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Chapter uno

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Mikey finds out franks love for gerard and tries to set them up.

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It was only a matter of time before someone found out. I've known the guys since I was 16, but this is a matter I never felt 'appropriate' to share with them. It's something I've always wanted them to know, but question when the time is right....

"Frank! For crying out loud! Is it possible for you to stay in a relationship for more then 2 months! What the hell is wrong with you?" Mikey cried out in exasperation. He ran his fingers through his short, dark hair and leaned across the couch. He grabbed the remote for the TV and started flipping through the music channels, settling with Anthrax. Mikey turned his head and stared at Frank.

"Mikey, it's-" Frank started, but Mikey put his hands up and stood up.

"Frank, if you tell me it's complicated, I'm going to leave this house and lay in the middle of the street for someone to roll me over. I don't think you want to tell my brother that you killed me from not telling me shit, do you?" said Mikey.

Frank gave up. "Mikey, I just can't be with girls, ya know? I don't know. Its...weird? I guess. I don't know, Mikey! I just don't.. know!" He turned around and started to pace the living room, breaking into a nervous sweat,

Mikey muted the TV and started to laugh. "Are you telling me your prefer dudes, Frank?"

Frank glared at Mikey. "Do you think this is funny, Mikey? Because I can arrange for you to lay in the mid-"

"Ok, Frank stop! I was caught off guard, thats all. Did you know Gerard just, oh i don't know. Came out too?" Mikey giggled and started drinking a coke zero. He slowly set down his soda and looked at Frank.

"You want me to set you guys up?"

"Fuck no! Mikey, can't you stay out of this? I didn't want you to know in the first place..." Frank stopped pacing and glanced at Mikey.

"Well ha ha. What would you do if I said...hum. Gerard liked you too?"

"Actually Michael James Way, I'd pop you in the face and call you a lying fucker," said Frank. Mikey crinkled his nose at the sound of his full name and walked over to Frank. He placed his hands on Frank's shoulders and gave him a gentle shake.

"Frank. Listen to me, you ignorant fucker. I know my brother, and I know my best friend. I would NEVER think of doing anything to hurt you. Ok?" Mikey's vice like grip on Frank's shoulders tightened as he tried to wiggle away.

"No Mikey. You listen to ME! This is MY life, and not yours. I love Gerard. Fuck it. I'm IN love with Gerard, but this isn't your place. If something goes wrong between us, I don't want you harboring bad feelings. I'm sure he feels the same way too," Mikey's face fell, and he ran out of the room. Frank mentally slapped him self for acting so mean, and flopped on the couch. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed his friends number.

"Hey...Gee? When can you come over here?"


"Mikey. Frank is right. I don't want you in the middle of this," said Gerard. He groaned and slid into a seat by the kitchen table and snagged his brothers coffee. He gulped it down and pushed the mug back at Mikey.

"And Mikey...please listen to me. We- that is, Frank and I- already discussed our future. Thanks to you, we can be together. But now, I don't think you need to be involved," Gerard reached underneath the table and stroked my knee. I was getting excited in more ways then one. Everyone knew it, by the look on my face.

I decided to speak up. "Thank you Mikey...thank you so much."

Mikey started to blush, and got up for more coffee. While he was up, he flipped on the CD player. Ahhh, that fucking Anthrax. How in fucking hell did it manage to get in my CD player?

"So, uh, Frank? Gee? How're you going to present this to Ray and Bob? I mean, ha ha. You guys can't walk into band practice making out or something. Fuck! That would give them nightmares."
Mikey started laughing so hard the coffee sloshed onto the ground.

"Ahh fuck it. I'm outta here. Have fun you guys," said Mikey, still laughing hysterically. When he was out the door, Gerard practically pounced on me.

His strong arms wrapped around my back as he slapped me with a needy kiss. Gerard pulled me off the ground a few inches and spun me around. I gazed into his eyes and murmured the unthinkable: "Gerard, I love you and I will never stop loving you until I take my last breath."
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