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Harry visits Diagon Alley and meets a new Allie. Dante and Virgil mentioned!

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Harry woke up the next morning to the alarm clock across from his bed going off. He felt around for his wand but couldn't find it, so in annoyance he waived his hand at it. The alarm clock sailed across the room and impacted the opposite wall. Harry was about to fall asleep when he smelt smoke, jumping up he saw the alarm clock was on fire. Apparently he had sent a fireball at it without noticing.

Pointing his hand at the clock he called the fire back into his hand before exstinguishing it. Finding his mother's wand he pointed it at the alarm clock and fixed it with a whispered, “/Reparo./” After having levitated the clock back over to the night stand he sat back down on the bed. Placing his head in his hands he used his palms to rub his eyes.

Letting out a yawn he stretched before looking over at the wall to see if it was burnt. Luckily, it seemed that the pub had a ward against fire. Looking at the alarm clock he saw that he had half an hour before McGonagall came to get him. Getting up he walked into the bathroom so he could take a shower.

“Good morning dearie.” A woman's voice called causing Harry to jump. He whirled around with his wand raised. A giggle sounded out through the room. “I'm the mirror sweetheart.”

Harry looked over at the mirror in confusion before he remembered that wizard mirrors spoke.

“Whoa, you scared me.” Harry said.

“Sorry dearie.” The mirror said.

“Right..” Harry said before taking off his clothes and hopping into the shower.“ Don't look.”

“I assure you young man that I have seen my fair share of both sexes without clothes on.” The voice replied with a giggle.

Harry just rolled his eyes before stepping into the shower.

Twenty minutes later he was out and dressed waiting for McGonagall. He had used his created a pair of black slacks, comfortable shoes, and emerald green robes with a black cloak for him to wear for the day. His mother's wand was stuffed inside his pockets along with his shrunken duffel bag. Sitting down at the desk provided in the corner he opened his journal which he had made it so only he could read it or open it. A knock on his door broke him out of his activities. Getting up he flipped the hood of his cloak up.

“Who is it?” He asked.

“It's me.” McGonagall voice said through the door.

“Prove it.”Harry said.

He could practically feel her rolling her eyes.

“Yesterday you made a necklace for me that I always wanted.” McGonagall said.

“Alright come in.” Harry said standing back.

McGonagall entered wearing dark maroon robes with gold embroidery.

“Good morning Harry.” She said with a small smile.

“Morning Minerva.” Harry replied.

“I took the opportunity to order breakfast for us on the way up.” McGonagall said.

“That's cool.” Harry said taking a seat at the table.

Breakfast was eaten with light casual conversation and it was soon time to get on with their journey. Walking downstairs they made their way out the back and into the alley.

“Now pay attention Harry this is very important if you want to gain entrance to the alley by yourself.” She said before tapping the bricks. The wall dissolved and Harry couldn't help but let his jaw drop a bit. McGonagall walked briskly towards Gringott's and Harry had to jog a bit to keep up with her. For an old woman she could sure move quickly! Not that he would call her old aloud and especially not to her face, he had survival instincts.

Harry's head swiveled from side to side as he tried to take in all the stores had to offer but was obviously failing. Walking inside the door Harry looked at the inscription carved in it:

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn,

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

As soon as Harry stepped through the door all of the goblin's heads snapped up and they stared at him. At the very end there was a hurriedly whispered conversation before agoblin slipped out of the lobby. The goblins finally went back to their work allowing their customers to gossip about what had happened. The line they were standing in was fairly short so they made it up to the counter in a couple of minutes.

“May I help you?” The goblin asked.

“Yes we need to visit this clients vault.” McGonagall said handing over Harry key. The goblins eyes widened a bit before he handed it back.

“Indeed. Klinkelsbeck!” He barked.

“Sir?” Klinkelsbeck, or so Harry assumed, queried.

“Take them to vault 687.” The goblin said.

“Yes sir.” He replied before motioning for McGonagall and Harry to follow him, “Follow me please.”

They followed him to a system of carts parked at the end of a track. Klinkelsbeck waived his hand for them to enter before entering himself and closing the door.

“You may want to hold on and keep your hands and feet inside at all times.” He said with a wicked smile, “Just a safety precaution.”

He flicked a switch near the arm rest and they were quickly rocketing down the track. They were protected against the wind by a shield that materialized around the cart. The nandy pandy purebloods wouldn't want their hair to get messed up. It took fifteen minutes to get to Harry's vault.

“Bloody hell that was fun!” Harry exclaimed.

“Harry.” McGonagall said slightly reprimanding him.

Klinkelsbeck merely grinned.

“Key please.” He said. Harry handed him the key and watched as he turned it in the lock then ran his nail down the middle. The sounds of locks clicking could be clearly heard. The door opened allowing agreen mist to roll out, Harry didn't know what it was so he held his breath just in case. Harry was awed at the amount of money inside. He didn't know how much was there but he figured that it was a lot; by McGonagall's surprised face he was sure it was.

“How much do you think I should take?” Harry asked.

“I'd get 300 galleons at least for spending today and another 30 for the school year.” McGonagall said.

“Do you know the exchange rate for galleons to pounds?” Harry asked Klinkelsbeck.

“Of course sir. At opening time this morning it was 6.5 pounds per galleon.” He replied.

Harry nodded his head before grabbing abag off the wall. He filled the bag with 360 galleons.

“I want to have thirty galleons converted in case of an emergency.” Harry said when McGonagall asked him what the extra was for.

Harry was ready to walk out when he felt a pull on his mind. Following it he found a letter with his name written on it in his mother's writing. Quickly pocketing the letter he made his way outside.

Walking out of Gringott's they made their way back into the alleyway.

“I think we should go and get your wand first. It usually takes quite abit of time for Potter's to find their wands.” McGonagall said with a smile.

Walking towards the wand shop Harry read.


Makers of fine wands since 382 B.C.

A bell above the door rang as they opened the door. A tall pale white haired man stood behind the front counter. His wide silver eyes stared out at them with curiosity.

“Ah good afternoon. Minerva McGonagall Beech, 12 inches with a griffin feather core, especially good for transfiguration. It's still working fine I hope.” Ollivander said.

“Of course Mr. Ollivander.” McGonagall said.

“Now then, I wondered when I'd be seeing you Mr. Potter.” Ollivander said. “It seems only yesterday that your mother and father were in here getting their first wands.”

The next half an hour was spent trying to find a match, but none was found.

“I wonder.” Ollivander said looking speculatively at Harry before swiftly turning around and walking into the back of the shelves. Aminute later he came back with a box in hand. “Eleven inch holly, nice and supple, with phoenix feather core.”

He handed the wand over to Harry and watched as he waived it. Only a tiny amount of sparks came out of the wand. Ollivander sighed in disappointment.

“This is most definitely a first. I have never not have someone find a wand while visiting me.” Ollivander said.

“Do you make custom wands?” Harry asked.

“Not usually.” Ollivander asked his eyes shining with interest. “Why do you ask?”

“I have some things that were said that would work for a wand for me if I could have a wand crafted.” Harry said.

“I suppose that I could since none of my wands chose you.” Ollivander said.

“I'll need an oath not to reveal anything I tell you to anybody.” Harry said.

Ollivander looked piercingly at Harry for a minute before nodding his head.

“I Antonius Ollivander, do hereby swear on my magic that I will not tellanybodyabout what is said to me by Harry James Potter, whether it be by choice or forced. So mote it be.” Ollivander said.

“So mote it be.” Harry repeated. He reached in his pocket and withdrew his shrunken duffel bag. Opening it he pulled out his trunk and grabbed an ornate golden box out of it. Setting it on the counter he allowed his nails to grow sharper and cut his finger before rubbing his blood around the seal causing the top to pop open. Lifting it he showed Ollivander and McGonagall what was inside. There was an emerald, two long fangs, a handful of feathers and a vial of blood.

“What are they?” Ollivander asked.

Harry looked sharply at Ollivander as if weighing him before pointing them out.

“These are feathers from the wings of an angel and the fangs of a very powerful demon.” Harry began causing Ollivander to inhale sharply. “That is a vial of my blood and an emerald focusing stone. The only thing needed is the wood.”

“Amazing, simply amazing.” Ollivander said. “Follow me into the back would you Mr. Potter.”

Harry picked up the case and followed Ollivander into the back of his shop. They stopped in front of a door which Ollivander unlocked with a brass key. It was obvious to Harry that it was his workshop as soon as the door was opened there was acouple of large workbenches with different tools on them. Curiously there were no wood or cores in sight.

“You can place the case on the bench there Mr. Potter.” Ollivander said before walking over to a supposedly blank piece of wall. He waived his wand towards the wall murmuring a spell before whispering something else causing the wall to split in the middle forming a set of double doors. Opening the two doors with yet another brass key Ollivander stepped inside, Harry finally saw the different types of wood and cores. “I created this area to protect my wand components. They are worth quite a lot just by themselves.”

He walked back out carrying a few larger boxes before setting them on one of the work benches. He opened the lids before stepping back.

“I need you to reach in these boxes and send out a small pulse of your magic so we can find you a match.” Ollivander said. Harry nodded before doing what he asked, by the time he was finished he had pulled out two pieces of wood. “Yew and Holly, interesting. It appears that you will have two wands. I can have your wands read in three hours if you can come back then.”

“Yes sir.” Harry said walking back to the front.

“Where's your wand Harry?” McGonagall asked looking down at him with acurious expression.

“They're going to take three hours to be done.” Harry replied.

“Let's go to Madam Malkin's next then.” McGonagall said.

Harry and McGonagall walked across the way into Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions. Another tinkling of a bell signified their arrival. A squat middle aged witch greeted them.

“Welcome I'm Melissa Malkin. Hogwart's robes?” She asked.

“Yes.” Harry said. “I would also like a few casual robes as well.”

“Follow me dear, I have another customer being fitted.” Malkin said.

Harry followed her towards the back of store where a pink haired teenage girl was being fitted for some robes. A dark haired gray eyed woman stood behind her.

“Hello.” The girl said.

“Hi.” Harry said standing up on the stool.

“I'm Nymphadora Tonks. Just call me Tonks if you don't mind.” She said sticking out her hand while throwing the dark haired woman aglare, only getting a look of amusement and slight exasperation in return before the woman walked over to talk with McGonagall.

“Harry, Harry Potter. You can call me Harry.” Harry said taking her hand and placing a kiss on her knuckles. The dark haired woman inhaled sharply at his name but Harry didn't pay much attention to it as he felt a pleasant tingle go through his body when he held Tonks'hand. He pushed back in his mind to investigate further later.

Tonks stepped on her robes when he said his name causing her to fall on the ground. She was still holding his hand causing him to fall and land on top of her as well.

“Oomph.” Tonks said when Harry landed on her.

Harry calmly stood back up, making sure not to place his hands anywhere inappropriate, and looked down at her in mild amusement.

“Sorry bout that.” She said smiling sheepishly. “Being dead clumsy comes with being a metamorphmagus.”

“Don't worry about it.” Harry said before processing the second thing she said while giving her a hand up. “A metamorphmagus, huh?That's an amazing and rare gift.”

“Thanks.” Tonks replied smiling happily that Harry was treating her any differently than normal because she was a metamorphmagus. Which scored him major points with her.

“What House and year are you in?”Harry asked trying to ignore being poked and prodded by the assistant measuring him.

“Sixth year Hufflepuff.” She stated proudly.

“Hufflepuff eh?” Harry asked. “I don't know what house I'll be in yet. I think Ravenclaw or Gryffindor fits me pretty well. I'd be happy with any though.”

“Ravenclaw.” McGonagall coughed smirking in amusement causing Harry to roll his eyes.

“I guess I'm just not as dumb as those gryffindorks.” Harry said smirking back at McGonagall causing her smirk to turn into a scowl.

“Yeah I almost went into Gryffindor too but I chose Hufflepuff like my dad.” Tonks said laughing at the two of them.

Madam Malkin herself came out of the back carrying Harry's order, interrupting their conversation.

“Here you are Ms. Tonks.” She said.

“Thanks.” Tonks said before turning and grinning at Harry. “I guess I'll see you at Hogwart's or maybe the Express.”

“Yeah see ya later Tonks.” Harry said waiving to her with a smile and a wink, as she and her mother walked out.

Fifteen minutes later McGonagall and Harry were leaving with a package of Hogwart's uniforms, four casual robes, a pair of dragon hide boots which McGonagall had said were very comfortable and stylish, and a list of Harry's measurements. Harry wanted them so he could create himself some more clothing, both muggle and magical.


The rest of the day passed fairly quickly and Harry now found himself in front of the Magical Menagerie. McGonagall had gone to gather his potion ingredients while he found a familiar. Walking inside he looked around the shop but nothing really caught his eyes. He had read that a bond was formed between a magical person and their familiar and Harry didn't feel anything. Sighing sadly to himself he was about to leave but was interrupted.

“Do you see anything you like?” The store manager asked.

“I don't feel a connection with any - wait.” Harry said before he felt a pull. Following it it led him towards the back. Sitting on aperch peering at him with yellow eyes was a black and silver falcon. It was a foot tall and had a healthy sheen to it's feathers. It gave a cry before leaping from it's perch and landing on his shoulder. There was a flash signifying the beginning of a bond. Looking up at the hawk in wonder Harry saw that it's eyes had a little green inside them now.

“That looks like the one for you young man.” The store manager said grinning.

“He's beautiful.” Harry whispered. “I'll take him.”

Harry purchased a stand, feeding and water dishes and some specially preserved meat for the hawk before walking back outside to meet McGonagall. She was shocked when she seen the falcon on his shoulder.

“He's beautiful Harry. What's his name?” She asked.

“Sephiroth I think. How about it?” He asked the falcon. He got an affirmative cry in return and felt a little affection bleeding into the newly formed bond. Harry scratched the newly christened Sephiroth on the head and watched the falcon stand taller at his touch, causing a faint smile to come to his face.

“All you need to get now is your books and your wands.” McGonagall said.

“Sephiroth go to the Leaky Cauldron and wait for me.” Harry said. Sephiroth gave a cry in understanding before leaping from Harry's shoulder. Harry walked into Flourish and Blott's excited as he dove into the shelves. He ended up purchasing the entire updated version of the Hogwart's courses including Ancient Runes, History of Magic, Arthrimancy, Care of Magical Creatures and even a few Divination books. He also purchased a few advanced books in D.A.D.A., Transfiguration, Potions, Wizarding Law, Wizarding finances, Wizarding Politics, The British Ministry of Magic: A Historyand the complete self updating book of Hogwart's rules.

He also found and purchased different hobby books including broom making, trunk making, enchanting, wizarding music, magical art and several books on basic and advanced household charms and wards. The hobby books for trunk, broom making and enchanting cost seventy-five galleons a piece but he thought that it was worth it, besides he wasrich. The next stop was at a stationary store where he purchased all of his writing supplies and a moderately priced magical art kit.

Finally it was time to get his wands, which Harry was giddy over on the inside, even if he was outwardly calm. It wouldn't do for someone to see him make a fool of himself. The only thing that gave him away to McGonagall was the small sparkle in his eyes. The bell went off again as Harry stepped inside of Ollivander's.

“Welcome back Mr. Potter.” Ollivander said holding two boxes in his hands before placing them in front of Harry on the counter. Harry lifted the lids off the boxes exposing his wands for the first time. They could be described in one word: beautiful. There were both 10 ½” long and were covered in swirls with them ending in emeralds, which would make them more powerful since they helped focused the magic more when you charged them with magic.

Picking them up he swished them and watched as they let out bright gold and dark black sparks. The magic felt peaceful and aggressive at the same time. Thinking for a moment he focused his magic on them. A aura of power extended itself from his body and into the wands.

His magic did his will, placing runes on the wands so they would be permanently unbreakable, impervious to damage, and unable to be summoned by anyone with ill intent towards him or the wands, and as soon as spilled his blood on them no one would be able to use them but him. He also placed a rune that would allow him to call them to him from anywhere in the world, very useful if they were ever separated from him. Anyone who tried to use his wands now would be in a world of hurt. The last rune carved in them was for stabilizing the others.

Pushing his thumb against one of his fangs he drew his blood before smearing it over the runes. They sealed themselves with a flash of magic.

“What did you do Mr. Potter?” Ollivander asked curiously.

“I just added some safety measures on my wands.” Harry replied smirking a little. “They are gorgeous by the way. How much do Iowe you?”

“A personally crafted wand with materials usually costs 45 galleons but since you provided the cores it will be 30.” Ollivander said.

“I would also like two wand holsters please.” Harry said.

“Dragon hide is 5 galleons apiece, regular leather is 1 galleon apiece, and basilisk is 25 galleons apiece. Which would you like young Mr. Potter?” Ollivander asked.

“Dragon hide is fine thank you.” Harry replied.

Ollivander went into a store off to the side of the main area and came back carrying two black wand holsters.

“That'll be 60 for the wands and 5 a piece for the holsters.” Ollivander said.

Harry gleefully paid for his purchases before strapping the holsters on. He released and re-holstered his wands several times just to get a feel for it.

“Thank you Mr. Ollivander.” Harry said.

“You're most welcome Mr. Potter. Those are two of the most powerful wands Ihave ever made.”Ollivander said before his tone turned grave.“It is up to you to control that power, and not allow it to control you. It is clear to me that you will do great things. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things as well, terrible, but great.”

He turned swiftly on the spot and walked towards the back to sort boxes of wands.


Tapping at the window woke Harry the next day. Walking over he opened it, allowing the owl inside with his copy of the Daily Prophet. He had purchased a subscription so that he could at least stay somewhat up to date on the news of the wizarding world. He ate his breakfast while reading through the newspaper.

The first thing he had done when he got back was placing his books on the library shelf in his trunk. He planned on reading through the ones he hadn't already read before going to school. He also made a potion to block the ministry tracers from his wands with the only requirement that the wands had to be soaked in it once a month. Harry walked into Gringott's at ten am and walked up to a free teller.

“Yes sir?” He asked.

“I need to speak with an account manager please.” Harry said,

“And why would someone such as you need to do that?” The goblin snarled.

“So I can check on my family's accounts. I wouldn't want something to happen to them.” Harry replied calmly before adopting aslightly threatening edge, “Or perhaps if you're bank isn't up to my standards I will take them somewhere else.”

“What kind of power could a child such as you have?” The goblin asked snidely. “Leave before I have you escorted out boy.”

Harry's eyes slowly turned red under his hood while his claws and fangs elongated. Two small bumps under the skin of his forehead revealed the growth of his horns. His skin tone visibly darkened as well. He was usually a very even tempered person but this goblin was really pissing him off. Almost faster than the eye could see his hand shot out and grabbed the goblin by the throat. He held the goblin up with one hand letting his feet dangle in the air.

I suggest you adjust your attitude goblin if you don't want me to paint the lobby of this bank with your innards.” Harry snarled, his demon side leaking in causing his voice to deepen.

The fear coming from the goblin was divine to his demon nature. Harry was finally able to calm himself after a couple of minutes and pushed his demon instincts back behind his mental shields. He was still angry enough that his hand tightened around his throat before he threw the goblin across the room;where he landed at the feet of an important looking goblin. Harry was soon surrounded by a group of armed goblin guards but he wasn't scared. His demonic nature was too proud for that, it screamed for blood and retribution but his rational side told him to back down.

He lowered his hand and began taking some more calming breaths until his demon side was completely locked away and his body returned to normal.

“What's the meaning of this Cliveclaw?” The elderly goblin snarled. Harry recognized him as Ragnarök, son of King Borzak, leader of the British goblin clan.

“M-my lord, this boyattacked me without provocation.” The goblin on the floor said spitting out the word boy like it tasted foul.

“Is this true?” Ragnarök goblin asked Harry, a slight edge to his voice.

“I merely asked to speak to a manger before I was insulted and told to leave.” Harry said calmly. “I assure you if this the way that I continue to be treated at this establishment that my family's money will be taken elsewhere.”

“What families might those be?” The goblin asked.

Potter and Sparda, Lord Ragnarök, son of King Borzak. I am Harry James Potter-Sparda son of the demon knight Sparda, James Potter, and Lily Evans.” Harry said in ancient goblin while bowing at the waist. The language was that of the royal goblin family and was only sometimes taught to their closest allies, who taught it to their descendants. Sparda had been once been an ally of the goblins during a goblin uprising. The teller on the floor gasped as he heard the royal tongue. He began shaking as he knew that this client was definitely someone special, and he had insulted him.

Indeed?I didn't know that your father had sired more children besides your two older brothers. It is an honor to speak with the son of Sparda, our once great ally.” Ragnarök said as he bowed in return before looking down at Cliveclaw in fury. “You have done nothing but insult any client that has seen you, I have been lenient with you cousin but many of our clients have complained about you to your superiors. You have made our bank look bad to a /very/prestigious client.”

“M-my lord I can explain-” Cliveclaw tried to say.

“Silence!” Ragnarök barked. “For your insolence you will spend the next ten years in the mines.”

“My lord please have mercy!” Cliveclaw cried throwing himself at Ragnarök's feet.

Ragnarök merely snapped his fingers and a guard promptly knocked him out with the pommel of his sword before dragging his body away.

“Forgive my subordinate. I will escort you to an account manager.” Ragnarök said.

“Thank you.” Harry said as he stepped up next to Ragnarök. It took them twenty minutes to get to the office, which were spent merely chatting. Ragnarök's aides walked behind them hurriedly. They didn't know what so important about this client but his family clearly had their lords respect.

Ragnarök motioned for one of his aides who immediately opened the office door of Vormier.

“What is the meaning of this-” Vormier asked before seeing Ragnarök. He immediately feel to his knees before him. “My lord forgive me my tone. What is it you need of me?”

“You are to watch over the accounts of one of our most prestigious client.” Ragnarök said motioning towards Harry before addressing his aides. “Leave us.”

The aides bowed before walking out the door.

“Rise.” Ragnarök said before taking a seat and motioning for Harry to do the same.

Vormier walked back around and sat behind his desk.

“If I may ask, which accounts am I to oversee my lord?” He asked.

“Potter and Sparda.” Harry said lowering his hood.

Vormier's eyes bugged out. Two of the largest accounts in the bank! This would greatly increase his standing inside the clan.

“I am honored.” Vormier replied bowing his head in respect towards Harry.

“I wanted to know the status of my family accounts.” Harry said.

“I will find out right away.” Vormier said striding out of the room quickly after bowing to Ragnarök.

While he was out of the room Ragnarök asked Harry about his life and his lineage. It took nearly half an hour before Vormier returned carrying a shrunken box under his arm. Setting the box on his desk Vormier waved murmured an incantation in gobbledygook causing it to resize itself. Taking out six different books he sat them on his desk.

“Mr. Potter-Sparda these are ledgers that belong to your accounts. One of them is for the items contained in your vaults, one for your investments and one for the properties that you own including house elves, animals, and anything else located on them. Three of these are yours to take, they are linked with the ones in my office.” Vormier said said sliding three of the journals over to him. “Which account would you like to hear about first?”

“The Potter one please.”Harry replied.

“It appears that the Potter family has been collecting an average of amillion galleons a year in interest. A quarter of which goes into the Potter investments, which there haven't been many as of 1981. If you would like Gringott's can begin investing for the Potter family again.” Vormier said sliding some papers over to him. “These forms will allow us to invest your monies for you.”

“Please do.” Harry said signing the forms.

“The main Potter family vault contains a little over 30 million galleons in liquid assets. There is also the deeds to several properties including Potter Manor and a cottage in Godric's Hollow. There are two single vaults in the name of James Potter and Lily Potter. The account in James Potter's name contains a total of 50,000 galleons and the Lily Potter account contains around 30,000 galleons in liquid assets.” Vormier said. “The Sparda account has two vaults, one vault for liquid assets totally 10 million galleons and another for different items your father has collected over the years.

Harry walked out of the bank an hour later a lot more knowledgeable about his holdings in the wizarding and muggle worlds. He promised himself that he would go over the extensive lists of things he had in his vaults besides the liquid cash. He was walking to the Leaky cauldron when he was tapped on the shoulder. Turning he faced a auburn haired wizard with kind brown eyes and a trim goatee. His robes were a dark green color and he walked with a lion head cane.

“Mr. Potter I am Nicholas Flamel and I was wondering if I could speak with you.” The man said with a small smile.


-At an underground temple, location unknown-

A thin man in long flowing golden robes walks swiftly into his master's office. He lowered himself to his knees and bowedhis head.

"What is it?" A strong male voice asked, his face shrouded in the deep hood of his cloak.

"Master. There are whispers of another son of /Sparda/." The kneeling man said spitting the name Sparda like a curse.

"What!I thought we were well rid of that insufferable family after I took care of him and his two sons. How could a fourth member get by us?" The man asked not really expecting an answer.

"It is said that he is small, only a boy." The kneeling man says.

"Interesting. Offer him a place to join us, and if he refuses, I want him killed before he can become a man!" The other mans said menacingly."The line of Sparda must not be allowed to live if Lord Mundus is to ever rule the mortal plane."

"Yes master. A glorious day it shall be when Lord Mundus rules his rightful place." The kneeling man said.

"If he proves to be stubborn we will banish him to the same dimension as his brothers. We wouldn't want them to get lonely now." The other man said cackling madly. “Leave me.”

"Yes master." The kneeling man said before bowing once more and walking out of the room.

The man in the shrouded cloak gently lowered his hood. His white hair was cropped short, his face wrinkled by time, while his steely gray eyes stared at a locked chest. Picking it up he sat it on his desk before lifting a chain from around his neck, which had a small key attached. He slid it into the lock before twisting it causing the lid to pop up with a click. Sitting inside on a velvet cushion was two necklaces with ruby red stones in the middle.

"Soon Dante and Vergil, the last son of Sparda will join you, soon." The man whispered his eyes glinting madly.


Authors Note: Well that took a lot longer than I expected it to. I am hoping to have the second part done sooner than this one. I originally was going to have them be one chapter but decided against it but we found out the current fate of Dante and Vergil. Next chapter has Harry's conversation with Nicholas Flamel and he should be leaving for Hogwart's.
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