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If You Wanted Honesty...

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Meghan's POV

After walking in on Katie and Gerard while they were, uhm, yeah...I headed back to the living room where Mikey, Frank, Caroline, and I had been watching a movie. A few seconds later, I saw Katie run by us and out the door. I sensed she was guilty and sad about something. I quickly looked over at Caroline, and without a word, we got up and followed her out. When we reached the apartment, we heard her quiet sobs from her room. Caroline and I quickly went in and wrapped our arms around her. "Katie," I whispered to her, "W-what happened? You know I can't stand it when you're sad!"

All the sadness in the room was really giving me horrible head pains. She sat up and took herself out of our arms. She turned to face the two of us and sighed. "I-I know Meg, I d-don't wanna cause you any p-pain..."

Caroline reached over and hugged her, "Meghan's fine, what's wrong with YOU?! W-what happened with you and Gee?"

"I-I found out f-from Gee's mind that Joe b-beat him I d-decided I was gonna break up with Joe..."

"YES!" Caroline shouted, "FINALLY!....oops sorry! so you broke up with Joe go on."

"Uhm...well, I didn't actually break up with Joe yet...I k-kissed Gerard then we had gone in his room to look at his drawings and we started m-making out and were about to have s-se...until Meg walked in, which made us stop and I realized how big of an idiot I was being. I mean not only was I cheating on my boyfriend, but with someone who I just met!"

Katie began to sob again. I pulled her into my arms and Caroline came over and added her arms to the knot. "K-katie..." I soothed, "It's gonna be ohkay...Listen, you didn't do anything and that's what matters."

Then Caroline added, "Yeah, you knew to stop, Kates, and Joe is an asshole anyways who would've deserved it if you cheated on him like that anyway."

Katie giggled. "I-I t-think I'll be ohkay...I just gotta call J-joe...I have to tell him what happened..."

My eyes grew wide. "A-are you sure you wanna do that?"

She nodded and exited her room to go call Joe.

Katie's POV

I picked up my cell phone off the kitchen table and dialed Joe's number. It rang three times before I heard his voice. God, that voice made me melt. "Hey baby!" he said.


"Whats wrong hun?" he asked concerned.

"Well, Joe, uhm...I can't do this a-anymore...I d-don't deserve you...I-I m-made out with s-someone else..."

"WHAT?! WHO?!"

"G-gerard W-way..."

"THAT LITTLE FUCKING HOMO?! I'M GONNA KILL HIM! HE STOLE MY GIRL!!" he shouted. I could tell he meant it.

"J-joe n-no..." but he hung up before I could say anything else.


"Whats wrong?!" they asked rushing into the kitchen

"I'll explain on the way!"

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