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Chapter 17

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Kaitlin's POV

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Kaitlin's POV

I sat a booth with a group of my friends, but I wasn’t really listening to a thing they were saying. My thoughts were else where. They were on Monica and Frank. I knew what he was doing tonight with her. They were having a get together at their little home like they were a real family. What a load of shit.

I tried not to let that get to me. The fact that he was spending more and more time with her and less with me. How we have almost stopped having sex over the last couple of months. I know what that meant, but I would refuse to believe. I know that soon he will ask for his ring back, but I won’t give it to him. I would rather crush Monica before I would give up this ring with out a fight.

Monica has another thing coming if she thought that I would give up on Frank so easily. One of friends were staring at me and I gave her a smile to tell her I was all there even though I wasn’t. I sat back in my seat and looked around the restaurant we were at until a face caught my eye.

The fellow smiled at me and I smiled back. I knew then that I wouldn’t be spending another lonely night by myself. Excusing myself from the table I walked over to the guy and leaned my back against the bar that he was at.

I smirked at him as I watched him eye me up and down. I felt wanted. I felt special that his eyes at that moment were meant for me and me alone.

Taking him by the hand I pulled him away from the bar and towards the door. I waved goodbye to my friends as I went. They weren’t shocked by my actions because we have all did it at one point or another.

“Your place or mine?” The guy asked me.

For a second I thought about taking him home and fucking him in the bed that me and Frank shared just to make him pissed, but then thought better of it. If I wanted him to myself I couldn’t go around doing studip things like that.

Giving the guy a coy smile, I grabbed him by his tie and pulled him in for a sexual kiss. When we were both breathless I pulled away from, “Your place handsome.”

Letting him led me to his car. I prepared myself for another night of nameless and loveless fucking.
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