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Chapter 14

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Nonnie's POV "Monica's Sister"

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I pulled up to the house that he had brought for my sister just after she had given birth to their son and I cringe. I hated the fact that when you looked at the two story brick house with the white picket fence and big tree in the yard that it looked like a nice family home, but it wasn’t. no, it was far from it and I hated the fact that he brought her something that represents what a family is, but he treats her like shit.

I know my sister wants to leave on the surface, but deep down inside she is holding off. Just hoping and waiting that he would one day return to her, but it wasn’t going to happen and I was her to going help her see that no matter what.

Parking the car I got out and made my way to the door. Pushing the door bell I waited for my little sister to open the door, but who I got was Frank.

As I stayed outside in the cold we just gave each other the evil look. I couldn’t smack him like I wanted to since the screen door was in the way, ‘Frank.” I said with contempt in my voice.

“Nonnie,” he said my name the same way I said his.

“Are you going to let me in or what?”

“If Monica wasn’t here I’ll let your ass freeze.” He smirked.

I crossed my arms over my chest and gave him a death glare. I wanted to kick his ass right then and there.

“Frank will you let her in please.” I heard my sister say.

Looking past him I saw her and she was holding my adorable nephew even though he was part Frank.

He opened the door and I pushed past him to go to my sister, “Moni!” I I kind of yelled and I went to hug her with my nephew in between us.

Once we let go I reached for him and held him in front of my face and cooed his name, but he started crying and loudly at that. He looked towards Frank and held out his arms crying, “Dada”.

Frank walked over and grabbed Anthony from me and said, “Awe its okay buddy it’s just your evil Auntie.”

“Fuck you Iero.” I said facing him as he bounced the baby against his chest.

“Guys please don’t. You have been here two seconds and you are already at each others throats and Nonnie don’t cuss in front of the baby. He’s already picked stuff up from Frank.” She said as she ran her fingers through her elbow length hair.

I looked down at my little sister, “Sorry.” I said. I looked at Frank. We were almost eye level at 5’7 he was an inch taller than me and month “Bitch” to him and he mouthed back “Whore”.

I could already tell by the way things are going that it was going to be hard for me to control my feelings around him.

I looked down at my nephew who was peeking at me. His face was pressed against Franks chest and his head was under is chin. I went over to let him get a closer look at me, but he just turned his head away, “Fine be like that little man.”

I heard Monica laugh at me, “He just has to get use to you. Don’t worry he’ll be all over by tonight.”

I watched as she walked into the kitchen and I fallowed her, “Are you hungry?” she asked me.

“Yeah, I am.” I said as I sat at the breakfast bar that divided the kitchen from the dining room. I sat as I watched her prepare me a sandwich and chips with a can of Pepsi. She handed me the food and I began to eat.

As I ate we caught up on things and talked about what was planed for us tonight. She had invited people over for a movie night and games so that I could meet some of her friends. As we were talking Frank came in with him and the baby bundled up to go.

“Say goodbye to mommy Anthony.” Monica walked over to him and gave him kisses all over his face and she started to cry. She had told me earlier this was the first night that she will spend away from her son.

“Maybe he could…”

“Monica we already been through this.” He said taking my sister in his other arm, “It’ll be okay. You know my mom will take good care of him.” He hugged her to him and kissed her on the forehead.

I knew from watching him that he loved my sister in his own way. Plus, the fact that I heard him say it to her while she was sleeping a long time ago, but he was too much of a coward and a selfish pig to let her know and that was why I hated him so much. I knew he did, but he didn’t have the guts to tell her. Fucking bastard, if it was the last thing I was going to do, I was going to find her someone who wasn’t afraid to love her and shout it to the world.
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