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Chapter 11

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Lizzy’s POV:

I am so nervous. I could barely make my way down to the lobby. I think I might crap my pants. I wonder when nick will get down here, I can’t wait to see his beautiful face.

“Hey Lizzy, ready to go?” Nick asked, catching me by surprise.

“More ready then ever. Where’s the beach from here?” I asked.

“Only about 2 blocks away, it’s a nice walk there.” He replied.

We started to walk down to the beach. The scenery was beautiful. I could feel myself staring at Nick, but I just couldn’t turn away. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

“So, how long have you been a fan?” Nick asked me.

“Ever since you were first on Disney Channel. I’ve been in love ever since.” I answered quietly.

I don’t think Nick realized that I really meant I was in LOVE with him. But, I really was, and I only have a few more days here to prove it to him.

“Wow, that’s sweet.” He added.

“Yeah, it must be crazy, having thousands of girls being in love with you; that must be every guy’s dream.” I told him.

“Yeah, it really is. But at times it can be really creepy.” He answered.

“I bet. Have you ever had a crush on a fan?” I asked.

“Yep, of course. In fact, I have a crush on one now—“ Nick got cut off has we saw about 50 girls running behind us screaming “NICKKK!”

“Lizzy run!” Nick yelled has he grabbed my hand and started running.

We started running down the road and cut through the park. It felt like slow motion. I couldn’t help but smile. I turned at him and saw him laughing. We just kept running and never stopped. The girls eventually lost us, and we arrived at the beach.

“HAHA! That was hilarious.” I yelled trying to catch my breath.

“Yes it was. It never gets old.” He replied, smiling.

Nick’s POV:

I like Lizzy so much. She’s awesome. She’s not all over me like other fans usually are. I think I might tell her I like her. It will be perfect as we are walking down the beach.

“Nick, this is amazing. I never thought I’d be here with you.” Lizzy told me.

“I know, I never thought I’d be here with someone like you either you either.” I answered.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Lizzy, you are so cool, probably the coolest fan I’ve ever met.” I told her.

“Aw, well thanks Nick.” She said blushing.

I started moving closer to her. I think she knew what I was trying to do. She put her arms around my neck. I got a shiver down my spine. Our noses were almost touching.

‘Hello beautiful, how’s it goin’? I hear it’s wonderful, in California, I’ve been miss-“
Lizzy’s cell phone started to ring. She answered it and I saw her face go numb. This didn’t look good.

“Nick, that was Alison, I’m in so much trouble. We need to get back to the hotel.” She told me, practically crying.

“Ok, let’s hurry and run back to the hotel.” I told her, grabbing her hand and trying to comfort her.
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