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Chapter 8

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Jess’s POV:

“Guys, wake up, we got a note from our lovers.” I said while shaking Lizzy and Alison.

“Really? What does it say?” Lizzy asked half asleep.

“ It says, ‘Hey ladies, wanna meet up for breakfast? Meet us in the lobby, we will be waiting. –Nick, Joe, and Kevin.’ It’s beautiful! Now get up we need to get ready!!” I said excitedly.

“Alright, let me just go tell Brian so he doesn’t flip shit on us if he sees we aren’t here.” Lizzy added.

We all got ready and went down to the lobby. They were all sitting there like last night.

“Good morning. The restaurant in the hotel has been reserved all for us, that’s one great thing about being famous.” Kevin said.

We got a table and all sat down. We had the best bacon and eggs ever. Lizzy, Alison, and I were all shy about eating in front of them so we didn’t end up finishing all of it. We didn’t want to look like pigs in front of the boys.

“Well, since the tour is over, we have a lot of time off, how long are you girls here for?” Joe asked.

“Um, I think we booked the room for another week or so.” I answered.

“So, what’s it like having girls screaming and running after you everywhere you go?” Lizzy asked.

“It’s so crazy, you get used to it after a while though, it’s nice to finally meet fans that aren’t jumping all over us.” Kevin answered.

“Yeah, and telling us that they are going to marry us.” Nick added.

Alison, Lizzy, and I all looked at each other and smiled because we always talk about how we are going to marry them. But we weren’t planning on telling them that.

“So, are you girls busy at all today?” Joe asked.

“Nope, Brian and Lauren are checking out the city today.” Lizzy answered.

“Oh cool, we were thinking about checking out the guitar shop, you guys should come.” Kevin said.

“No, I wanna go to the hot tub and the pool.” Joe said.

“Well, what do you girls want to do?” Joe asked.

“Um, I was thinking about going to the pool too.” I answered.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind checking out guitars at the shop.” Alison added.

“Well, that’s works out, Joe and Jess can go to the pool and Alison and I can go to the guitar shop.” Kevin suggested.

Kevin’s POV:

I nudged Nick to get his attention.

“Nick, aren’t you gonna ask Lizzy to go somewhere?” I whispered.

“Uh-uh-uhm, I’m just going to head back up the room, I’m still tired from last night.” Nick whispered back.

Alison’s POV:

I saw Nick start to head back up the room. What about Lizzy? I need to talk to him.

“Nick, wait up. Where are you going? You can’t leave Lizzy by herself.” I yelled.

“I know, I feel horrible, I really like Lizzy, I just can’t deal with Joe and Kevin making fun of me, they always do when I like someone. Also, please don’t tell Lizzy I like her, I don’t want anyone else to know.” Nick replied.

“Ignore them, if you like her then you should do something about it, whatever, it’s your loss.” I said back.

Lizzy’s POV:

“Lizzy, I just talked to Nick, I will tell you about it later. I’ll meet you back at the room later.” Alison whispered to me.

This sucks. Alison and Jess both get to go off with their dreams boys and I am stuck here alone. Nick hates me. Why did I even think I had a chance with him? I’m such an idiot.
‘Hello beautiful, how’s it goin’, I hear it’s wonderful in Califo-“

My cell phone started going off… it was a text……….
………….It’s from Nick.
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