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The Ride Home

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~~~~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~
I can't beleive Joe offered to drive us home,well technically Kevin is gunna drive us home, but same difference. As soon as we walk out of Starbucks Lily calls shotgun. We all start to laugh as we are walking over to Kevins car.

"So, how do you want to sit?" Joe asked me
"I don't care. Does it matter?" i asked
"No, I was just wondering if you'd say you want to sit by me." he said getting red
"Joe of course I want to sit by Yooooooouuuu." I said laughing

We get in the car and i'm in the middle, Joe is on the right side of me, Nick is on the left side, and Mandy is in the back.

"Ok, now where do we go from here." Kevin asked
"You go straight like all the way down and then turn left untill you get infront of a really big house." I directed
"That's simple." Kevin said
"Ya I know im so glad we only live that far from Starbucks. I can't live with out it." i explained
"Ha, when we were walking down here she was like demanding me to walk faster!" Lily said
"Oh well, that's only because I-I wanted to get down ther before it know." i said
"HaHa no we don't." Mandy said poking her head by mine
"Let's just drop it." I said looking straight ahead
"Is this it?" Kevin asked pulling in front of my house
"Yep sure is." i said
"Wow! You weren't kidding when you said it was big." Joe said with his mouth open
"No. My mom and dad are like surgens and crap." I said not enthused

Nick gets out the car to let me and Mandy out. Then he runs around to the passengers seat but Joe already climed over and got it.

"You should invite them to your party before they leave Kaycie." Lily said
"Do you think that's a good idea?" I asked
"Yes, now go do it!" Lily yelled

I open up Joe's door.

"I was just wondering if you guys would like to go to a party my parents are having here Saturday?" I asked them
"Hmm... I don't think we are doing anything. So, I think we can." Kevin said
"Ahhh.. that's great it starts at 7pm." I said excited
"Awesome. Just one thing?" Joe asked
"What is that one thing Joe?" I asked back
"Can I have your phone number. You know just in case we can't come or something I wouldn't want to stand you up." he said
"Haha.. ya you can have it." I said with a chuckle

Joe gives me his phone so I can put in my information. Then he takes a picture of me.

"Why'd you do that?" I asked confused
"So, When you call me I can see you. Now let me see your phone." he said holding out his hand
"Ok let me try and get it out of my pocket." I said struggling to get my phone out

I gave my phone to Joe and he put his information in it. He gives it back and I tell him to smile.

"I guess I'll talk to you later then." I said turning back twards my house
"Ya see you Saturday!" Joe said a little to fast

I waved to say bye and he waved back and then they were gone.
~~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~~
"Wow you got her digits." Nick said
"Yep, and I got a picture of her." I said with a little laugh
"I think you two would make a very cute couple." Kevin chimed in
"I don't think we are going to go out Kevin we barly know each other." I said
"Ya, but you guys are gunna get to know each other better at her party." Kevin said
"True!"I said

We drive back to our house and walk in.

"You guys were gone longer than usual." mom said
"Well, we had to take a detour." Nick said scratching his head
"Oh and what might that have bin." mom asked Nick
"Joe got us invited to a party Saturday." Kevin said excited
"You did that's great. Where is this party going to be at?" mom asked
"It's actually only like 5 blocks away from here." I said
"What's the girls name?'" mom asked
"Kaycie. We didn't get her last name." I said sitting down getting out my phone
"Joe did get a picture show mom." Nick said taking my phone
"Or you can show her." I said looking at him

Nick gives mom the phone and she looks at it and then says aww. Why would she say aww?

"Why'd you say aw mom?" I asked confused
"Oh, it's because I know her and her family." mom said handing me my phone
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