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Chapter 57

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I woke up to an empty bed. I’d heard him come back into the room, but he didn’t get into the bed with me so I slept alone last night. I figured he must have slept on the floor. I saw a note on the bedside table. It read:

I had to run some errands and I didn’t want to wake you up after last night. Ryan is still sleeping across the hall, but don’t worry he’s harmless. Last night was a terrible misunderstanding, but he won’t bother you today. Do whatever you want ‘till I get back. Just don’t leave the house.


I smiled and got out of the bed and headed toward the kitchen. I found everything I needed for a complete breakfast. Pancake mix, bacon, and eggs. Then I started cooking. I started mixing up the pancakes and heated up the pan melting some butter so it wouldn’t stick to the pan. I poured some of the mix into the pan making a perfect circle in the middle.

“Sorry about last night,” I turned to see Ryan standing at the kitchens entrance. Now I was able to get a good look at him. His brown hair was medium length and his eyes were brown too. He looked young maybe 18 or 19, but something told me he was older than that.

“It was an honest mistake, and I’m sorry I freaked out on you like that.” he smiled.

“Yeah you did kinda freak.”

“Have a seat I’ll make enough for you.” I motioned to the other side of the breakfast bar. He went around and sat down. I must admit I was more comfortable with him being on the other side of the wall.

“Thanks I haven’t had a home made meal in like forever.” I smiled.

“So how do you know Pete?”

“He signed my band not too long ago to his label. Whenever I’m in town I stay here, since I did it so much he gave me a key to the place. I don’t really ever call when I come into town.”

“Oh cool I guess,” I flipped the first finished pancake onto the plate.

“So…” he looked uncomfortable. “Look, Pete’s my friend. You are the first girl he’s met and bought home, if you are just here for his money don’t get comfortable. I’m very protective of my friends. It’s mostly because of his ex-girlfriend that he pays for girls now and he’s a bit foolish when it comes to his money and his women.” my smile fell. He thought I was here to take advantage of Pete. I can’t really say that I’m not, but its only cause Pete offered and I swear there’s something else there too. “If it were up to me you would be on a plane headed back to whatever street corner he picked you up on.” I tuned out his voice as he went on about how. I was just a common hooker and that once Pete got tired of me he would toss me away without a care. I placed a few pancakes on a plate forgetting about the bacon and eggs and sat them in front of him with syrup and butter.

“Enjoy,” I said the as I turned his hand sprang out. He looked me up and down, making me feel like I was naked. When in reality I was wearing sweat pants and a fitted band t that I found in Pete’s room.

“How much would it cost me for a night?” his face said he was dead serious.

“There isn’t enough money on this planet,” I snatched my hand back and left the kitchen. Tears started streaming down my face as I ran back to Pete’s room. Locking the door behind me. I wanted so badly to get out of this house, but I’d never been here and I didn’t know where to go. I lay in Pete’s bed not moving.

Pete hadn’t bought any of the other girls home, and that had Ryan worried. What had me worried was that Pete hadn’t told him that I wasn’t a hooker. Maybe he did and Ryan just didn’t believe him and who was this ex-girlfriend that made Pete treat women like things he could buy? I mean there were women out there that could be bought and maybe for a little while I was one, but I didn’t start out that way. I don’t know how long I lay in that bed, but it must have been a while ‘cause Pete knocked on the door jolting me from my thoughts.

“Hey, Ryan said you made pancakes,” he said sitting on the bed in front of me after I let him in. “Why did I cry today?” he asked. I just shrugged my shoulders. “Tell me,” That old cruel tone came to his voice surprising me. I hadn’t heard that in a couple of days. I clamped my mouth shut sealing my lips closed. He looked surprised that I wasn’t just telling him what he wanted to know. “When someone hurts me, I cry. So who hurt me today?”

“Stop doing that,” I screamed at him. “Stop acting like you care…” his face changed to anger instantly.

“So just cause I didn’t want to sleep with you last night I don’t care?” that wasn’t what I meant at all. I knew he cared for me, but Ryan’s words were still playing in my head.

“No that’s not…” he crashing his lips to mine cut off my words. I tried to push him away as his hands started to roam my body. Until finally he pushed me back onto the bed and away from him. He was scaring me and I could tell he knew he was.

“See that’s what I didn’t want to happen. I didn’t want to see that fear in your eyes. I don’t ever want you to associate me to what happened with your father. I’m not him and I would never hurt you that way.” Then he left me in the room alone again. I took a deep breath relieved that he left me alone. I leaned back into the pillows. What now?
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