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chapitre deux

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(i said chapter 2 in french. hehe) Frerard announces their love to Bob and Ray

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"Sooo...Gerard. What do you want to do, now that, ahem, Mikey's gone?" I said to Gerard. I stretched out on my big blue couch and patted the cushion beside me. Gerard skipped over and sat on my lap instead.

"Since I'm smaller then you, shouldn't I be on your lap?" I gave him a playful punch. I wrapped my arms around his chest and turned his head. Gerard met my face with a kiss. I smiled softly, and thought, Fuck, what did I do to deserve someone so beautiful?

"For the first question, I figured we should go out to lunch! I know of a pretty awesome vegetarian restaurant that you'd like. To the second question, I don't care if you're the size of a smirf of Ray. I want to sit on your lap. For someone who's not fat, you sure are comfy," said Gerard. He flashed a killer smile and started bouncing up and down.

I shoved him off and started laughing. "Okay then, Mr. Way. But, can you overpower an attacking midget." I leaped off the couch and landed on his back. His eyes widened in mock terror and pulled me to his front.

"Maybe not overpower him, but I can seduce him into doing what ever I say." Gerard wiggled his eyebrows and tickled my stomach. "So how does that place sound? You hungry?" he asked.

"Oh FUCK, Gerard. I'm not hungry for fucking food. I want you..." I said slyly. I tugged at his hand when he didn't move. He had a wide grin spreading on his face but his eyes were slightly shocked. In one swift move, he picked me up and walked me to the bed room.


Ding donggg...

When the doorbell rang, I jumped out of bed, scared to pieces. Gerard shook out his hair and yanked his pants up, with an oh-so-gorgeous flush on his face. He flashed me a devilish grin and threw me my shirt. I clumsily tugged it on, fully aware of Gerard watching me.

"I wonder who that is," I muttered. I walked into the front room and yanked open the door. I say Bob and Ray's shining faces. Why were they here?

Bob pushed past me. "So where's Gerard and why were you guys naked on your bed?"

My face dropped and I was making stuttering noises. "What the hell are you talking about, Bob?"

Ray laughed and started jumping on the couch. Thanks to his massive height, he hit his head on the ceiling. "We came over to invite you to the zooooo, but you're shades were open a little. We peeked in to see if you were still sleeping, and you had your fingers in his cock." He smiled and made a funny face. Unless, haha. You. Lost your gum in there or something..." He smiled and pulled me onto his back. For some reason, I forgot about what we were talking about as we flew around my house.

"O-okay! Ray! Put me down, man!" I yelled in his ear.I saw Gerard leaning forward and talking to Bob, with a sexy smile on his face. He dropped me on the kitchen table and jumped over the back of my couch.

I looked at Bob and started yelling at him. "What the fuck, man! Why were you looking in my window you perv! Do you like looking at little men sleep? Huh?" My face was turning red. I could feel the heat going down to my chest. Gerard sensed my anxiety and walked up to me. He planted a firm kiss on my forehead.

"Frankie, please settle down baby. They're our friends. They have been for ever. They just haven't found out about this in the most...normal way." said Gerard.

"Hear, hear! My eyes are still burning!" laughed Ray.

"Well, why didn't you tell us earlier, Gerard? We are practically brothers!Honestly, now!" Bob started yelling and throwing his arms in the air.

I started talking, even thought my mouth didn't want to. "Uhmm...ahhh. Mikey, ehh. Well me and Gee just...hum. We just got together so don't get mad. Please, Bob?"

Bob looked seriously pissed. "I don't know what the fuck you're talking about!"

"Shut the fuck up, Bob," Ray whispered.

"What the hell are you sticking up for them-" Bob couldn't finish his sentence. Ray started muttering something and punched Bob square in the face. Bob looked surprised and fell backwards.

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