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Journey One

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Chapter 2: Journey One

The change in the motion of the carriage awoke me. I must have fallen asleep, my senses dulled by exhaustion and lulled by the constant swaying movement. I found myself gripping my brothers’ shirt as I noticed I must have used his chest as a pillow. He stared at me smiling as I lay back against him once more. Only when the carriage stopped did the coachman help the woman who rode with my brother and I, out of the carriage. Wyatt got out next, as then did I and saw a well-dressed gentleman at the top stair as the maids and servants bowing as she passed.

A hand tightened on mine as it was my brother and did not let go till we were pulled into separate rooms as he told me it was all right.

I was pulled into what looked like a room with a tub filled with steaming hot water, at home we bathed in the river if ever at all. A maid collected my clothes and took them with her.

“ Where is she taking them?”

“ To be burned.” Another maid, answered to me her name was Annie.

“ What am I to wear?”

“ These till tomorrow.” She had trousers and a loose linen white shirt for me over her arm. My hand went to my neck, I wore a small leather pouch made for me by my grandmere. It contained things, special things, not to be seen by anyone.

“ You are safe with me,” She said quietly, as if she knew who I was and what I had come from. “ Put it aside, and then into the tub with you.” Only seconds later Annie the maid, scrubbed me clean.

My hair caused the most difficulty, it was tangled and knotted, snarling up in the comb so she had to shear hunks of it away. Finally she bade me get out and rubbed me pink and warm again inside a sheet of course linen. She combed my hair out to see it longer than most man’s hair was to be. To my surprise she sheared it to my shoulders and dried it and combed it once more before she was happy. Annie tied my hair with a thin black leather cord, into a small tail in the back.

Annie moved me towards the bed and motioned for me to get in. I had never been in a bed like that one before, though it was no comfort, I thought as I drew the woolen about my head to muffle the sound as I wept for Grandmere.

“ That is so sad,” Phoebe sniffled interrupting the story as everyone nodded in agreement “But what’s confusing is I think I saw what the story is telling.”

“ What did you see?” Paige asked her older sibling as Phoebe noticed everyone’s eyes on her intently.

“ I saw Wyatt and Christopher. Chris is the exact copy of Christopher and I’m guessing little Wyatt right here is the guy I saw that went by Wyatt, same eyes and hair except longer. Christopher has those haunting green-gray eyes and long brown hair as Chris does now.” Phoebe hinted as Paige smiled, she knew Chris’ secret to as Piper and Leo finally caught on.

“ Are you saying…” Leo started as his eyes paled a bit as Piper finished his sentence, “ that Chris is our son?”

“ She isn’t just saying that, this is Chris’ and Wyatt’s past lives during or at the start of the Salem witch trials.” Paige concluded as Phoebe nodded.

“ So this is Chris’ baby blanket?” Piper asked as Phoebe shrugged at that as she motioned Leo to continue with the story so they couldn’t ask anymore questions.

Finally after of being kept in this room for a few days with only Annie to talk too, and the spying that consisted of me looking out the window that lead to the outside, Annie came with my brother to get me. I smiled at his hair, it was shorter than mine.

“ So did Annie attack you with the shears too?”

“ Rebecca, Christopher.” He answered as I find myself having to roll my eyes, seems like someone developed a crush. What do you expect of an 18-year-old man?

We were both soon lead to a common room and told to sit in chairs provided for ourselves, when just only to be told in some time later we were told we were to leave England and go to the America’s to live. I would not have been astonished if she had told me that I was bound for the realm of Elves. In fact that seemed more real to me. I had visited it often in Grandmere’s stories, but a New World across the ocean? I had heard of it. I knew that such a place existed, but never thought to visit it, and I had no way of imagining what it could be like there.

The woman in the room who stood by the same man that stood on the top stair the day we came to this place, told us to gather our things an I did not understand why she and her husband were helping us. She hugged my brother first then me as I breathed the haunted scent of roses, then she let me go she took a ring from her finger and placed it in my hand. My fingers closed around it, the gold weighed heavy in my hand.

I looked into her eyes and saw my own glorious green with a flick of yellow rimmed with black. Now I knew the nature of her debt she had told us about; it weighed on her conscious for 16 years. I was looking into the eyes of my mother, and I knew now that I’d never see her again. I wondered why Wyatt was so calm around her and her husband, he had known our parents and I had not.

I turned from them and waltzed away with out a word to them. I knew if I stayed my temper wouldn’t be held back. It didn’t matter, I noticed Wyatt follow me, grabbing my forearm and turning me to look at him.

“ That was quite rude of you Christopher.”

“ I care not, I do not know these people and I’m glad what they’ve done for us, but they shipped us off to grandmere’s, us being told they were dead. Now once I’ve seen them alive and well were being shipped off to another land. Why?” My voice echoed down a hall as Wyatt sighed.

“ To be saved.” I just turned towards the front doors and walked out.

To be continued,

Note: Sup! So how’s my new story coming? Chapter 3’s coming up soon its Journey two. This stories originally by

Celia Rees and her book called “Witch Child” just added some things different and made it a charmed Story teehee. Not stealing all credit goes to her and this fabulous book.
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