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" Now that i blew you out it's not okay to see you again ".

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After that night i can't face him nor my girlfriend.

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Thank you for reviewing my buddy you know who you are this is for you and anyone else who reviews enjoy:.

The next morning was an awkward one one that was spent in too much silence. Frank had awoke that morning with gerard sleeping on his chest and his strands of black hair in his mouth frank suddenly felt uncomfortable with this closeness and decided to quietly move him " what's wrong? " gerard said sitting up when frank slightly shoved him " it's hot in here " frank mumbled as he sat up and turned away from him. Frank wanted to cry he never even cared for jamia but all of a sudden now he felt so bad that his heart seemed to pulslate pain through his chest so frank stood up grabbing his shirt and attempting to leave but gerard mumbled " you mad at me frank you wanted me to suck you off instead? ".

Frank turned around and glared at him " i'm not gay " he said " of course your not " gerard replied sarcastically standing up he had no shirt on and his pale chest showed such beautiful skin frank turned away " for real i'm not " " then why are you still looking at me? " gerard said half smiling " like you wanna eat me up? " frank could feel himself staring and he felt the blush so frank ran out the room bumping into ray.

" What up dude? " ray said smiling at him he had just gotten out of the shower and his hair was so stringy for once not looking so damn big " nuttin i- mean nothing " frank said stumbling over words " i gotta go " he finished pushing past ray " no stay! " ray called out moving up behind and grabbing him. Frank turned around " i can't " he said attempting to wriggle his tiny body free " atleast for breakfast the other guys are coming over " ray said lighting his grip when frank stopped moving so much. Frank thought atleast the other guys will be over and then gerard could'nt focus all his attention on him and making him feel so wrong " alright only if mikey comes " frank responded oh how odd he did'nt even like that kid but yet he leaned on him for protection.

A couple of minutes passed and random loud knocks banged against the dorm room door ray bounced from the livingroom and opened it mikey, bob, pete, adam, and some light skinned guy came in he had the prettiest black hair ever " Travee! " gerard yelled coming out of the kitchen and hugging him " buddy what brings you over? " and travee responded " food " and he ruffeld gerard's hair. Frank was growing tired of meeting these new people every fucking day and they all knew gerard did any of them not like him?. The dude travee was so freaking rude he not once spoke to frank the whole time he was there he only ate ray's burnt bacon and drunk his runny orange juice slurpping those fucking sloppy waffles everyone all begged for gee's attention as usual and he gave it the rude person travee asked gerard when was he going to sing for all of them and he responded soon.

Frank wanted to leave now he was again becoming jealous gerard always seemed to ignore him when the others came over but when they were alone gerard acted all cuddly with him and somewhat like a baby which frank completely adored. It hurted how gerard sat up with adam and hugged him and let pete play in his hair, it hurted how his eyes glew when mikey said something or ray tickled him, and it pained frank so when they whispered and talked about that fucking band but before the breakfast was over frank heard ray and gerard talking about something:

" Have you decided when we are going to put him out? " gerard whispered " uh no your the leader you have to do it " ray replied getting gerard's hoodie and putting it on " i can't " gerard whined " why? " ray said staring at him " he's bigger than me " gerard told him looking down. Awww frank thought that man was so cute " don't worry baby " ray said putting his hands on gerard's tiny shoulders " we'll all be there when you tell him " gerard smiled then said " ah but you know we'll need a new drummer " " don't worry i have that all figured out " ray said pulling gerard close and kissing his head frank was so pissed.

Frank and mikey shortly after that both went home while gerard, ray, pete, adam, and travee went to the campus store for chips and a coffee run when frank and mikey was going back to their dorm gerard had said nothing else to frank he acted like frank was'nt there and opted to only say bye to mikey. Frank felt bad he did'nt mean to hurt gerard he was only confused gerard was such a sweet and tiny and cute lil' kid he acted so innocent and looked so pure frank instantly wanted to say sorry but gerard was already gone.

So slowly frank came into the livingroom where mikey was balancing upside down laying on a bean bag chair and trying to catch cherries in his mouth he had been occupying himself with singing and humming all morning long " hey mikey " frank said sitting next to him watching his many failed attempts of eating cherries from mid air " what'cha doing? " " trying to kill these cherries with my mouth " mikey answered being hit in the nose by one. Frank watched a little longer than said " do you like being gerard's brother? " and mikey stopped what he was doing and said " yeah i mean he's talented and stuff he's going to make me rich one day ". And as mikey went on and on about how cool gerard was, how it was simply fantastic with how gerard resembled a vampire, and his talent with conjuring up comics frank hessitated to ask one simple question...

" Um mikey " frank said looking at his chocolate brown eyes with seriousness and nothing but the truth " answer me something? " said frank turning to completely face mikey " um "

" is your brother gay? ".

Harrow here hello buddies out there for those who don't know who travee is he is from gym class heroes he's the cute lead singer that raps and all that other awesome shit please review my story dudes and tell me is frank wrong for treating lovely, delicate, and breath takingly gorgeous gerard the way he does tell me dudes okay? review bye!.
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