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Cliche of events

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Franks reaction to the news that his girlfriend is pregnant

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Okay so nobody reviewed telling me what they want in this story so, here goes the next chapter, please review it would mean so much to me :)

Frank wasnt sure he had heard right, "Your what?" Kate told him again through sobs "Im pregnant Frank, were going to have a baby." He couldnt process this shocking news so he let go of Kait and stormed over to the closet. He started getting dressed and Kait looked over to him "Frank? what are you doing" she asked, tears still streaming down her face. When she didnt get a reply she went over to him and tried to get near him but he just held his hands in front of him "Dont touch me" he cried and stormed out of the room. Kait was already overwhelmed by the news of the baby but this just pushed her over the edge. She threw herself down on the bed and cried her eyes out.

Frank stormed down the stairs and grabbed his coat. On his way out he shouted to the guys "Im going for a walk, dont wait up for me" and slammed the door. They could hear the anger in his voice and Ray said he would go and check on Kait.

Upstairs Ray knocked quietly on the door "Kait, are you okay? where did Frank go?" He waited but didnt get a reply. "Kait im going to come in now okay" he said while pushing the door open slowly. The room seemed to be empty so he went over to the bathroom door and it was open. He could see Kait huddled up in the corner, in Franks favourite shirt crying so much she could hardly breathe. Ray wasnt sure what to do so he flew to the top of the stairs. "Guys get up here, I think somethings wrong!" and within seconds they were all in the guest room. "Its Kait, she is crying really badly and I dont know why" Ray said as he led them over to the bathroom.

Sure enough there was Kait, in the corner, her eyes red and bloodshot. Gerard went over to her slowly so he didnt freak her out. "Kaity, whats wrong, is it Frank?" he reached out for her hand. She looked up and saw Gerard crouching down with his hand out and Mikey, Ray and Bob behind him all looking worried. She tried to control her crying and slowly got up and took Gerards hand. He pulled her close and the guys rushed forward to help her over to the bed. Once she had stopped crying she took some deep breaths and tried to calm herself. "Would you like some water?" asked Bob. Kait shook her head "No thank you." Bob shrugged and sat down on the bed with the rest of them. Mikey looked at her "So are you going to tell us whats goin on or not?"

Kait knew they would find out somehow so she took a deep breath and told them the story. "Well what happned was; On the morning Mikey came and said there was a phone call for me I had already been awake and took a pregnancy test because me and Frank slept together by then. I wasnt expecting it to read positive but it did, so I took another one, and it read the same. I wasnt sure what to do so I didnt tell anyone, not even Frank. Thats why I flipped out at him when I found out my friend had died, I wanted to try and make him dislike me so I didnt have to ruin his life by telling him that I was pregnant with his child. But then I told him tonight and he stormed out and I dont know what to do, you may all think I was only in it for the sex, but its more than that. I know that I am falling for him, but I dont show it because Im so scared" she whispered the last part again "Im so fucking scared" and then she burst into tears.

Outside in the hallway was Frank. He had came back up to get his wallet when he had heard everything Kait said. The truth was he was falling for her too. He didnt know what the hell to do. He heard her crying again, he wanted to go in there and tell her it was okay but he knew the guys would flip at him. His deep train of thought was broken when Gerard came out of the bedroom followed by Bob and Ray, then Mikey who was holding Kait helping her downstairs. They all stopped and stared at Frank. Gerard took a step forward "Do you realise what the fuck you have done" he growled and pushed past him. Frank knew he had so he tried to go to Kait but stopped when Gerard said something else "Dont you dare go anywhere near her" so Frank just bowed his head as Mikey lead Kait past him.
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