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Chapter 17

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Jess’s POV:

We all left the hospital; it was dark out and pouring rain. Brian ran to his car for shelter and Mr. and Mrs. Jonas did the same, but Alison, Lizzy, Joe, Kevin, and I stayed. The rain relaxed us. No one said a word; we all just stood at the entrance of the hospital, not caring about the drops of water hitting us. We saw a car pull up, the head lights blinded us, I saw a faint figure of a girl, and as she walked closer I could see her face more clearly, I didn’t recognize her.

“Oh no, it’s Joe’s psycho ex, Amelia.” I heard Kevin whisper to Alison.

“Joe, Kevin, I heard what happened I’m so sorry, is he okay?” She asked.

“Yeah, he’s fine; he just has to spend one night here.” Joe answered.

“Oh, Joe can I talk to you for a second?” She asked Joe.

“Uhhh, sure.” He replied, not sounding too sure of himself.

I saw them walk into a corner around the side of the hospital, I didn’t want to pry, but I had a bad feeling about something. I maneuvered myself so I could peek my eyes over and see them. I saw their mouths moving but couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Joe’s POV:

“Joe, I want to get back together.” Amelia told me.

“What? I haven’t talked to you in months, I don’t want you back.” I told her angrily.

“I’m sorry if I broke your heart, I feel really bad about it. You are all I can think about.” She started to tell me.

“I don’t care. I am over you, I like someone else.” I responded.

“Who; one of those girls over there? I am so much better then them.” She yelled in a bitchy voice.

“No, Jess means more to me then you ever did.” I yelled back.

“Just shut up and kiss me.”

Before I could pull away from the kiss Amelia grabbed my head violently and pulled me into a kiss. I pushed her away and ran back to where Jess, Lizzy, Alison, and Kevin were standing, hoping no one saw what had just happened. I saw Jess running into the car and Lizzy and Alison followed. I ran over to Kevin to see what was up.

“Where are they going?” I asked, worried.

“Home, Jess saw you and Amelia kissing, smooth Joe. I thought you liked her.” He told me, sounding disappointed.

“I do like her! More then you think, I didn’t want to kiss Amelia, she forced a kiss on me, I swear.” I informed him.

“Well don’t tell me that, tell Jess, and fast, her car is about to drive away-.” I started to run before he could finish.

I sprinted to their car and started banging on the window, they car came to a halt, one of the windows started to roll down and Jess’s face appeared, I saw tears running down her face, I couldn’t bare to see her this way, and it killed me to know that I caused it. I needed to fix this.

“Jess, please, can I talk to you, what happened back there didn’t mean anything, please let me explain.” I told her sincerely.

“There is no need to explain, we saw what happened back there.” Lizzy yelled, speaking for Jess.

“Please.” I said starting to tear up.

I saw the car door start to open and I backed up. Jess stood up and slammed the door behind her.

“Okay, explain.” She said quietly.

“That kiss didn’t mean anything, Amelia wanted me back, I told her no but she didn’t listen, she forced a kiss on me. I promise Jessica, I wouldn’t do that to you.” I explained to her, and could no longer see if she was crying since the raindrops covered her face.

“That’s what they always say, if you like her, just tell me. I will leave and let you two get back together. Sorry if I got in the way. I will try not to interfere next time-.”

I interrupted her rant and grabbed her waist; she looked down at her feet. I moved my hands to her head and pulled her into a passionate kiss. I moved my hands back to her waist and she put her hands around my neck. We stood their kissing in the pouring rain, not caring that we were getting drenched. As soon as our lips touched I knew that I was truly in love with her. I love her.
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