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" Don't you wish you could be that pencil sharpener? ".

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" Get ready i'm in the works of disgusting you out! pt.1 ".

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Harrow here this is my update thankyou everyone who reviewed this is for you enjoy! and know the beginning of some wierd shit happens in this chapter and the next here goes:

" No " was all mikey said and for a good 3 unbelievable fucking good minutes frank stared in disbelief " What do you mean no? " frank said growing slightly angry " he's not gay " is all mikey replied sitting up and facing him. Frank thought how could gerard not be gay? he agreed to let frank suck him off and not a perfectly straight male would allow another male to put his mouth on his dick and then say " i'm not gay " what the fuck was that?. Frank kept staring mouth wide open and all then mikey asked

" Did gerard come onto you? ".

Frank looked up at him and lowly answered " yes " mikey then smiled " aww that's nothing don't get upset about it he's only bi " frank stared at him " wha? " he incompletely said making mikey laugh. " Yeah he's been that way since he was 13 years old he came out to mom on freshman prom in our school when he dated some guy instead of a girl ". Mikey went on talking like it was normal while frank zoned out he knew it there was no guy that could be that pretty and be straight at the same time this made frank think about himself was he bi too?.

Frank had a girlfriend too but he had feelings for another man as well this made frank feel so nasty how could this be? frank wanted so badly to throw up so he ran into the bathroom while mikey roared laughing for some reason this was so funny to that little pip squeak. For 3 days straight frankie stayed in his bedroom with the door shut laying under the covers he had cried countless times over the fact that he came to the realization that he no longer loved or felt any kind of feelings for jamia. His whole world had completely became gerard as instantly as he had met that man how could one man come into his life one time and make him dump the girl that he had been with for 3 whole years? frank felt completely worthless.

On the 4th day ray came over and practically pried frank from his room frank had lost weight and had grew quite pale he had dark circles under his eyes and his lips was quite pale too. Ray then took frank out for fresh air and fed him but frank would'nt tell what was wrong so ray stopped asking and finally invited frank over thursday for band practice frank wondered why he was being invited and ray said gerard missed him.

When thursday came around frank came over and only seen that it was adam, mikey, ray, bob, and gerard frank was the 6th person over there and he basically sat alone but bob seen him and came over smiling HUGE. " What up with you? " frank asked feeling nervous he was finally going to see and hear the wonderful gerard sing bob answered saying " i'm in the band dude i'm the new drummer! " and frank smiled saying " congratulations! " and he quickly hugged him " when did you join? " " some days ago they fired that ugly dude matt " bob answered tightly holding his drum sticks " i'm so fucking happy dude! ".

Gerard made everyone's day it seemed to frank this kid was simply a life changer he was awesome he always seemed to want to help everyone else he was so considerate. The band practice started and then some kick ass rock music played an intro to a song called " drowning lessons ". Gerard's vocals were heaven on a microphone they were both soft but loud at the same time and was in complete harmony with the back up music ray jammed on his guitar and mikey looked like a pro strumming away. Bob was breath takingly amazing on the drums pouding like no tommorow and gerard had so much ethusiasm that he hopped around and did funny things like crazy frank was entranced he had never seen such a breath taking performance like this but this was only the beginning of the night

There was more things yet to come that would shake the breath from ones neck.

Harrow here this is the beginning of the thing i like to call the unspeakable chapters but theres only 2 this is the first and the next will be posted soon and clue: it has alot to do with the title enjoy dudes and review kay till next time bye!.
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