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Chapter 3

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We got into the building and it was flooding with girls running around like crazy. We made our way to the merch table to buy Jonas Brother’s t-shirts. We ran to our seats avoiding the crazed fans that were already screaming and crying.

“Guys, I can’t believe we are here, this is amazing. We finally got to meet them.” Alison said.

“I know, but we are probably never going to see or talk to them again.” I said.

“Yeah, but we got to talk to them and touch them!” Jess said.

“Haha, yeah you are right.” I said laughing.

The lights dimmed and the whole crowd of probably about 2,000 people started screaming their heads off, including Jess, Alison, and I. I could see Nick pointing his head out from behind the curtain. It looked like he was looking at me, but I knew he wasn’t, Nick Jonas would never notice someone like me.

“I’m hot, you’re cold...” Joe started singing and we all started singing along.

We threw up our sign. I was hoping Nick would remember to look for it. We noticed the Nick, Joe and Kevin kept looking over at us and then looking at each other.

“Is it just me, or did Kevin just wink at me?” Alison said.

“Yeah I noticed that too, he probably thinks you’re hot!” I said back.

Before we knew it, the concert was over. This was the best day of my life. I will never forget this, and I don’t think Jess or Alison will either.

“Wow, this day was so much better then I thought.” I said.

“Yeah I know; Joe is so hot! I wanna marry him.” Jess said.

“If you guys get married, can I be the bride’s maid?” Alison said.

“Yeah but only if I can be the bride’s maid at you and Kevin’s wedding.” Jess replied.

“Wow, you guys are losers, haha, but we have to meet Brian and Lauren outside. They will get pissed if they have to wait.” I said.

We got in the car and all I could think about was Nick. I want to do this whole day over again. It can’t be over. But I guess I will just have to stop thinking about it. It’s over. I love Nick Jonas.

Jess’s POV:

Tonight was amazing. Joe looks so much hotter in person then on T.V. and in pictures. I still can’t believe he said I was hot today. I never thought I would hear that, ever. I don’t want this night to end. I love Joe Jonas.

Alison’s POV:

Damn, Kevin is so sexy. I keep thinking about the meet and greet and how I sneaked a look at his butt when we were hugging. It was amazing. I love Kevin Jonas.
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