, eh?" she thought to herself. The journalist decided to enjoy in soft delight. But then, the change came rapidly. Pete began moving his hand up further onto her milky cocoa thigh. Rose was starting to feel the heat. "Oh, he's getting riskier!" she thought. Pete kept moving his hand upwards. His fingertips found the crotch of her panties. The emo hottie then processed to lightly push the cloth away and brushed softly against entry. That really caught Rose's attention. She froze up quickly. "W-What is he... doing?" the confused woman thought. Pete was smirking to himself wickedly. He was getting the reaction he wanted. Now to keep working it. Petey slowly slid his fingers into her. He found that his woman was quickly becoming wet below. Rose couldn't take it anymore. She whipped around to him quickly. The confused soul wanted to ask him what he was plotting but the words were trapped in her throat. Pete lightly leaned over to her burning hot ear.

"Just pretend everything's smooth and cool!" he whispered to her.

"B-But how can I?!?" she asked. "Y-You're... You're touching me!" Pete lightly put his own hand over her mouth. He wasn't stopping with his fingers either. They seemed to be on autopilot with him. He had no intention of stopping at all.

"Well, do you want me to stop, then?" he asked. Rose hesitated for a moment. Now that she thought about it, this was too good to stop now. She finally shook her head. Pete slowly lowered his hand from her mouth and slid up a little bit. Rose was relaxed and let him have his fun with her. She quickly found herself enjoying him touching on her like this. Kylie Minogue was playing in her head again.

However, the fun was interrupted when they heard someone call out, "Pete? What are you doing here and who is this?" The couple quickly looked up and saw Patrick. He had confused look on his face. Rose looked up at him startled. "Oh crap!" she thought. "We've been found out!" But, Pete smoothed things over quickly. He took his fingers out Rose and stood up quickly. He turned to his sexy female friend.

"Rose, this is Patrick!" he introduced her to his BFF. Rose just lightly waved at Patrick. Then, Pete turned to his pal.

"Patrick, this is Rose," he answered. "Rose and I were having together. You want to join?" Patrick looked at them confused at first. He clearly wasn't expecting this. The man just followed Pete to spy on him and learn more about Rose. Patty was still wondering if his pal was cheating on Ashlee or not. He was almost convinced now. He was now in a trap. He had no choice but to answer them now.

"Uh..." Patrick said at last. "Sure!" Then, he pulled up a chair to join the couple. The rest of lunch was nice. Pete and Rose managed to get through the crisis just fine. Patrick and Rose oddly got along pretty well. Pretty soon, he let go of any suspensions of her trying to steal Pete away from Ashlee. (Not that he was really worried about it or anything. He just wanted his chum to be happy.) Crisis one may have been fixed. But really, what's a good love story without a few more hiccups in the way before a romantic lovey-dovey can actually get together?

I Say You Don't Know, You Say You Don't Know
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