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Chapter 12

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Alison’s POV:

Kevin and I quickly drove back to the hotel and I saw that Lizzy and Nick were already there waiting. Lizzy looked like she was about to cry and that made me tear up too.

“Alison, thank God you’re here, what did Brian say?” Lizzy asked, shaking.

“He is so pissed; he is threatening to make us leave early. We should have just told him how long we would have been gone.” I replied.

“We all lost track of time. It’s not our fault. He can’t send us home early.” Lizzy was yelling.

“Everyone just calm down, it’s not definite that you will have to leave.” Kevin said trying to make us feel better.

“I know. But wait, where’s Jess?” Lizzy asked.

“I don’t know! Kevin and I called and texted her and Joe’s cell phones, we haven’t gotten a reply.” I told her.

“Maybe they are up in the room. Let’s hurry and go check.” Nick suggested.

We got up to the room to see that Jess and Joe were asleep on Joe’s bed. The TV was on. We opened their phones and saw all of the texts were unread and they didn’t get our voice mails. We shook them to wake them up.

Jess’s POV:

I woke up and saw Lizzy, Alison, Kevin, and Nick standing over Joe and I. I could tell that something was wrong. They explained to me that Brian was threatening to make us go home since we didn’t tell him where we were and how long we would be gone. We started to walk to our room to see Brian. It was quiet the whole way there. We walked in and as soon as the door opened we heard him yelling.

“Bri we are SO sorry, we didn—“ We got cut off as Brian started to scream.

“You guys were irresponsible; you should have told me where you were going, I was about to call the police.” Brian yelled.

“Sir, we are sorry, it was our fault, we lost track of time. Blame us, not them.” Nick, Joe, and Kevin said, trying to take the blame.

“Boys, please leave, this isn’t about you.” Brian said back.

“But, we told you we were going out. And you and Lauren we out around the city anyway.” Lizzy explained.

“Yeah, but you didn’t tell me how long you would be gone or that you would be out with these boys that you just met.” He fought back.

“But Brian, they are the Jonas Brothers. You know how much we love and trust them.” Alison yelled back at him.

“I don’t care who they are, you shouldn’t be walking around with boys you’ve only known for two days.” He screamed.

“Brian please, don’t make us go home.” I tried convincing him.

“It’s too late for that now, I already cancelled our reservations. Pack your bags, we are leaving in an hour. I’m done.” He said, walking out of the room and slamming the door behind him.

We quickly packed our bags so we would have time to say goodbye. It was the worst moment of all of our lives.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin’s POV:

We all sat quietly in our room, not knowing what to say. We had too many things running through our minds. Were they going to leave? Can they stay longer? We were all hoping it was the second one. Then we heard a knock at the door. It was Lizzy, Alison, and Jess. They all had tears in their eyes and their faces had no glow like they usually do when they come to see us. We were just standing there staring at each other. Alison broke the awkward silence as she began to speak.

“We are leaving.” She told us, her eyes teared up more as she looked into Kevin’s eyes.

All of our hearts sunk. We were hoping we would never hear those words.

“What?! No you guys can’t go. Did you convince him, you can talk him out of it. Come on just keep-“ We all started to ramble.

“No, it’s over and done with. We tried. He already cancelled the room. We are leaving in 45 minutes.” Jess said quietly, glancing at Joe.

“What? 45 minutes?! I thought we’d at least have one more night together.” Nick said, as his voice cracked.

“Me too, but this is it. We have to get back to the room, before Brian notices we are gone.” Lizzy said turning her head so Nick couldn’t see her crying.

Lizzy, Jess, and Alison’s POV:

We all started crying our eyes out as we walked out of the room. But before we could fully get out the door, we each felt two cold hands grab our waists. We each turned around to see the boys that we were in love with. They each pulled us into a hug and we felt a rush of warmth run through our bodies. We never wanted to let go.
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