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Chapter 16

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Frank gets Monica to wake up.

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(The time is past)

It’s been over a day and she still hasn’t woken up yet. Some more of her family arrived and they all seemed to be giving Frank the evil eye. He didn’t like it, but he knew he deserved it.

The one person that got to him the most though was Nonnie. Out of five girls Monica was the baby and Nonnie was the second and she was the most protective over her sisters. He learned that from the fact of how she made sure that they all got rest or ate or spelt or that they stayed the hell away from him.

He knew that from the looks that she was giving him that she hated him with a passion and that he will never forgive him for what he has done to her sister. In a way he will never forgive himself if he lost her. If only he stayed away from her. Or if he broke it off with her before it was too late.

Frank sat and waited his turn to go see her. Her parents were in there now and he just waited until he could go in. the doctor just allowed her visited and he thought that it was best that her family saw her first before he went in there.

When he first learned what happened to her he broke down and if it wasn’t for Gerard he didn’t know what he would have done. He just kept thinking that it really was all his fault that she was like the way she was. He should have been there for her. He should have been around more. He should have taken better care of her.

“Don’t think that.” Gerard said to him out of nowhere.

“How did…”Frank trailed off.

“We’re best friends. We know everything about each other. It’s not your fault.”

Frank took a deep breath, but before he was able to say anything back Monica’s parents came back into the waiting room.

“You can see her now.” Her father said to him with a grim smile.

Frank nodded his head and his way to her room. When he got there the image of her took his breath away. She was so pale under her dark skin like all of her life had been sucked out of her.

Walking into the room he stood over her for a while and just took in her form. She was so still that he barely noticed the rise and fall of her chest. So many times he had seen this action before, but he never noticed how it was important until now.

Setting down in the chair next to her bed he grabbed her hand just stared at her, just taking in all of her. He never really noticed how much he needed her until now.

“Babe, you need to wake up.” He said to her, “Please wake up.”

He was hoping against hope that she would hear him and just open her eyes or move or something, but all he heard was the steady beep of the monitors that were hooked up to her. He thought about what the doctor had said about what happened. How her body went into shock and how she lost a lot of oxygen. They would know if she would be in a coma or what. They are just waiting for the 72 period was up before they decided what they needed to do next.

He grabbed her hand and leaned closer to her bed, “Please Monica. I need you. I LOVE you. You have to wake up.” He was getting desperate, “You didn’t even get to see the baby yet or hold…You need to wake up.”

Nonnie stood just outside the door and thought that what he was saying to her unconscious sister was a load of crap. She was about to go in and tell him that until she saw Monica stir.

Monica didn’t want to wake up. She was fine where she was. She wanted to go back, but she kept hearing Frank calling her, “Frankie, let me sleep. I just wanna sleep.” She didn’t open her eyes. She was wanted the blackness to swallow her whole.

Frank stood up. At first he thought that he was hearing things until he heard her sign. Grabbing her by the shoudliers he shook her, “Monica wake up. You need to wake up.”

“No.” she mumbled. It was nice where she was at and she wanted to stay there forever.

He continued to shake her. She opened her eyes fully, “frank?”

“You need to stay awake. Don’t you want to see the baby?” he asked her as he watched her eyes drift shut again.

She opened them though once she hear baby, “The baby? Is he okay?”

“yeah, but if you want to see him you have to stay awake, okay?”

She just nodded his head has he pushed the buttons for the nurse.

Nonnie watched the scene from outside the door. Even though she hated him, she would always be grateful that he bought her sister back.

A/N frm now on the past tense will be in italics.
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