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Chapter 19

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Gerard's POV

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Gerard's POV

I never seen Monica so angry, but the look that she was giving Kaitlin was not good and I knew something was up. I mean all the guys knew that Kaitlin hated Monica’s guts, but I never thought that she would act on anything until now. Frank’s back was to them so he couldn’t see what was going on, but I did.

I watched as people’s heads turned towards the girls and I knew that Kaitlin said something to piss monica off even more because he face turned stony and just pushed her. Kaitlin was caught of guard, but pushed back. At first I thought that Monica was going to hit her, but instead being the bigger woman started to turn away until Kaitlin swung at her.

Monica must have been waiting for her to do this or maybe it was her plan all along, but she blocked the slap that Kaitlin was going to give and punched dead in the mouth. People gasped as the two of them started to fight.

People’s whose backs were away from them started to turn around to see the commotion and what they saw was pure madness.

Monica was beating the shit out of Kaitlin. I don’t mean the girly I’m-gonna-pull-your-hair-and-twist-your-head type, but a real ass kicking with punches and head banging on the floor.

The guys and I finally let the shock wear off and went to go break them up. It took me, Bob, and Ray to get Monica off of Kaitlin. For her to only reach five foot the girl was strong.

“let me go! Let me go! I gonna kill that bitch!” Monica yelled as me and the other two lifted her up in the air.

“It’s not over you whore.” Kaitlin screamed from Frank’s arm.

I saw Nonnie from the corner of my eye readying to go defend her sister, but I stopped her, “Nonnie, don’t.” she stopped in her tracks and just nodded like her sister did well enough.

Then all of a sudden Monica stopped struggling and we put her down on the ground, but I still held onto her just in case she was faking it to go back after Kaitlin, but she didn’t.

“It’s over Frank. I’m tried of this shit,” And turned to walk away.

I watched as Frank let go of Kaitlin and ran after Monica.

“let go of me!” she yelled at him as he grabbed her arm.

“You just can’t leave me.”

“yes the hell I can and I am. It’s over. I never want to see you again.” She pulled her arm away from him and ran out of the building.

I saw the desperation in his eyes as he stared after her, but he didn’t go after her. Instead he turned towards Kaitlin and said, “How could you?”

She looked at him with a strange look on her face, “You’ll never know.”

As I watched Nonnie, Brooke, Danna, Chloe, and Cassie go after Monica. I just had a feeling that things were just going to go down hill.
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