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Journey Two

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Chapter 3: Journey two

I found my self at the docks the next morning not caring where I’ve been all night. What difference does it make anymore, my own mother and father, newly found, are sending me and Wyatt to the America’s forever. I noticed my brother pulling up in a carriage; I get on the ship quickly telling my name and got a living space for the next few months. It is not fair how life, such a precious thing, could leave you at any time now asking if you want to leave.

Besides that it’s been a few days since we’ve left now, the winds are fair and the weather tolerable. It always rains when I’m sad and it calms me. There is word that a witch is on board and I know it is I and thy brother they talk about. Who else could it be? They are afraid of what they cannot control. We’ve hit something I can feel it, as I fall to the floor. I remember someone catching me, I thought it was my brother, but it was a face I never met before, the face of a Pirate or at least that’s what I thought.
“ Pirates? Were they even around during that time?” Paige questioned to them as Leo smiled.

“ He said he thought it was a pirate.” Piper retorted to her youngest sibling as Leo smiled even more, though he wondered what it was. They wouldn’t know until they read on which it seems they might not be able too if this thing about Pirates keeps going on.

“ All right, lets get back to the story and find out.” Suggested Phoebe as Leo had a face of thanks to her as she nodded. Piper and Paige went quiet and blush appeared on their faces for embarrassment. Leo continued with the story still smiling.

I backed away quickly about to ask who this man was until he introduced himself first.

“ Drago Evans. Your Christopher, I know. I was sent by master to fetch you.”

“ You think I’ll go willingly sir?” I stood arms at my sides.

“ If you don’t want to risk the life of your brother I believe you should. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.” He motioned to three men to come in.

“ Four against one, not fair.” I smirked towards the men as what seemed to be the leader said as he backed me into a corner.

“ Who said being a warlock was fair Witch? Samhain is close and we’ll need you, as you’re the only one who can communicate with the dead little one. You have known secrets all your life and you vow to not believe in it. Isn’t it in your dreams that you see the future? You knew this boat was to crash and kill your brother. We are giving you the chance to save him as yourself.”

“ I do not make deals with things like you.”

“ Time is frozen and they’re 3 more witches on this ship besides your brother and you. You do not want blood shed because of your selfishness.”

“ Drago, beneath heaven lies hell, beneath hell lies purgatory. I wonder in which you came out of.” I hissed as Drago flew into the wall of my living quarters. “ Who’s next?”

The men raced towards me as I was pulled to the ground and something was forced down my throat and I awoke in a cave of some sort.

“ Where the hell am I?” I demanded to know as Drago chuckled.

“ Welcome to Purgatory, or the underworld as we call it.”

Paige blinked at that and said, “ Why do I think this isn’t going to turn out to be a nice story?”

“ Actually it isn’t.” A voice said from the door. It was Chris as they looked at him in shock.

“ How long have you been there?” Phoebe asked as Chris chuckled a bit.

“ Long enough, I’ve already read it. My past life sucked didn’t it.” Chris shrugged to them as he moved to the potion shelf and stocked some.

“ You make these?” Asked Piper looking to Chris as she saw new colors of potions she had never seen.

“ Invented yes, some not so good as you’d want them to be. Evil things these potions could be.” Chris said as he waved the potions left in the box to their rightful place on the shelf. “ But they work.”

“ Did you put the diary in the loose floor board?” Asked Paige as Chris shook his head and replied verbally.

“ It was Wyatt actually, the past one. Like Wyatt in the future my past life was the first source of all evil. My past self died from too much power of what power Wyatt in my time has now. So I’m trying to prevent death too.” Chris stated as he finally turned to his family.

“ You mean the power to be the source of all evil was passed down threw out the Halliwell line?” Asked Leo as Chris nodded.

“ Of course, you think the Halliwell line is actually pure witches your wrong. Lets see Phoebe was the source actually.” Chris replied as Phoebe folded her arms.

“ Cole was” Phoebe interrupted him.

“ He was not, it was strictly you. It is not only do you have Witches blood in your veins, but Demon. Evil and good used to live side by side till my past life changed it all.” Chris retorted as Phoebe gaped. “ Now you getting it.”

“ Yeah.” Phoebe replied as Chris smirked. “ How is it to know you basically started the war against good and evil.”

“ I really don’t care, evil was meant to be destroyed. My only priority is to stop Wyatt in time. I know he’s been trying to get back into the past and he will soon.”

“ Does he know about both of yawls past lives.” Asked Piper still in shock at how Chris looked exactly like her, but with Leo’s eyes.

“ No, and I’m glad or I’d be screwed by now. “ Chris stated sarcastically to them again and then levitated the book to him. It shined white and became…….. The book of shadows?

“ How did that happen and whoa this thing is bigger than the one we have now.” Paige groaned as Chris laughed a bit at her face and tone of voice.

Chris used his magic to turn the pages and then it turned to a page on it’s own. “ Thanks.” Chris muttered as he smirked at a Page it was writing it self. The Charmed ones and Leo stood over him reading what is says.

“ Good of you to finally open the book Chris.” – Wyatt. Chris summoned a quill and ink then wrote back.

“ Trying to get threw the portal.” – Chris

“ What do you think? I’m trying to stop you for my health.”


“ Sure, you highness.” – Chris. Chris chuckled after that.

“ Cut the smart remarks and let me threw.”- Wyatt.

“ Nope, figure it out your brain can’t be that small. Revisit your childhood and you’ll figure it out bye.” – Chris

Chris closed the book and smirked, “ He’ll get it sooner or later.”

“ How do you know?” Asked Piper as Chris smiled.

“ He wasn’t always evil you know, if there is still good in him it’ll help change him back.” Chris explained as he summoned something to him.

“ Hasn’t anyone taught you personal gain?” Questioned Piper as she folded her arms and he looked at her.

“ Sure, but it never affected me. I got off lucky in life I believe.” Chris muttered as he looked threw the book and it turned back to the page where he and Wyatt were talking/writing.

“ What the hell is this crap, a quiz? How am I suppose to know half of these?” –Wyatt.

“ Remember dumb ass that’s how and if you don’t like the quiz you’ll never get here.” –Chris, he drew a smiley face in besides his name.

“ This is still evil, I’m 25 not a 12 years old.” – Wyatt as he drew a grumpy face on the side of his name.

“ Really! I thought how you’ve been acting for 9 years was showing you’re a big baby that always gets his way.” –Chris wrote back as Leo raised his eyebrows.

“ Oh please, I never got my way.” –Wyatt

“ Liar, you got everything handed to you on a sliver platter and you know it you spoiled brat.” – Chris.

“ Name calling Chris, it’s not polite.” – Wyatt.

“ Bite me!” – Chris replied as he slammed the book shut and laughed. “ It’s working, oh am I a genius.”

“ How do you know it’s working?” Asked Paige as Chris rolled his eyes.

“ Please, Wyatt wouldn’t complain like a 12 year old for no reason, plus he never starts a small fight first.” Chris informed them as… ………………………………………………………….


Note: Ha I’m weird I know it here’s the third chapter now you’ll have to wait for the forth. I might have Adult Wyatt show up in the next Chapter.
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