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Call from Joe

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~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~~
We are back at our house and I go to my room. When Nick and Kevin follow in behind me.

"Dude,you didn't talk much after Kaycie got that phone call. Why not?" Nick asked
"I don't know. I just didn't feel like talking." I said talking a seat at my computer
"You know she never mentioned anything about a boyfriend." Kevin said sitting on my bed
"Come on look at her who wouldn't want to date her." I said
"Your right, but I really like Lily." Nick said
"Nick you like Lily?" I asked confused
"Ya, she's totally awesome. We talked for a while. I think I might ask her out on a date." Nick said
"Wow, I thought you'd be the Mandy kinda type. Lily seems a little not all there." I said going to youtube
"She's totally all there she's just really OUT there. That's why I like her." Nick said
"I totally owned at guitar." Kevin randomly said
"Ya, we all seen Kev." I said typing in that song that was Kaycies' ringtone
"Ya, well, maybe you need to ask Kaycie to out Joe." Nick said
"She's got a boyfriend!" I said a little too loud
"You don't know that. Just give it a chance." he said leaving and Kevin following

I close out the screen and turn of my computer. I walk over to my bed and try to go to sleep. I just can't get Kaycie out of my head. Though Mandy is cute. Maybe I could get to know her a little bit more. I start to close my eyes and drift off to sleep.
~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~
I walk out of the bathroom and head over to my bed and get in it. I think that Joe was a little mad. Why would he be mad though. Wait, I didn't mention to him that I had a boyfriend did I. Crap that explains why he didn't really talk to me or to anybody after my phone call. Why would that upset him though. There are like how many girls out there saying that they want to marry him. Why would he like me. I'm plain old me not famous or anything. He is really cute though...what am I saying he's EXTREMELY HOT!! No, I have a boyfriend I should be thinking about him before I go to sleep. Not Joe. After that my eyes start to get hard to hold open so I just let them come down and go to sleep.

The Next Day

My phone starts to ring.

"Hey Kaycie it's Joe"
"Oh, hey Joe." I say surpriced
"I was just wondering if you'd want to get something to eat with me this afternoon?"
"Umm.. sure why not."
"Ok, well, I'll come get you at 12ish then."
"That works for me."

I hang up my phone and I see that its already 10:30. Wow, I slept in today. I better get up If I wanna be ready in time for Joe to get me. Wait, I wonder what time Adam is going to get home. Ehh.. it will probably be later tonight. I get out of my bed and walk to my bathroom. I turn on the shower and walk over to my clothes closet. Hmm.. what should I wear. I'll just wear my capries with a stripped tank top. That's casual. I walk back and get in the shower. I get out and it's 11:00. Dang, I took a 30 minute shower. I get dressed and do my hair and make-up. I get my purse and walk downstairs. As soon as I hit the bottom step The door bell rings. Hmm.. I wonder who that could be. I open the door and it's Adam.
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