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Chapter 18

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Monica's POV

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Monica's POV

My sister has been here for a week and since the weekend when we had the get together her and Gerard have hit it off. The guys were at Reprise almost everyday preparing for another round of tours.

It was lunch time and Nonnie was with me. We were eating with the girls when frank came walking in with Kaitlin on his arm. I haven’t since the party and I wondered what was up. I wished that he was just choose, her or me and our child, but I knew the answer.

I want to break of with him and I want to do it before he goes on tour. I was tried of living the way I was living. Im tried of being the other woman.

Nonnie was calling my name or something, I wasn’t listening so she pushed me, “Monica what’s wrong?”

I saw that everyone was looking at me. They were all my friends so I told them what I was thinking, “I want to leave Frank.”

“About damn time.” Chloe said as she pushed her hair out of her face.

“Yeah.” Were other signs of agreement.

“What made you decide this?” Cassie asked.

I looked down at the food that was in front of me and then at Frank with Kaitlin and the guys. I looked at how he publicly acknowledged her. How he took her places. How she was on his arm at all the company events and how she was the one in all the pictures with him that were everywhere. But as for me I was nothing, the dirty secret that everyone knew about. The only reason I still have my job, from what I heard, was because Frank had requested that I stay around.

“Well, I am happy that you have decoded this and I will help you stick to it.” Nonnie said as she rubbed my back like she always did to comfort me.

I must have been staring for a while because soon Kaitlin shoot be a dirty look and rolled her eyes at me.

“No the fuck she didn’t?” Nonnie said as we both looked at her.

I watched as she leaned in close to Frank and he wrapped his arm around her. I felt my stomach churn. Before she turned back to her table she smirked at me and mouthed, “Mine.”

“I’m about to…” I grabbed Nonnie by the arm as she went to get put.

“Don’t let the black out of you.” I said trying to joke.

“Well if she does one more damn thing that I don’t like I’m going to slap her.”

“Some one should.” Cassie said out of all people. We looked at her with shock and then busted out laughing.

My mood was already getting better. I had forgot to get some condiments for my sandwich and went up to go get some. I was about to turn around and leave when I saw her next to me.

“So we finally get to meet face to face. Seeing as how he lets you out in public.” She said to me.

I could feel my anger rising, “I see that your bitter.” I told her.

She gave a little laugh, “Oh, I’m not bitter. I just find it amusing to see the slut that bared a bastard to my fiancé.”

I dropped the packets that I was holding on and looked her dead in the eyes, “You can call me whatever you want, but don’t you DARE bring my child into this.”

We faced each other off and I started to noticed that people were looking at us. She was taller than me be a few inches I noticed and that she was beautiful. It was no wonder Frank was with her, but she was pure evil as well.

“I can say what the fuck I want to say and what I have to say is that you and YOUR son will never take my place. You’re just trash.”

That was it she talked about my son again and I just snapped and I pushed. Then she pushed me back and we were at it.



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