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Chapter 10

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Alison’s POV:

I am so excited for this date. I can’t wait to spend the day with Kevin Jonas. Can life get any better?

“For you darling..” Kevin said smiling as he opened the door for me.

“Why thank you handsome.” I said back.

“Speaking of handsome, is your boyfriend as handsome as me? Haha.” Kevin laughed.

“Nope, he’s not, because I don’t have one.” I replied.

“Hmm, that’s weird.” Kevin added.

“Haha, Jess and Lizzy don’t either, none of the guys we no are boyfriend material.” I told Kevin.

“Are you saying I’m not good boyfriend material? Haha, and Joe and Nick should be happy about that.” Kevin said.

“Why would they be happy?” I asked.

“Well, Joe likes Jess, and Nick likes Lizzy, he just won’t admit it.” Kevin told me.

“Oh, really?” I said excitedly.

“Yep, but anyway, we are almost there, this is one of my favorite stores.” Kevin told me.

We got to the guitar shop and Kevin started looking at all of the guitars and testing out his guitar skills on them. I just sat around looking at all of the cool guitars that were there. I think Kevin could tell I felt uncomfortable; I don’t know anything about guitars.

“Alison, do you play guitar?” He asked me.

“No! I can’t play to save my life.” I replied.

‘But I'll be there forever
You will see that it's better
All our hopes and our dreams will come true’

My cell phone started to go off, it was a text from Lizzy.

“Alison, good news, Nick invited me to the beach! Have fun with Kev, TTYL. –Lizzy”

“Is that your favorite song?” Kevin asked me.

“Yeah, it’s amazing, and good news Nick and Lizzy are going to the beach together.” I replied.

“Alright sweet, and would you like to learn how to play Please be Mine on guitar? It’s not that hard.” He suggested.

“Yeah! That’d be great.” I replied.

It was so romantic. It was just like a movie, he sat behind me, his chest against my back. I learned the song quicker then I thought I would. Kevin is such a great teacher. I keep falling more and more in love with him.

Kevin’s POV:

Alison is great. I think that it is now safe to say that I want her to be my girlfriend. I just need to keep trying.

“Kevin! Come here quick, we have a problem, Brian just called, he is PISSED. We didn’t tell him that we would be gone this long. I am in so much trouble. I need to text Lizzy and Jess. This is not good.” Alison told me nervously.

“Uh oh, yeah text them, I will start driving us back to the hotel.” I replied.
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