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I'm Better Off This Way

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Now what's up with Gerard and Katie????!?

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Katie's POV

Of course. Meg and Caroline are such great sisters! They just up-and-left me! " Katie...I hear you know Joe..." Gerard said looking down at the floor.

Who told him!? I mean, I was going to, but I should've been the one to tell him not someone else!~ "Uh yeah...he's my b-boyfriend, but how do you know him...he said he doesn't know you."

"Just cause he doesn't know me doesn't mean I don't know him..." Gerard mumbled.

I took a quick peek into Gerard's mind to see what he meant. All of a sudden I saw these images of Gerard lying on the ground with Joe standing over him with a giant smirk on his face saying, "That's what you get homo." I gasped. "G-Gerard! I'm so s-sorry! I d-didn't know Joe was like that! I didn't know he beat you up!"

He looked up and gave me a confused look. "H-how did you find that out?"

Shit. Now I had some explaining to do. "Well...uhm..." I sighed. Might as well tell him the truth, "I-I can read people's minds...and I-I saw in your mind of Joe standing over you calling you a homo...."

"O-oh..." Gerard said. Then I listened to his thoughts and heard, Ohkay, Katie if you can hear my thoughts than say Pumpkin!

"Pumpkin..." I laughed looking at Gerard whose eyes grew wide.

"Holy SHIT!" he gasped, "You really can hear my thoughts!"

I giggled and nodded. "W-what am I thinking about right now??"

"Doing this." I smiled and leaned over and kissed him. Wow. I had to admit, he's a great kisser. I fell on top of him and we lied on the couch, the kiss growing deeper and deeper. His tongue licked my lip asking for entrance. I opened to let his tongue in and they dance that no one could ever re-choreograph. It was perfect. Then I remembered. Joe. I was technically still with him....

Gerard's POV

Wow. She's a great kisser. The kiss grew deeper and deeper and then she suddenly pulled away. I gave her a confused look....Did I do something wrong? She sat up abruptly, "I-I'm sorry."

I smiled at her, "Don't be was quite enjoyable."

She frowned. "T-that's not w-what I meant...technically right now, I'm cheating on Joe..."

I sighed and looked down, "Oh...right..." I don't care if she can read my thoughts, I hate that little fucker.

Tears welled up in her eyes. "Oh, Katie! I'm s-sorry! I didn't mean that!"

She looked up and wiped the tears from her eyes. "No, you know what? Y-you're right...I d-don't wanna date someone who b-beats up my friends..."

I smiled. "Hey friend, wanna go look at some of those drawings I was telling you about?" I asked taking her hand into mine.

She giggled, "Gee, that's not the only thing you had planned..." she stuck her tongue out at me, "Yes, to the drawings...and No to the intense make out session in your bed, I ONLY MET YOU TODAY!"

I shrugged, "Can't blame a guy for trying! Man, it sucks when the girl you like can read your mind! How am I supposed to surprise you with things?!"

She giggled again as she got up off the couch still holding my hand as we walked towards my room. "There's a way to hide your thoughts..."


" I'm gonna tell you! For all I know, if I teach you that, you could rape me!"

"Damnit. You figured out my plan." I said sarcastically as we made our way into my room.

She sat down on my bed while I went over to my desk to get out my sketchbook. She began to laugh hysterically. Oops, guess she read my, uhm, not-so-nice thoughts about her...

"Yeah." she said between laughs, "I did, but guess what?"

"What?" I asked as I brought my sketchbook over.

"After we look through these amazing drawings of yours,I say yes to that second option earlier...not the one you were just thinking."

I laughed. I began to show her my sketchbook and she said they were all amazing. I blushed. I never really thought I was that good...but I don't know, maybe I'm better than I thought...or she's just being nice.

"Psh," she rolled her eyes, "I am NOT just being nice! These really are amazing!"

"T-thanks." I said as I closed the sketchbook.

As soon as the sketchbook was closed, her lips crashed into mine. I dropped the sketchbook on the floor and pulled her onto me as we laid down on the bed. The make out session began to heat up and she began to undo my belt. I pulled her shirt over her head. I started to unclip her bra.

"WHOA!" I heard someone scream.

We quickly pulled away and looked up to see Meghan. "uh-uh I'll just leave..."

As soon as she left, I went to pull Katie back to me, but she resisted. "W-what am I doing?" she mumbled shaking her head, "I c-can't do this. I have to go."

She threw on her shirt and ran from the room. "KATIE! WAIT!" I called, coming after her, but by the time I got to the living room, the only people there were Mikey and Frank.

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