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Though I am Silent

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Chapter 4: Though I am silent

A light flashed, blinding everyone in the room and out of thin air a red energy ball hit Chris in the chest, knocking the wind out of him as he hit the floor with a thud. “Chris!” Phoebe yelled as she was held back by an invisible force. A voice boomed threw out the room.

“ How dare you defy me, and lock me in the waste lands. You thought you could just get off easy right?” Yelled the voice as Chris tried to speak and it stung as it felt like his vocal cords were ripped out. The demon laughed as Chris glared at him and tried to replied.

“ Cat got your tongue Christopher? Or worse your ability to speak.” Chris looked to the demon and stayed calm on the outside, but was really freaking out on the inside. He got up and he summoned something to defend himself with as Chris’ eyes turned a darker shade of Green. The demon just smiled and said,

“ Seyla tis a pal’ee fecu.” The demon disappeared as something pulled out of Chris and was sucked into the demon and Chris’ body hit the floor again with a louder thud. Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo ran over to Chris and tried to wake him.

“ Oh no….” Leo muttered as he tried to heal Chris, it did not work.

“ Leo why isn’t it working.” Yelled Piper as Leo said,

You remember how I have to connect with the person. I can’t connect with him.”

“ Why?” Piper questioned again forcefully.

“ He has no soul.”

23 years into the future.

‘ Why the hell am I doing this, I should be trying to find a way into the past.’ Thought Wyatt as he looked at the questions once again and growled, he felt pain in his chest as a single question showed up.

“ What is the most horrible way to die?” This was not one of the questions at all. Wyatt took a quill and ink and wrote.

‘ Chris, you said the answer lies in the questions I already had.’ –Wyatt.

Something wrote back, but it wasn’t Chris.

‘ Answer the question, it happened in 1659, Wyatt or don’t you remember.’

“ Chris what are you talking about?” Asked Wyatt out loud as a light shined from his bookcase. It was the small black leather-bound journal of Christopher Halliwell of 1659.

Wyatt cautiously went over to the bookcase and pulled it out and went back to the book of shadows and saw that who ever this was left one last note.

‘ Read this diary and find out the truth young Wyatt.’

Wyatt opened it and started reading from page one, for some reason he wanted to know what truth he was left out of.

The most horrible possible death was something I was destined to get in the next few days, I’ve seen it and the seer has even come to me about my death. My life has turned for the worst since I was taken from my brother on the ship. I haven’t seen him in years to come and I am to die with out seeing for one last time. The heartless bastard I have become he wouldn’t want to see that anyway. I am to die with out my soul, which leads me to reincarnation if my soul breaks free from the demon that holds it.

I now know witches are real, good and evil and some posing as human, normal, some turned over to the dark side.

‘My soul is gone and I need saving, will anyone hear my plead for help as long as I live.’ I sang dully around the underworld. ‘Who will sing my song when I am silent.’

- Christopher Halliwell 1672

“ Holy shit!” Wyatt screamed as he moved back over to the desk in which the book a shadows lay.

‘ Chris, you tell me what the hell is going on now! Is this a fucking joke’- Wyatt, he wrote into the book as no one wrote back. He had just finished the whole diary and was shocked that his brother past life was the first source of all evil. Well he was forced into it but it was to save his life and where was his past life and why didn’t he save Christopher.

‘ Chris!’- Wyatt wrote, ‘ Answer me damn it’ Wyatt grew in frustration he needed to know if Chris was all right. Suddenly a shining white portal showed in front of him and it bellowed.

“ Prove your worthy.”

23 years into the past

Piper drew Chris close to her as Leo tried again on her command to heal him, until Leo just lost it.

“ Piper there is nothing to heal. I’ve tried, my god it’s not working.” They had never seen Leo this angry, worried, or sad.

“ I don’t know why it’s not working.” Leo let a tear slid down his face he couldn’t believe he let someone harm his newly found baby, even if he was 23 years from the future. He tried once more as Paige pulled him back,

“ He’s not dead, we can still save him. Try to get his soul back you know.”

“ But how?” Questioned Piper as Phoebe’s head snapped up as did Leo’s that very moment.

Another flash encircled the room as Piper drew Chris’ body closer to her as a figure came out of the light.

“ Who the hell….” Started Paige as Phoebe’s jaw dropped.

“ It worked.” Out stepped Mr. Wyatt Halliwell from the future.

“ Who are you?” Piper asked, as she and Leo had no clue. Paige chuckled as Phoebe smiled.

“ Not the time now, I’ve got to save him let me guess he gave you an empath blocking potion?” Wyatt asked as Phoebe nodded.

“ Perfect plan, but last time you grounded him for it.” Wyatt slipped as Phoebe smiled.

“ Wyatt?” Questioned Leo as Wyatt just smiled.

“ Not now, it took me awhile to get here. I had a bit of reading to do.” Wyatt replied as he saw the book next to his mother. “ Seems like you did too.”

“ We didn’t finish it.” Replied Paige as Wyatt nodded and muttered to them.

“ It ain’t no happy ending.”

Chris’ Pov.

“ Where am I? Why do I feel so empty here? I have to get back to everyone, but how?” I muttered as I looked around and saw fields of flowers and a happy place to roam and then a dark deserted forest with out any leaves on the trees. Just vines and rotten wood.

“ Hello? Anyone here?” I asked as no one answered. “ Hello?”

“ Chris? What are you doing here?” A voice came from behind him. It was from the happy place to go. I turned to see my mother, looking at me.

“ I don’t know…. Do you?” I asked her wanting to take a step towards her.

“ No I don’t, your not suppose to be here for a really long time.” Mom answered as I nodded. “ I’ve been watching you, and I’m proud of you.”

“ It wasn’t enough, mom. It wasn’t. “ I replied to her as she came over to me. “ Where are we?”

“ Well this is the spirit realm, well redone actually.” Mom laughed as she pulled me over to the good side. “ Everyone wants to see you.”

“ Really” I asked as she took me to them.

Normal Pov
Wyatt looked over to his brother body and saw how it just laid there. They had to be quick, and connect with his soul otherwise they will lose him forever and he couldn’t have that. Chris was all he had left.

“ Wyatt?” Phoebe asked as he looked to her and put the last ingredient into the potion as a puff of smoke indicated that it was done.

“ So what’s the plan exactly again?” Asked Paige as Wyatt slapped his hand to his face. Phoebe had to laugh.

“ We have to connect with his soul and bring it back to us threw empathy. You see Chris is the only one who’s controlled Advanced Empathy and Telepathy too. Don’t know how Aunt Prue couldn’t do it though, it only took Chris week and he was 3.” Wyatt got off topic for a moment before he remembered,

“ We have to go into the spirit realm and get him by using Empathy.” Leo’s head snapped up.

“ That has never been done before, and is highly dangerous.”

“ That’s what you said when I was 7 and took Chris with me to the spirit realm. Chris speaks to spirits, I still get jealous for that.” Chuckled Wyatt as he motioned for all of them to drink their potions as they felt a pull behind their navel as their bodies fell to the floor and their souls disappeared.

Spirit Realm
They reappeared in the realm again and Wyatt looked around.

“ Now what are you doing here?” A voice chuckled on the good side of the Realm.

“ Well Melinda, I’m here to get Chris.”

“ Aunt Pipers with him, she lecturing him for all the things threw the years. She sees you and she’ll go insane, your both not meant to be here for years to come.”

“ Well I’m not leaving without him.” Wyatt smirked as Melinda laughed.

“ Figures, you don’t even come up here to say hi anymore and you demand for Chris back.” Melinda huffed as Wyatt was still smirking. “ Come along everyone.”

Melinda pulled Wyatt and everyone else into the good side as they followed her they stopped to hear Pipers scolding as they saw figures in the fields of flowers.

“ Get over it.” Chris groaned to his mother as they then heard the laughing voices of Paige, Phoebe and Prue.

“ See there with me on this.” Chris announced as the elder version of Phoebe hugged Chris and spit her tongue at Piper. Paige went over on Pipers side as Prue stood in the middle.

“ Prue you’ve got to pick.” Whined Piper as she looked at her sister.

“ Make me and you’ll see what happens” Prue said with her arms crossed.

“ So no one wins, that sucks.” Wyatt said stepping forward. The future versions of the Charmed ones turned to Wyatt and the others.

“ Oh my god.” Piper said as she hugged Wyatt tightly. “ You’re not dead are you?”

“ No, actually we’ve come to get Chris as you know it isn’t his time.” Wyatt stated as Piper nodded to that.

“ You can’t leave yet, I haven’t lectured you yet.” Piper crossed her arms as Chris came next to his mother.

“ Yeah she hasn’t lectured you yet.” Taunted Chris his eyes were twinkling. That was something he hasn’t seen in years, and Wyatt was glad to see it.

“ Well it’ll have to wait for awhile, while we save the world right.” Wyatt smiled to Chris and held out his hand.

“ You’re delaying the inevitable, you’re going to get the lecture sooner or later.” Chris snickered as Wyatt rolled his eyes at his brother.

“ I say later, I know I’ll go deaf from it.” Laughed Wyatt as Chris took his hand and the two brothers turned to their family. The future ones.

“ Later.” They both said as Future Piper sighed and hugged them.

“ See you soon boys and I don’t mean here either.”

“ Well I like them both here actually.” A voice growled trying to get threw the good sides’ barrier from evil.

“ Get out of here, Quick!” Yelled Prue’s voice coming next to them. “ We’ll take care of them.” Piper stood next to her sister as Phoebe and Paige stood next to her.

“ And here I thought it was a family reunion.” Chris growled sarcastically as he sent the demon flying back into the evil side of the realm and it came back. “ Don’t you things just ever die!”

“ Come on Chris, we’ve got to go.” Wyatt said as he grabbed his brothers’ hand and pulled him away from the fight.

Came to save one, found him at last

Bring us home, to the past.

They all read the spell and they woke to find themselves back in their bodies. Wyatt got up quickly then went over to Chris and saw his brothers’ eyes snap open finally.

“ Wy…. I can’t breathe.” Chris gasped as Wyatt loosened his hug a bit, but only so much that Chris could breathe.

They all looked at the brother’s who were sharing a hug and haven’t in a long time.

“ So did you mean what you said?” Asked Chris as Wyatt had a confused face on. “ About us saving the world.”

“ I think I said something like that.” Wyatt replied smiling as Chris folded his arms as they laughed at the face Chris was giving Wyatt at that very moment.

The End
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