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Chapter 15

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Baby Iero Time: Past.

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He was playing at a show when the call came in. Monica had went into labor. They were playing the last song when Brian found out.

Brian stood to the side of the stage wait for the guys to finish their last show so that they could hurry back to new York. He paced the back stage area and waited for the guys as they thank their fans for coming out.

As they rushed off the stage he grabbed frank by the arm, “Frank you need to hurry up and back.”

Frank looked at him with a confused look, “Why? What’s going on?”

“It’s Monica. She’s in labor and when I talked to her sister last it wasn’t looking to good. Something about the baby.”

Frank panicked, “NO!” he shouted. He ran and pushed past people and fans as he made his way to the bus to change and pack.

Gerard was behind him as he ran and caught up with him on the bus, “What’s going on man?” he asked.

“it’s monica. Something about the baby I don’t know Brian just told me to pack.” He said as he shoved random things into a bag.

“Then I am coming with you.”

Frank stopped what he was doing and gave Gerard a hug, “thanks man. I’ll need you if something is wrong.”

Together they finished packing and were off the bus. Meeting Brian by a cab frank told him that Gerard was coming with him on the flight and then they were off.

Frank panicked all the way there and if it wasn’t for his best friend Gerard he didn’t know if he would have been able to survive the flight.

Once they landed they rushed to get their bags and hauled another cab that would take them to the hospital where Monica was. Once there frank left Gerard to deal with things as he hurried to find Monica.

After getting the room number from the nurses station he made his way to her room. As he was walking on the floor her room was located on he happened to look into the waiting room and Saw chloe and the other girls.

“Frank!” Chloe said as she got to her feet, “Thank God you are here.”

Walking into the room he asked, “Is she okay?”

“We don’t know. They won’t let us see her, but we can see the baby.”

“okay,” was all he was able to get out.

“I’ll take him.” A woman he didn’t recognize walked towards him. She looked like Monica, so he guessed her as her sister, “I’m Nonnie one of Monica’s older sisters.”

“I’m Frank.”

“I know. Follow me.” Nonnie said coolly as she exited the room.

Frank fallowed behind until she stopped at a room. A nurse walked to the door and asked, “May I help you?”

“Yes, “ Nonnie said, “We would like to see Baby Lake.”

“Oh yes,” she said with sympathy in her voice, “Follow me please.”

Walking after the nurse the were led in between other baby beds to his baby, “Here he is Baby Boy Lake. Ar e you the father sir?”

Frank just nodded his head as she picked the baby up and handed him to Frank.

When the baby was in his arms he looked down and started to cry. He never experience love like this besides the love he had for monica, “he’s so tiny,” Frank said as he ran a finger over his cheek. After a while of just staring at his joy he asked, “Why doesn’t he have a name?”

“she wanted you to name him.” Nonnie said from behind him.

He nodded his hed in understanding. She had waited for him to come. She had wanted to include him in the birth of their child. “Anthony, I want to name him Anthony Iero after my grandfather and after me.”

The nurse smiled and went to go get a new name card. After the were done frank kissed his son’s head and told him, “Welcome to the world Anthony Iero.”

When the were out in the hall way Nonnie cornered him, “I want you to know that I don’t like you. What you have done to my sister I don't like it. Her friends filled me in. I got one thing to say to you.” She said as she looked him right in the eye, “Once this is all over I will do everything in my power to break you two apart.” Then she turned and walked away.

Frank stared after her and vowed to himself he’ll never let her go and I know what I’d do just to get back in her arms.

Thanks for reading guys and I am sorry for mistakes. I just don't have the time right now to edit. Thank you all once again.
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