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Chapter 16

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Lizzy’s POV:

“Girls, you’re here!” Joe said as he was running up to us giving us all a hug.

“Joe, Kevin, what happened? Is Nick okay?” Jess asked, shaking.

“We aren’t sure, we were just on the tour bus and he passed out. We are thinking it was his diabetes, but it has never been this bad.” Kevin replied as tears were forming on his eyes.

Alison and Jess started to cry. Jess ran into Joe’s arms and Alison did the same with Kevin. I looked around and saw Mr. and Mrs. Jonas and Frankie sitting quietly. I walked to the front desk and asked what room Nick was in. I walked slowly down the hall way; it was quiet, lights were flickering. I entered the room and saw Nick sleeping on the hospital bed. It looked like he was dead; he was pale and his lips were discolored. I felt my eyes tear up and I put my head down and looked at my feet.

“Lizzy.” I heard a faint voice and tilted my head up slowly; Nick was awake.

“Nick…” I said back as I ran over to the bed.

I lightly put my arms around him, he was cold. I felt his body shift over to the edge of the bed. I lie down next to him and put my head on his shoulder and grabbed his hand. I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore, and I soon felt the tears rushing down my face.

“It’s okay, I am fine, I promise.” Nick told me quietly.

“Promise?” I asked.

“I Promise.” He repeated, and I knew he wasn’t lying.

Alison’s POV:

Kevin and I sat quietly in the waiting room, along with Jess, Joe, and the rest of the Jonas family. No one had anything to say. I rested my head on Kevin’s legs and he was running his fingers through my hair. I could tell that he was scared, I have never seen him this way before. I am so used to seeing him happy and always making everyone laugh, but not this time.

Jess’s POV:

I was trying my hardest to make Joe feel better; I knew he was really worried and scared. I laid my head on his shoulder and hugged him tightly. I could feel him started to cry so I pulled him closer. I saw the nurse walk in and everyone lifted their heads up, eager to hear what she has to say.

“Nicholas is fine.” As the nurse told us, I saw everyone let out a deep sigh of relief.

“His blood sugar was extremely low, you are very lucky you brought him to the hospital as soon as he passed out. He will need to spend the night here. You can all go visit him, he is in room 204.” The nurse informed us and walked out of the room.

We walked into the room and saw Lizzy lying next to Nick; she got up as she heard us enter the room. She ran over to and gave us all a hug.

“Nick, honey, are you awake?” Mrs. Jonas asked as she walked over to Nick’s bed and ran her hand down his cheek.

“Yeah, mom, I am awake.” He said back.

“How are you feeling?” She asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, just tired.” He replied back.

“Okay, we will let you sleep; I will be here tomorrow to take you home. Love you Nicholas.” Mr. Jonas told Nick.

Lizzy’s POV:

We all gave Nick a hug and started to walk out the room.

“Lizzy, wait.” I heard a voice behind me.

“What is it Nick?” I said, walking back over to him.

Nick sat up and I bent over so I could be at his level. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. He moved his hands to my head and kept bringing my closer to him. I saw his eyes start to close and I did the same. I felt our lips touch and it was like nothing I have ever felt before. I never wanted to pull away. It felt like we were frozen like that for hours on end. This moment was the best moment of my life.

“I love you.” I heard Nick say those words and I felt my heart start to beat out of control, I could have sworn you could see my heart surfacing above my chest.

“I love you too.” I told him. And I really meant it.
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