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In The room

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~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~~
We all walk into Kaycie's room and Mandy was right it is the BOMB.

"Kaycie your room is awesome!" Nick spills
"Umm.. thanks." Kaycie said back
"Do you by chance have GuitarHero?" Kevin asked
"Actually I do, and I have Rockband." Kaycie said heading to her closet
"Dude, you are awesome!" Kevin yelled following her
"You have a balcony too?" I asked
"Ya, you can go out there if you want to." She said
"Ok." I said walking over to the doors

I open the doors and walk out on to the balcony. Wow this is cool she has her own furniture out here. I walk back in to her room and close the doors. Kevin and Kaycie are setting up Rockband.

"You guys having fun." I said sarcastically
"Ya, I like putting this together it's just the best." Kaycie sarcastically said back

Some one was knocking at her bedroom door.

"Mandy can you get that?" Kaycie asks her
"Sure." Mandy said heading to the door

Mandy opens it and there's a dude standing there.

"Kaycie your playing Rockband and you didn't invite me." The dude said
"Oh, my bad Blaine I got caught up in all this." Kaycie said waving her arms around showing him everyone
"Ya, I bet let me help you with that." Blaine said
"Oh, hey Blaine this is the Jonas Brothers, thats Kevin, Nick, and Joe. Guys this is my older brother Blaine." Kaycie said itroducing us all
"I kinda figured that it was the Jonas Brothers, you have a picture of them in your closet." He said setting up the drums
"Hey! Why were you in my closet?" She asked him
"No reason just wanted to see something." He said
"What ever." she said taking a seat on her couch

I walk over and sit next to her.

"Hey there Joe." She says.
"Hey, so, are you any good at this game?" I ask her
"Well, I don't want to brag, but i'm pretty good." She said turning to me
"Ahhh, well, me too. We are going to have to have a battle." I said challenging her
"You are so on Joe." She said shaking her head
"Ok it's all set up." Kevin said
"So, who's gunna be on what?" Nick asked
"I want to do drums." Kaycie said jumping up
"I'll be guitar." Kevin said grabbing the guitar
"I guess I'll be base then." Nick said
"Ya, so we will all just take turns after each song." Kaycie said to everyone

They start the game and the first song they do is "Dead ON Arrival" by Fall Out Boy.
Kaycie is doing some serious damage.

"Dude, your awesome on the drums." Mandy said
"Yep, I know." Kaycie said in pure consentration

Lily walks over to me and sits down beside me.

"Are you having fun?" She asks me
"Ya, so far it's been pretty cool." I say looking at the tv
"That's great." She said getting up and going back over to Mandy

I wonder what that was about. Only asking me if I was having fun.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~~
Wow, I am kicking some serious butt. I wonder how good Joe is on the drums. We will just have to see. As soon as the song ends my phone starts to play "Rescue Me" by Hawthorne Heights. That can only mean one thing. I have that song set to a certain person. I get up from the stool and answer it.

"Hey Adam."
"Hey babe. I'm sorry that I couldn't make your party, do to me being in a different state and all."
"Oh, it's totally cool Adam. Your not missing much."
"It's not a party unless i'm there right."
"Totally not."
"I just wanted to call and tell you that i'll be back tomorrow."
"OMG! You will? I'm so excited!"
"So, I got to go i'll see you tomorrow. I love you."
"Ok, see you then. I love you too. bye."

I hang up the phone and I look at Joe and he looks a little dissapointed. I start to walk over to him when Mandy and Lily cut me off.

"OMG!!! Was that Adam." Mandy asks
"Yes it was he wanted to tell me that he is coming home tomorrow." I tell her
"You guys are the perfect couple." Lily gushes
"You really think so?" I ask her
"Yes, you guys are like picture perfect." Lily said
"I know we so are arn't we!" I said plopping on my bed
"Totally!" Mandy chimes in
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