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Meeting the Father and a Godmother

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Harry meets his father "sorta", trains and meets his godmother.

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A/N: Most of my chapters won't be this long. You guys just lucked out on this one. Later.


Ten year old Harry looked around his bedroom idly thinking back on his life. He had been sent to live with his relatives by a manipulative old fool. His first few years living with his relatives weren't very pleasant. Then Harry had discovered a trunk left for him and about his unique heritage.



Four year old Harry was working in the attic cleaning for his aunt. It was a hot and stuffy summer day and some of the loose insulation stuck to his sweaty arms. He was moving some cardboard boxes around when he noticed a chest that seemed to be glowing a bit. He moved a couple of boxes off the top of it.

It appeared to made of some kind of wood he had never seen before and had gold fastenings. Looking around the room carefully, and making sure his relatives weren't looking,he carefully unlocked the trunk and opened the lid. He had never seen a suitcase like this! There was a staircase leading down!

Gathering his courage together he walked climbed inside and started going down the stairs. He jumped when he the lid close itself again. He could however see light coming from the bottom of the stairway. Walking the rest of the way down he found himself in a room filled with a large fireplace, a long couch, two large chairs, a desk, and carpeted floors. The walls themselves were made of wood, while the carpet was red.

A portrait of a man looked down at him. He was wearing a flowing red coat with black pants and black combat styled boots, and had a large sword strapped to his back. He had long pure white hair and blue eyes. Harry sat down on the couch and stared at the portrait. The man seemed “familiar” to him but he didn't recognize him.

Welcome.” The man spoke, his voice deep and full of power, causing Harry to jump in surprise and fall off the couch. The normally stoic looking man burst out laughing causing Harry to scowl at him when he looked up at him.

Get up and step closer so I can get a good look at you.” The man spoke.

Harry almost mindlessly obeyed and walked over to stand in front of the portrait.

Your small for your age boy and looked to be malnourished. And what are you wearing?”The man asked.

Why do you care?” Harry asked.

I am your father, that is why I care.” The man spoke.

M-my f-father?” Harry asked stuttering out.

Yes.” The man said as if it should be obvious or why would he lie?

How can you be my father, you're a portrait.” Harry asked.

I wasn't always a portrait boy.”The man said smirking a little.

My name isn't boy, it's Harry thank you very much.” Harry replied,“One would think ones father would know his son's name.”

I died before you were born.” The man said, “I was just activated when you entered. Where is your mother?”

My mum is dead.” Harry said, “She died when I was fifteen months old.”

A look of great sadness made it's way on the man's face and he fell into the chair beside him.

Oh Lily, my sweet, sweet Lily.” The man said. Red tears fell down his cheeks. He looked up and asked a question that was more demanding than actually asking, “What happened?”

I don't know. I'm living with my Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. Whenever I try to ask they smack me around and say not to ask questions. They did say that my parents were good for nothing drunken freaks that died in a car crash. I don't believe them though since Ihave a dream of a red haired woman being hit with a green light before one was sent at me.” Harry replied.

Dursley.” The man growled.

You know my Aunt and Uncle?” Harry asked.

Of course. They aren't really your blood relatives since your mother was adopted by Edward and Rose Evans when she was a child.” The man said, “I had the displeasure of meeting Petunia and Vernon once.”

What's your name?” Harry asked.

Forgive me my child, I am Sparda.” The man said.

No last name?” Harry asked quirking an eyebrow.

No.” The man said shortly.

Do you know how this trunk got here?” Harry asked.

Most likely your mother tied it to you and it followed you to where ever you go.” Sparda said, “Your mother was a powerful witch.”

Wait witch? My relatives said that magic isn't real.” Harry said.

Well that's bullshit. Magic is as real as you and me.” Sparda said,“You're a wizard...among other things.”

He muttered the last part but Harry still caught it.

What do you mean among other things.” Harry asked.

Damn I forgot how good youngling's hearing is.” Sparda muttered before staring at Harry, something was harder, more penetrative about that stare. “I suppose you are old enough to know and it'll make your training easier.”

He stood up from his chair and began pacing throughout his portrait. He finally took a deep breath before looking at Harry again.

I am not human, I'm actually a demon, I was a demon knight, and very powerful. Your mother wasn't human either though, she was actually an angel. Yes like an angel straight out the book the mortals call abible.” Sparda said when Harry started to open his mouth, “You are a half demon/half angel with the powers of both and the power of magic.”

To say Harry was speechless would be to say that the Sears Tower was tall. His mouth was doing a good impression of a fish. He stared hard at Sparda who gazed back unflinchingly.

You're telling the truth. Wow I really am a freak.” Harry whispered.

No you are unique. You are the sum of your mother and I.” Sparda said heatedly, “Although I think she must have done some kind of blood ritual on you because you don't look like me. You look like your mother's friend James Potter.”

That's my last name.” Harry replied.

Hmm. Why don't you look around, perhaps there's a letter here somewhere.” Sparda suggested.

Indeed there was a letter written in feminine script. It had Harry's name written out in green ink on it. He sat down in the chair behind the desk and cut the top with a letter opener..

Dear Harry,

My name is Lily Potter and I am, or was, your mother. If you've gotten this trunk with this letter then I am dead. If you found this you must have found the portrait of your true father Sparda and about what you truly are. I fell in love with your father but we were unable to marry. Your father was killed in battle and I was left pregnant and alone.

James Potter and I tried dating while we were in school but decided that we were better off friends. When I came to him after your father died we staged a marriage and when I gave birth to you we used a blood adoption ritual on you. The ritual worked the way we wanted it to and you took on the features of James and myself. We lived happily together until Dumbledore came and told us a prophecy of the one meant to defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort that was given my Sybill Trelawney. The Prophecy went like this:

/ /'The One with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches....born to those that have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have the power the Dark Lord knows not...and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives...the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches as the seventh month dies...'

Dumbledore was sure that it meant you or Neville Longbottom so he had us go under the Fidelius charm. James and his friends Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin formed a group called the Marauder's in Hogwart's. It was only natural that we chose one of them to be our secret keeper. Sirius, who was named your godfather, thought that it would be to obvious to use him, and we thought Remus might be atraitor, so we chose Peter Pettigrew instead.

If you are reading this and I am dead then Peter betrayed us to Lord Voldemort. No one was told of this switch in able to keep our secret even safer. I wish that I could be with you there my son and that you could have grown up raised by your real father and I. That seems to not be the case however, so I have left this trunk for you.

I had this trunk tied to myself and you with a ritual so if I was to die that it would follow you to where ever you went. It has a full library with different books on magic, demon, angelic and human. There are what is considered both light and dark magic as well. You are incorruptible so you won't have to worry about the lure of the Dark Arts; a good side effect of being part angel and demon.

This trunk has five compartments in it. There's one for the library, atraining room, a bedroom and bath, a potions lab and kitchen, and the last is for everyday things and looks like a regular trunk compartment. If I know Dumbledore like I think I do, he has placed you with my adoptive sister Petunia Dursley, even though it went against James' and my will. We had a house elf named Addiliae, if you call out 'Addie' she should come to you if she still lives, she will take care of you.

It is important that you learn to control your powers and train yourself. I know that you have a great destiny before you, and not necessarily the prophecy Trelawney stated. To unlock your devil and angelic powers you must take a potion and recite an incantation while sitting inside a standard ritual circle. I blocked your powers so that you would have time to grow up a little and have a body strong enough to control them.

The potion was placed under a stasis charm and I have left instructions for the ritual. When your powers are unlocked you will be stronger and faster than a human. Your features will also change, at least subtly to resemble your birth father more. If you look inside of the second desk drawer you will find a device similar to a dial.

It is a timer that can be used to affect the wards so that you can slow down time in the trunk compared to the outside world. The highest it can go is one week for an hour outside. Use it wisely to train and become the man I know you are meant to be, make me proud my son.


Your mother Lily

Harry finished reading the letter out loud and sat it down on the desk top. Silent tears flowed down his face as he looked at an included picture. It was a magical picture of his mum, red hair and green eyes, holding him while rocking back in forth in antique rocking chair. He opened the second drawer and pulled out the device his mother described. It looked to be made of black stone with golden Roman numerals on it and was about the size of a softball.

Is that the device?” Sparda asked.

Yes father.” Harry replied holding it up so his father could look at it. It still felt weird to call Sparda father but felt good as well. At least now he had someone to talk to that wouldn't call him afreak or yell at him for being worthless, even if it was just aportrait.

I will help you in your training. Don't look so skeptical I much more than a regular portrait.” Sparda said with a smirk. The portrait seemed to shimmer before Sparda disappeared from the portrait all together and appeared before Harry. Harry could tell that he wasn't solid but he wasn't see through either. He looked as if he were actually walking in front of him.

Cool!” Harry said smiling.

Indeed.” Sparda replied with a small smile, “First things first you must call your house elf so you can have some food.”

Addie.”Harry called feeling kind of foolish.

Ten seconds later Harry was startled by a 'pop'. A short green skinned creature was standing in front of him. It had long pointed floppy ears and large gray eyes.

Master Harry.” She said with a bow, “What is you needing of Addilae?”

My mother told me in a letter that you served my family.” Harry said.

Yes master Harry. Addilae is proud to serve the Ancient and Noble House of Potter.” Addilae said with a smile and an excited nod.

Well I would like some lunch if you could make it. I'm going to take abath before eating.” Harry said.

Harry took his shower before eating a large lunch of roast pork, potatoes with gravy, carrots and treacle tart for dessert. He also had his first ever taste of butterbeer and really liked it. He sat back in seat and patted his stomach, actually full for once. His father's “mirage” watched him from his seat.

I have read the notes for this ritual that your mother wrote down and you will most likely pass out after your powers unlock. Your body will go through it's changes as well. When you wake up we will begin your training, there's no time to lose.” Sparda said.


Harry was glad that he had had his father to train him. Harry was now able to partially control his devil and angelic powers. He was still unable to transform or do a lot of the major fighting stances his father had created but he would still be able to hold his own against normal demons. His strength had been increased so that he was able to lift and toss small cars if he needed to. He could move really fast as well, even faster than a vampire, and was barely able to be seen when moving even if he wanted you to.

His body healed faster since he had a higher metabolism than anormal human but the downside was that he had to eat a lot more. He could also jump to impressive heights, up to twenty feet if he wanted and always landed on his feet. His moves were more fluid and graceful than a normal human also both because of his heritage and his training. He had even learned to run along the walls and ceilings of a room, which was fun, even if he did it just to freak his cousin out.

He was now healthy and fit unlike his cousin “Blubber the Whale”. He was tall for his age at an even five foot tall. His skin was pale but he was lean and muscular. He had long shoulder length silver hair and his emerald green eyes practically glowed.

His father had taught him different kinds of muggle fighting including how to fight dirty. He also learned sword play which his father demonstrated. He had a good control over the elements of fire and air and was working on the holy element, which he could only produce short bursts of so far. His most important powers however were Creation and Illusion.

Creation could be used to create just about anything you desired, to a certain extent at least. You couldn't use the power to heal the dead or severely injured. It also couldn't be used to call up highly magical substance like potions, magical creature parts, or post owls. Also like with conjuration, food had about half it's normal nutritional value. His powers of illusion were only limited by his imagination. He could make his illusions real which he had done anumber of times to scare off Dudley and his gang members.

His cognitive abilities had been increased as well making him smarter, able to process information faster and have an almost photographic memory. As he aged he would get more interesting powers due to his non-human blood including telepathy, telekinesis and thought magic. He had already mastered a demonic form of occlumency and leglimency. Harry was at the top of his classes in muggle schooling and had made his way through the first four years in Charms, History of Magic, Astronomy, the first year of practical Herbology and up till fourth year in theory.

The classes he was adept at, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, and Potions he had made it through all seven years of theory; all seven years in practical for potions and up until fifth year for Transfiguration and Defense. There were a few spells and potions that had given Harry troubles over the years and some he couldn't use yet since he didn't have the magical strength yet. Harry was very interested in potions and had even improved on some and used some notes written in his mother's old school books that gave helpful hints.

His wand-less magic skills wasn't very well developed but he could use a simple summoning charm and light spell. Harry wasn't disheartened however since he knew that wand-less magic was very difficult. The only reason he had been able to do most of his magic was because he used his mother's wand he had found in the trunk's library. It wasn't really suited for his magic but it worked and was the only thing he had.

Harry was expecting his Hogwart's letter to come soon but he didn't know that his relatives were hiding it from him. If he had he might have become even angrier.


“Minerva it seems that young Mr. Potter hasn't received his letter. I know that you are busy with the other muggleborn students but I would appreciate it if you could go and deliver his letter to him and take him to Diagon Alley.” Dumbledore said.

“Of course Albus. It will be good to see James and Lily's son again.” She replied with a fond smile.

“Good, good. I'll let you get on with it now.” Dumbledore said handing her a letter and a vault key.

Minerva took the items from Dumbledore and nodded once before walking out the door. She walked swiftly towards her office before grabbing her traveling cloak. Grabbing some floo powder off her hearth she threw into the fire before calling out, “Leaky Cauldron!” and disappeared in a flash of green flames.

When she came out the other end she waved her wand to clean the soot off her clothes before nodding to Tom and walking out the front door. Finding an alleyway she disapparated when no one looking. Appearing at Privet Drive she looked around, to her disgust it looked exactly the same as it had the first time she had been there.

Walking down the sidewalk she finally stopped before number four. Walking towards the door she felt the wards as she passed through them. Walking up to the door she rang the doorbell and waited for someone to open the door. She only had to wait for about twenty seconds before the door was opened by a silver haired green eyed boy.

His hair was down to his shoulders and his eyes almost completely blank but she could see intelligence and carefully hidden power lurking in them. His skin was pale like his mother's but he was taller than most kids his age and seemed to have plenty of muscle on his body.

“Can I help you ma'am?” He asked in a monotoned voice blank as his eyes.

“Mr. Potter I presume?” She asked.

Harry nodded carefully in reply.

“Yes ma'am.” Harry replied.

“I am Professor McGonagall may I come inside?” She asked before seeing his indecision, “This concerns a private school you are being invited to.”

So this is Minerva McGonagall. She looks the way James described her in his journals.Harry thought.

Harry finally stepped out of the way allowing her in. He closed the door and followed her into the den. She sat down on the couch and was apparently waiting for him to sit across from her before she would speak. Sitting down in the chair Harry looked across at her.

“Where are your relatives Mr. Potter?” McGonagall asked.

“They went out for lunch but should be back in a while.” Harry said.

“They left you all alone by yourself?”McGonagall asked.

“I am not a child and can look after myself.” Harry said giving her a slightly annoyed look.

“I didn't mean to offend you. Well I have your your letter here inviting you to attend Hogwart's.”She said before handing him the letter.

Dear Mr. Potter,

It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. If you wish to accept your place at our school please send your reply via own no later than July 31/st/. School begins on September 1/st/.


Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

“Do you have proof that this is real?”Harry asked. Sometimes hiding your intelligence isn't bad.

“Of course.” She said before waiving her wand and turning the table into an iguana and back.

Before either of them could say anything else the front door was opened and his aunt, uncle and cousin walked inside carrying carry-out bags. His aunt and uncle stopped short when they saw the two in the living room.

“What's the meaning of this boy?”His uncle asked through clenched teeth.

“This is Professor McGonagall from Hogwart's. Apparently it's a very/prestigious /school and /I /have been accepted.” Harry said with a small smirk.

“What!”Vernon yelled but a glare promising pain from Harry shut him up.

“Why don't I go up and pack my things while I leave you all to chat.” Harry said.

Harry walked up the stairs and into his room(Dudley's old second bedroom). Looking around the room Harry decided he needed something bigger than he had to carry all of his things. Sticking out his hand a bright glow started coming out of it before dying down. Sitting innocently on his bed was a black duffel bag. The inside would hold more than it should and it couldn't be taken from him.

Quickly he packed up all his books and different items he had made over the years including a pure silver katana covered in different runes and different electronics. Opening his trunk lid he quickly jogged down the stairs.

“Hey dad a professor from Hogwart's is here. She's going to take me to Diagon Alley.” Harry said.

“Excellent, I'm sure we can talk later. We still have training to do. You can't slack off just because you're going to school.” Sparda said. Harry almost groaned but had learned better since his father would only work him that much harder later.

“Yes sir.” Harry said before walking back upstairs.

Sparda sat in his portrait staring at his son's back. He was a fine kid and very powerful. He was very proud of his son already.


~Back downstairs~

“So you've finally come for the boy have you?” Petunia asked snidely.

McGonagall definitely didn't like that tone of voice. She didn't accept it from Severus Snape, by god she was going to accept it from some squib, Lily Potter's sister or no.

“Yes I have come to take him to get his supplies for Hogwart's like his parents asked.” McGonagall said, “I will take him with me today and he will spend the rest of his holiday at the Leaky Cauldron.”

“Good get the boy out of our hair.” Vernon said, “You can take care of him. The boys unnatural and weird. Does almost nothing but read his books and spend time in his room. What little chores he has to do are always done almost immediately.”

“What do you mean unnatural?” McGonagall said her eyes flashing.

“The boys unnaturally intelligent but anti-social as well.” Petunia spat out.

“He never tries to make friends at school or anything.”Dudley said. He didn't mention that he had tried to make kids stay away from his cousin at first.

“Why should I bother with them when their I.Q.'s are obviously lower than mine.” Harry whispered from the shadows. Dudley squeaked and whirled around and saw Harry step out of the shadows smirking.

“Careful Dud you might fall and hurt yourself.”Harry said mockingly causing Dudley to turn red. Turning to McGonagall before his cousin could formulate a retort(even though it could have taken hours) he said, “I'm ready to go Professor.”

McGonagall nodded.

“Come with me Mr. Potter.” She said placing a hand on his shoulder before turning to the Dursley's, “Mr. Potter will most certainly be returning next summer but if there are any changes to that I'm sure Mr. Potter can owl you.”

She turned a little on the spot and her and Harry disappeared with a/'pop', /reappearing in an alley next to the Leaky Cauldron. McGonagall picked up a rock off the ground before transfiguring it into a hooded cloak.

“Wear this Mr. Potter, it wouldn't do for you to be recognized at the moment.” She said sternly.

Harry merely shrugged his shoulders before putting it on before following McGonagall into the Leaky Cauldron. McGonagall walked straight up to the bar and flagged down Tom.

“What can I do for you professor?” Tom asked.

“I have a student here who needs a room until September 1st. The school will be paying for it, so any bill for charges can be sent to the Headmaster.” McGonagall said.

“Of course Professor they can stay in room four.” Tom said handing her a key.

“Thank you Tom.” She said with a small smile. Placing her hand on Harry's shoulder she guided him upstairs. His room was a little bigger than his one at the Dursley's and had an attached bathroom with a shower and a fairly large tub. The thing he liked most however was the large bed, at least a queen and the balcony he could sit out on and look down at the alley.

McGonagall waived her wand adding several privacy charms to room before taking a seat in a chair at the small table in the corner.

“Mr. Potter please have a seat over here. There are some things you should be informed of before actually venturing out into the wizarding world.” She said pausing to conjure a pot of tea and a plate of biscuits, “How do you like your tea Harry? Do you mind if Icall you Harry?”

“Two sugars please and no I don't mind. Do you mind if I call you Minerva in private?” Harry asked his face perfectly blank but a little amusement could be seen in his eyes.

“I suppose that would be fine.” She said cautiously. She was the boy's godmother after all, “Please don't interrupt me once Istart. Now onto the reason I had you wear the cloak is because you're famous in the wizarding world. Nobody knows that I know this but your parents told me that when you were born a prophecy was made that said that someone would be born in July that could mean the end of the Dark Lord that was terrorizing the wizarding world.

You were that baby. A dark lord, who most people knew as You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, began terrorizing the wizarding world in the 70s. He called himself Lord Voldemort but his real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle, a Slytherin student I went to school with. He was cruel then but covered his actions in honey by coming across as a model student to the important people.

A group was formed by Albus Dumbledore called the Order of the Phoenix, a group which your parents were members of, to combat him and his Death Eater's. When the prophecy came out your parents went into hiding using the Fidelius charm cast by your mother. They were betrayed by a friend of theirs and Riddle came to your house and killed your parents before trying to kill you. He used a curse known as the Killing Curse, it is known as an unforgivable, which is a sickly green color.”

After she said this a memory came to the surface of his mother standing in front of him only to be hit by a green light; right before one was sent at him.

“When he used it on you it back fired on him only giving you that scar and destroying his body. From that day forth you were known as the Boy-Who-Lived. Professor Dumbledore placed you with the Dursley family, even with my objection not to. He wouldn't budge since he said that if you lived there you and your family would be protected from Riddle's followers.

I know that it's a little late in your life but when you were born your parents made me your godmother, which is like an aunt, and I would like for us to get to know one another better.”

Harry said back absentmindedly sipping his tea while he processed her tale. One thing he knew that the whole boy-who-lived thing would become very tiresome very soon. Also he was really beginning to dislike Dumbledore even more. He wondered if it was worth to get to know this woman even if she claimed to be his godmother. Harry admitted that he had a somewhat cynical outlook on life ,but living with relatives that hated you and neighbors that despised you for just being you, didn't improve his opinion of most people's worth much.

“Will you give me an oath that you won't tell anyone about what I am going to tell you until I release you? I don't know you and I sure don't trust you.” Harry said.

McGonagall was torn. How bad was his life that he trusted so little?

“Fine. I Minerva Elizabeth McGonagall, hereby swear that I won't reveal anything told to me in this conversation by Harry James Potter until he releases me from my oath. So mote it be.” She said.

“So mote it be.” Harry said. He was quiet for a little while just staring at her hard before setting down his tea cup, “First let me tell you that growing up at the Dursley's really wasn't fun. I was hated, yelled at and physically and mentally abused. I was starved and probably would have died if it hadn't been for my special powers. You probably saw that I was able to scare my relatives earlier. Well after learning to control my powers I was able to use them on them.”

“You said the Dursley's abused you?” She asked.

“Indeed.” Harry replied tightly.

“What happened?” McGonagall asked.

Harry gave her an extra strong stare.

“I was usually physically beaten by my uncle and cousin. I have had over the years second degree burns from being made to place my hands on ahot stove, a small skull fracture from being hit with a cast-iron skillet in the head for not making breakfast fast enough, I have both my arms broken and reset so they would heal right and several concussions. I have also been tied down and whipped with a leather belt and have received four broken ribs.” Harry said.

McGonagall was looking murderous by the end and was muttering about “worthless muggles.”

“You need to tell someone Harry.” McGonagall said.

“I plan on it but I have some things I want to check first before doing anything.” Harry said.

“Okay but when you decide what to do you come and tell me and I'll help you to the best of my abilities.” McGonagall said grudgingly, “Now what kind of powers did you use on your relatives?”

“Is there something you always wanted but never got for yourself?” Harry asked thinking of handling it a different way instead of straight up answering her. It would be more entertaining as well.

McGonagall thought about it for asecond before deciding.

“There was a beautiful tear drop shaped pink diamond necklace I always wanted but never got. It was too expensive for me to buy and my husband was really well off.” McGonagall said.

“Picture it clearly in your mind and look into my eyes.” Harry said. When she did as she was told Harry took the image out her mind before concentrating. A bright light issued from his hand and there sitting on the table was a velvet jewelry case. Opening it he showed her the necklace inside. It's chain and setting was made of white gold and had white and pink diamonds alternating around the chain. McGonagall looked at it in shock before picking it up.

“It is real. I have the power of creation. The goblins will both love and hate me.” Harry said with a smirk.

“Th-th-this i-is a-amazing.” McGonagall said before asking, “How long will it last.”

Harry could see her looking at it longingly.

“It will last forever or at least as long as it would normally.” Harry said, “Keep it.”

“I-I-I really can't.” She said weakly trying to push it towards Harry and hang on to it at the same time.

“I made it for you, I have no need or use for worthless jewelry.” Harry replied firmly.

“Thank you.” She said before hugging him causing Harry to stiffen,“Sorry.”

Harry just nodded at her before handing her the case for it.

“Perhaps you would like to see my other power?” Harry asked.

“There's more?” She asked warily.

Harry nodded before concentrating.

“Try not to panic.” Harry said. Slowly flames rose from the floor, the two occupants could feel the heat coming off of them.

“What are you doing? You're going to burn down the inn.” She said.

“No I won't, see.” Harry said before passing his hand through the fire unharmed, “It's all an illusion.”

McGonagall gasped. It took a lot of power to do illusions and most people could only create small ones and they never affected their environment, like giving off heat. Harry was a true illusionist!

“If I wanted to I could make them real with my creation power.” Harry said, “The larger and more complex something is the harder it is to create. Also there's more.”

“More?” McGonagall asked still slightly shocked.

“Have you ever heard of someone named Sparda?” Harry asked.

“Of course most wizard and witches have. Some curse him, while others praise him. It was said that he was a very powerful demon that rebelled against the other demons when they tried to take over the mortal realm. He supposedly sealed the portal with his blood and that of a priestess. Why?” McGonagall asked.

“I found out when I was four that James Potter wasn't my real father, Sparda was.” Harry said.

“W-what?” She asked. “Y-you're a-a d-demon?”

“A half demon actually. Well more than that, my mother was also an angel. So I'm a half demon/half angel with a little bit of wizard mixed in.” Harry said with a smirk.

“Amazing, simply amazing.” McGonagall said. “Your mother never mentioned any of this to me. I don't think that you should let this get out either.”

“It won't since I had you take the oath and you're the only other person who knows about my true heritage.” Harry said before taking on a slightly threatening tone, “Let's hope it stays that way.”

“I promise I won't tell a soul.” McGonagall said completely serious, “Why don't I go down and order some food to be brought up. Tomorrow I can come back and we can go into the Alley and get all of your things.”

“Okay.” Harry said.

McGonagall stood up and smoothed out her robes before waiving her wand, taking down her wards. Opening the door she walked out.

The End. For Now.
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