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Finding out the Story

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~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~
We walk to my front door and go in. My mom greets us.

"Hey girls your back a little early." Mom said
"Ya, well your never going to beleive this, but we met the Jonas Brothers!" I said jumping up and down
"Oh, I do beleive you hunny." Mom said sitting down in the living room
"What do you mean, don't you thing it's a little impossible. I mean they are the Jonas Brothers." I said taking a seat next to her
"They only live a few blocks from us." Mom said taking a drink of her coke
"What do you mean they only live a few blocks away from us?" I asked confused
"Well, ya I know their mother Denise." Mom said
"What!?! You mean Denise, as in Denise that your friends with Denise, is The Jonas Brothes Mother?" I asked in a kinda yelling way
"Well, Ya hunny you don't think she has the last name Jonas just to have it." mom said
"You can have it and not be related to them, mom." I said
"Didn't you see that the boys look like her?" Mom asked
"I guess I never really payed attention because she never said she had kids." I said itching my kneck
"Oh, beleive me she has, your just never around to hear her say it." Mom said with a light chuckle
"Haha ya I bet, we are going to go to my room now." I said in a you've got to be kidding me way

Mandy,Lily, and I make our way up to my room. We reach my door and I open it.

"Kaycie I never get tired of your room!" Mandy said running to my bed
"You would if you lived here all the time like me." I said walking over to my sofa
"Nope, don't think I would." Mandy said getting a magazine out of my night stand

Saturday Night

"I can't beleive Saturday is already here!" Lily said doing her happy dance
"Me either." I said joining her

We walk down stairs and there is already a bit of people here. The door bell rings and I walk over to answer it. It's Mandy.

"OMG! I can't wait!" She said as soon as I opened the door
"Us either!" I said shutting the door
"Absoulutely Love What your wearing Kaycie!" she said
"Oh thanks I couldn't really decide what to wear so I flipped a coin." I said laughing
"Funny." she said

We all turn to walk to the backyard, when the doorbell rings again. We all turn and I open the door and It's Denise,Kevn Sr., and the boys. I wonder where Frankie is? He must be at the babysitters.

"Hey Kaycie." Denise says
"Hey." I reply back

She gives me a hug and then she walks away with Paul probably to go find my mother.

"You guys made it." Lily said
"Yep, turns out my mom knows Kaycie and her parents." Joe says looking at me
"Ya, I didn't know that Denise and Paul are your parents." I said
"As far as we know." Kevin chimes in
"Good one." Mandy says
"Why thank you." He says like a gentleman
"Are you guys just gunna stand there or do you want to come in?" I asked
"Come in." Nick says

The boys walk in and I shut the door.

"So, what do you guys want to do?" I asked looking at them
"I don't know what is there to do?" Joe threw back
"We can go out back, or watch some tv." I said naming things
"Can we see your room?" Nick asked
"Sure, but there's nothing special about my room." I said leading the way to my room
"She's totally lieing her room is the bomb!" Mandy said
"What ever." I said

We walk up the stairs to my room. We get to the door and I open it.
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