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The Year is 1659, a time of fear and lies. For Christopher Halliwell as his future relatives find is diary placed between layers of a baby quilt under the loose floorboard.

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Diary of Christopher Halliwell

Summary: The Year is 1659, a time of fear and lies. For Christopher Halliwell as his future relatives find is diary placed between layers of a baby quilt under the loose floorboard.

A/N: Hey ever wonder why that floorboard was always loose?

Disclaimer: This stories originally by Celia Rees and her book called “Witch Child” just added some things different and made it a charmed Story teehee. Not stealing all credit goes to her and this fabulous book.

Chapter 1: Beginning

“ Piper you know cleaning the attic isn’t going to work, it’ll just get dirty again.” Phoebe exclaimed as Piper got to her knees and moved a few things around while scrubbing the floor.

“ Well it’s worth a try, you know you could help.” Piper grunted as she tried to get a spot off the floor. After about ten minutes at the same spot it was still not coming up, she slammed her fist on the floorboard she was scrubbing and one side popped up as a dust cloud exploded from it.

Phoebe and Piper coughed as the dust cleared. Leo and Paige made sure the two of them were all right as Wyatt orbed into his dad’s arms.

“ Yeah, were fine Piper got pissed at a stain on the floor.” Chuckled Paige as Piper swatted at her as Paige pulled something from the loose floorboard that was up. It was a baby quilt and out of it fell something…. An old book by the looks of it.

Paige picked it up as Leo asked, “ What do you have there?”

“ Looks like a diary.” Piper replied as she looked over her ex-husbands shoulder. Leo read straight from it.

“ Early March 1659.” Leo looked to them as they nodded for him to read on as Piper held Wyatt as her sisters joined her also on the couch.

I am Christopher,
I am a witch. Or so some would call me. “ Spawn of the devil,” “ Witch Child,” they hiss in the street, although I know neither father nor mother. I know only my older brother Wyatt and Grandmere.

We line in a small cottage on the very edge of the forest; Grandmere, Wyatt and I with our cat.

Lived. Live they’re no more.

Men came and dragged Grandmere away. Men in black coats and hats as tall as steeples. They skewered the cat on a pike; they said that these were not God’s creatures but familiars, the devil himself in disguise. They threw the mess of fur and flesh onto the midden and threatened to do the same to Wyatt and me, as her, if she did not confess her sins to them.

They took her away then; locked in the keep for more than a week while my brother kept hold of me, telling me she would be fine and proven innocent like the others were. They tested her day and night for such craft of evil. When I suddenly heard one day as a woman running from the lake outside of town.

“ She floats!” To float was sure proof of guilt. I ran past my brother and out the door to see them pulling her back to shore like a bundle of old washing. They did not want her drowning, because that would deprive them of a hanging.

Leo stopped reading and turned to his family and gaped. They wore the same face as he did. Phoebe moved back as Chris orbed in suddenly.

“ Don’t do that!” She exclaimed as Chris looked at her weird.

“ Is this a bad time?” Chris asked sarcastically as Phoebe gave him the Aunt look that said, “ Shut it.” He continued still sarcastically; “ I could always come back next century to save Wyatt.” Chris walked over to the book of shadows as they looked at him.

“ What?” He just shook his head and looked into the book, till he found the demon he needed to get rid of. He closed the book, giving then a weird look then orbing back into the underworld.

They all turned back to Leo as Wyatt giggled as if to tell him to read on.

It is a cold day, even for early spring. White frost on the ground and green barely touching the trees, but folks came from far and near for the hanging.

It is dangerous for me to be here against, my brothers wishes. I see people I trusted, suddenly turn against my family, whispering “ That’s one of them, the grandson of the witch,” “Son of the devil, more like.” Then they turn away, sniggering, hands covering their mouths, faces turning red at the lewd images they conjure in their own mind’s eye. The evil is in themselves.

I keep my eyes forward now, staring at the gallows. What powers do they think my family has, if Grandmere had real power, would she not be able to undo the locks to their stinking dungeon and fly through the air to safety? If I had any powers I would turn them to leprous blind newts and set them to eating themselves. I was so lost in my curses a cloak closed around me. I was taken down one of the steep alleys leading from the market and was pushed into a waiting carriage just as I heard the crowds roar; they had done it, they killed Grandmere.

I remove the cloak quickly to see my brother, and a woman staring at me. I glared at them not saying a word to them as we traveled onward; the wheels of the carriage took up the rhythm: “ In the town lived witches nine: three in worsted, three in rags, and three in velvet fine…”


Note: How am I doing, I do not own this story it is just a remake using the charmed Characters. Look for Chapter 2: Journey one
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