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Chapter 13: Oh please! Everyone does it at the movies...

by padfoot_001

Gerard's dreams take an odd turn that even he isn't going to try to understand. What is the blonde's deal? And will he and Frank finally sort everything out or will it all end badly again?

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Disclaimer: I don't own, thank god. They'd hate me after this. I do own the story, yes, it is my sick twisted imagination.

WARNINGS: Swearing, boy on boy, sexual situations, gerard on gerard, sex/porn scenes, insanity.

To my reviewers: You are all too good for me. So this one's for you. You said I'm a good writer, you made me smile, now I just hope I can live up to your expectations of me. My favourite chapter. Hope you all enjoy. And ... please, try to contain yourselves, LOL! ;)

Chapter Thirteen

"So how should we get rid of her do you think?" The blonde-haired Gerard asked as he chewed on his popcorn loudly.

"Keep it down," another voice called out, he didn't recognize this one.

Everything seemed to come into view and Gerard realised that he was in a movie theatre. They were sitting in the front row, a movie he recognized to be the old King Kong was playing and there were a large group of people behind them, seemingly engrossed in the film. Several of them were staring at Gerard and his blonde haired twin in anger.

"What's his problem?" the blonde Gerard growled, rolling his eyes. "You can buy it on DVD you know!" he shouted out over his shoulder to the man who had just told him off.

"Shut up!" Gerard whispered as a shower of popcorn rained over the top of them.

He wasn't sure why he cared, he knew that he was only dreaming, but it felt so real to him and he had always hated being the noisy one in the cinemas. The looks people gave you; it was enough to make him slink lower into his chair in embarrassment.

"Should I tell them how it ends?"

"No," Gerard said bluntly, shaking his head.

"Well you're no fun and neither are they."

The blonde pointed down the isle and a few seats up, to Gerard's great surprise, sat Frank and Jamia, busily watching the movie as though there wasn't a loud mouthed twin Gerard at the end of their row.

"So ... how do we break them up?" the blonde asked, whispering this time.

"We don't! It doesn't work like that, I told you already."

"But you love him. You'll have to find a way. You know ... there's room on that futon for two and he's drunk -"

"Stop it!"

"What? I'm just saying what you're thinki -"

"I said STOP IT!" he shouted fiercely, not liking where this was all headed.

"Shut up ya fruits!" another angry voice called out and Gerard felt a Malteser hit his head.

"AH - excuse me!" the blonde Gerard announced, standing up. The crowd booed as he blocked a small section of the screen with his head. "We're not together ... I mean, he's practically my brother!"

The blonde pointed between the two of them as though he was truly and deeply embarrassed that the imaginary crowd in this imaginary dream land thought they were gay and on a date together.

"Sit the fuck down," Gerard complained, sinking even lower into his seat and using one of his hands to shield his eyes as though hoping it would make him disappear.

He looked towards Frank, just to see his reaction; it was as though he was only embarrassed because he didn't want to look stupid in front of him. But Frank and Jamia were still laughing and cuddling and watching the movie as though nothing else was going on. The blonde sat back down in his chair and the crowd slowly dissolved into silence as they could see the screen again.

"Could you imagine our kids? Oh boy," the blonde joked as he continued munching on his popcorn loudly. Gerard still couldn't look away from Frank and Jamia.

"He's so happy ... we could never be like that together," Gerard said before he could stop himself.

"Oh come on Gee ... you're twice the man she is," the blonde assured him. Then he laughed loudly at his own joke causing more popcorn to shower over the top of them. "I swear, if they throw that shit on me one more time, they're all dead!"

Gerard tore his eyes away from Frank and Jamia to inspect the blonde closely, wondering how his dreams had changed so much lately. This other him had once wanted to take over him, wanted to fix everything. Why was he now messing around, treating it all as though it was one big joke?

"You do know I can read your thoughts Gee," the blonde explained, looking sideways with a face stuffed full of popcorn.

"I know that!"

"Hmmm, well in answer to your unasked questions. I haven't really changed; your attitude towards me has just changed."

"What do you mean?"

The blonde’s eyes didn't leave the screen as he continued to whisper. "Well, I'm guessing you're beginning to think I can help you. So you're looking to me for the answers, for help, but at the same time, you don't want it. So that's why we're at the movies, cause you're all messed up inside ... and you apparently like King Kong - personally though, I don't like black and white."

Gerard shook his head as he leant back into the cinema chairs with a heavy sigh. It didn't make any sense, nothing did anymore. Still, it was an improvement; at least his dreams weren't trying to kill him anymore. In fact, there was something very comforting about the insanity of it all, even though he hated admitting it.

Frank and Jamia laughed to themselves as they whispered to each other at the end of the row. He couldn't believe that he could possibly be in love with his best friend. Was he in love? Had it gone that far?

"I hope King Kong eats that stupid girl, she's so annoying, who would cast her in any movie," the blonde rolled his eyes and smiled, Gerard didn't smile back. "Oh come on Gee, it's the movies, you're supposed to enjoy yourself."

"Well I'm not," he moped as they got told to shut up once again by someone behind them.

"You fucking shut up!" the blonde screamed and he tossed the entire box of popcorn over his head.

There were angry shouts and cries but they soon faded away as the movie continued to play.

"What can I do to make you start enjoying yourself?" the blonde asked, clearly concerned that Gerard wasn't having fun.

"What do you care?"

"Because your happiness is my happiness."

And then the blondes face lit up as he seemed to realize what he had to do. He snapped his fingers and smiled.

"W-what?" Gerard asked cautiously, noting that cheeky grin, it was the same he gave when he was up to no good; he hated being able to read every facial expression.

It was then Gerard's breath suddenly caught in his throat as he felt a tingling sensation below his waist. He looked down in confusion only to find the blondes hand was massaging his groin. Gerard nearly jumped out of his chair in surprise.

"What the hell are you doing?" he whispered in alarm, he didn't want to alert everyone else to what was going on, especially not the blissfully unaware Frank at the end of the row.

The blonde looked innocently confused. "What? I'm just trying to help. You're enjoying yourself now, see."

He pointed his eyes downwards, encouraging Gerard to do the same. He didn't need to, he could already feel the familiar strain on his pants, seeing his own erection only made his assumptions correct.

"You can't do that here!" he said in that same harsh whisper, he looked around wildly, hoping no one could see.

"Oh please, everyone does it at the movies," the other Gerard announced, rolling his eyes and the real Gerard heard the familiar sound of his fly being un-zipped.

Immense pleasure passed through him as he gave in, moaning and bucking his hips forward at this fantastic sensation. The blonde version of himself was giving him one of the best hand jobs he had ever had, in a cinema packed full of people who probably didn't even exist.

"Oh - shit," he breathed deeply as he felt his hips move in time with the hand that was pumping on his erection, he was so close already. This was so wrong, but it felt so fucking good.

His hands gripped at the arm rests on the cinema chairs and he could no longer see the movie on the screen as his eyes closed and he simply gave in to the feeling. A hungry moan escaped his gapping mouth as he realised how close he was to his release. He moved one of his hands to help the blonde finish him off, but it was knocked away.

"Ah - fuck - please ... faster," he begged. He was so close, how could this feel so good? Wasn't it just a dream?

"You know ... Frank's going to see this," the blonde announced, as he altered his pace causing Gerard to whimper at the need he now felt tingling through him.

Somehow the words registered in his head and he found the strength to open his eyes and stare at the blonde in confusion.

"What do you mean?"


"Gee, wake up man. If I have to be out of bed at this time then so do you!"

Gerard moaned loudly as his eyes cracked open and he came face to face with Frank, who had just been shaking him awake roughly. He felt slightly strange, he couldn't explain why, but he did. His heart was beating fast, his stomach had butterflies bouncing around in it again and he was sticky with sweet.

"Where am I?" he asked, trying to get his bearings.

"Err, you're in my lounge room man," Frank laughed. "And you're sweating like crazy."

"Huh?" he swallowed drowsily, trying to feel all of his limbs. He had been sleeping so deeply that he was so warm, so comfortable; he was just blissfully numb.

"Woah Gee ... shit man, are you bleeding?" Frank asked, looking puzzled as he inspected the blanket Gerard was wrapped up in.

Gerard cocked his head to the side so he could see the sheet as Frank lifted it up slightly to his line of vision. Sure enough, there was blood on the blanket.

He couldn't remember bleeding, his dream had been quite normal, in fact it wasn't violent at all, quite the opposite...

And it was then he remembered the dream, remembered what had been happening in it and it was then, just a second too late that he realised what was happening in the real world and just where his hand was...

"Frank ... Wait!" he shouted out, but he was just a bit too late.

Concerned about the blood, Frank pulled the blankets aside to inspect Gerard's stomach, but what Gerard only just realised was that, much like his dream had implied, somehow, even though he had been sleeping, he was jacking himself off.

"What's wrong - oh - shit ..." Frank pulled the covers back over Gerard and let out a small, awkward laugh.

"Oh fuck," Gerard groaned in embarrassment.

Just like the blonde had said "Frank's going to see this", he had been absolutely right. He didn't think he was actually going to wake up with a hard on and his hands down his pants though. At least he still had his pants on, that was one thing.

"Man Gee, on my futon to man ... how about you let me know when you're done and I'll come back and check on your stitches," Frank smiled as he got up and walked away.

It wasn't a big deal. Frank clearly didn't think so, but for some reason it frustrated Gerard to no end. He quickly removed his hand from down his pants despite the fact his whole body was begging him to be finished off. Under the covers it was warm, much too warm. Somehow he managed to toss them off and just lay there until everything went back down to where it should be.

"You done?" Frank teased from the kitchen.

Gerard wasn't in the mood anymore. He inspected his shirt, much like the sheets, it had blood on it. He lifted the shirt up slowly, a busted stitch, some dried blood, it was no big deal. Pulling on the shoes he had abandoned by his bed he sat up, wincing slightly, grabbed his smokes which he had removed from his pocket and placed on the floor by his shoes, and stood up.

"Hey, where you going?" Frank asked in confusion as Gerard stepped right past him.

"... Smoke," he explained, waving them around.

He stepped out onto Frank's large balcony and quickly sat himself down into one of the chairs. There was still a fair bit of pain, but he managed, it wasn't anything he couldn't deal with. There was nothing he couldn't deal with anymore.

Placing the cigarette between his lips, he shielded the tip with cupped hands and lit it up. He breathed in the fumes eagerly, cursing himself loudly for his stupidity. Moments later the balcony door slid open and Frank stepped out, two cups of coffee in his hands. He handed one to Gerard.

"It happens to everyone man," Frank explained, the smile gone now as he clearly realised Gerard didn't find it funny.

"It's not the fucking point Frank," he was angry, so angry.

He wasn't even sure why, he didn't care about what Frank had seen, he only cared because it was simply a reminder of how he wasn't in control of his own body, yet he had to deal with the consequences.

"Dude, I really don't care,” Frank sipped on his coffee and side-glanced at Gerard’s cigarettes, unsure whether to ask for one or not.

“Go ahead ...” he tossed the cigarettes at Frank.

“Hey, thanks for coming to get me last night. Jamia’s already gone to fix up the whole car thing now. Man I’m such a fucking moron,” Frank said, shaking his head at the memory.

“Yeah you are. I can’t believe you made us all worry like that,” Gerard shook his head, not willing to forgive Frank so easily for making him so concerned.

Frank didn’t seem to like Gerard’s tone as he sniggered and shook his head. “You’re kidding right? What about you? Locking yourself in bathrooms, passing out, slipping into comas, stabbing yourself ... speaking of which, aren’t you supposed to be in the hospital?”

“I checked myself out, they can’t keep me there,” he said, puffing on his cigarette and refusing to look at Frank.

“Well, you obviously weren’t ready to leave. What happened? You bust a stitch?” Frank reached out towards Gerard's bloody shirt, but he quickly wriggled away from him.

“Yeah ... I did. It’s no big deal, it’s looking better already anyway.”

Frank lowered his hand and went back to his coffee, obviously noticing that Gerard didn’t want to be touched.

“Why’d you take off anyway?” Gerard asked.

“Lynz was asking to many questions ...” Frank drifted off as he took a deep drag of his cigarette. “I have a few questions for you to actually.”

“Oh really? Well you didn’t really answer mine,” Gerard said angrily. How could Frank play this game after all the worrying he made him do last night?

“Fine ... you ask one, then I’ll ask one and we’ll go back and forwards, if someone doesn’t answer one, the other person asks again.”

“Fine,” Gerard copied. They played this game often, just never when they had both been this pissed off.

They put out their fists, already knowing to do scissors, paper, rock to see who went first. Gerard won, rock beat Franks chosen scissors.

“I’ll ask again, why’d you take off?”

“I needed time to myself. Lynz was asking to much of me, I couldn’t tell her anything! Why should I explain it to her? It’s really not my place. Are you going to tell her?” Frank slipped his question quickly in.

“Wasn’t planning on it, no. I don’t think she needs to know, not like it meant anything, anyway, we've made out before. Why’d you ignore our phone calls? If you were just getting drunk you should have been able to answer them.” Gerard grabbed his coffee, ready to take a sip whilst Frank answered.

“I didn’t feel like talking to anyone alright. Mikey was asking me a lot of questions too; I just needed time to think about everything that had happened.” He paused, thinking. “Why’d you kiss me?”

Gerard paused for a moment. “Because I wanted to, it was an experiment, just to see what it would be like. What was Mikey asking you?”

Frank inspected Gerard closely; it didn’t look as though he was satisfied with Gerard’s answer.

“He asked what happened in the bedroom, so I told him. He wanted to know details as well, that sort of thing. He told me a few things ... got me thinking, anyway, I’ve answered so ... Why’d you stop kissing me?”

Gerard almost laughed. It was amazing how they were both sending each other off on different directions, yet somehow they still managed to stay focused on what they wanted to know.

“ ... Because,” he wasn’t sure if he could answer. What was he going to say? “Because, I realised that ... well that ... that you didn’t feel the same way I did. I wasn’t some charity case; I didn’t need your pity ...”

Frank opened his mouth to say something but Gerard shook his head and quickly asked his own question so he couldn’t speak.

He remembered what Frank had just said. “What did Mikey tell you?”

“Basically what you just confirmed,” Frank said very seriously, running a hand through his hair.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Gerard asked, out of turn, but Frank’s answer had been to pithy.

"He hinted at a few things, I was fairly upset as you can imagine. One minute we’re messing around, next you just flip out and go stab yourself. Then you’re apologizing and coughing up blood, well naturally we thought you’d died. I was just trying to make some sense of it all.”

Frank took a moment just to sip at his coffee, it was clear he didn’t like discussing the fact he thought Gerard was dead.

“You gave it away first, when you kissed me like that. Well, even though you told me it wasn’t my fault, it clearly was. From what I could gather, you liked me and that was why you were having troubles sleeping, going slightly nuts, Mikey basically let slip that I was right to think that as you had told him the same thing - so ...”

“So you thought I was a charity case and you tried to make everything better by leading me on ... that’s the answer to your question Frank. Why did I stop kissing you? Because I realised that you were just messing with me, hoping it would fix everything -”

“Are you fucking insane?” Frank shouted, almost laughing. “You honestly think I would do that to you?”

“Yes, I do. You’re a friend; I was clearly loosing my mind. You knew the only way you could help was to give me what I wanted. And what I wanted Frank ... was you! When you figured that out, you toyed with me -”

“I didn’t toy with you Gerard,” Frank said quietly, but firmly enough to make Gerard stop his ranting. “You ruined the game ... start again. I’m going first this time."

“Fine,” Gerard said, glad of the break from shouting.

“In the hospital, when you woke up, you wouldn’t talk to me, then I left. What were you thinking? What did I say wrong that time?”

Gerard strained to think back. So much had happened since then yet it had only been two days ago. Suddenly he remembered the words that had confirmed his fears.

“We were talking about the whole making out thing, then you said ‘I just thought it was what you wanted’ ... and that was when I realised you had been messing with me, because you only did it because you thought it was what I wanted.”

“No ... Gee, that wasn’t it at all,” Frank exclaimed.

“What was it then? ... A question, you have to answer,” Gerard explained, reminding Frank that they were still in the game, Frank almost smiled.

“I - I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I wasn’t saying it to mean that, I was saying it because I honestly thought that it was fine, that we could do what we were doing and you would be okay with it. You seemed happy ... well, you were happy,” Frank said, raising his eyebrows as he was clearly making a sex joke.

“... anyway, then you just sort of lost it. And I was so confused; I thought it was okay, that you had no problem with it. Then you flipped out and I started to think that maybe I had misunderstood you, maybe it wasn’t what you wanted at all ... I don’t know Gee, I just think that somewhere along the way we got our lines crossed.”

Gerard nodded, staring in disbelief, trying to take everything in. Was Frank trying to say he had feelings for him? Because he couldn’t take another let down.

“Your turn,” he explained, letting Frank know he got to ask something now.

“Um ... how do you feel about me now? After all this?”

Gerard looked into Frank’s eyes and knew the answer. He laughed, he actually laughed. It really wasn’t a fair question.

“I - I can’t answer that Frank,” he said, suddenly aware that he couldn’t quite get the words out.


“I can’t even begin to try Frank.” He shook his head.

“Fine, then I’ll ask another question. Do you still like me?”

Gerard nodded in response, he couldn’t tell Frank he thought the feelings had gone beyond that now, possibly into love, but he could let him know that he still had feelings for him, there was no point complicating it further.

“What are your feelings towards me?” Gerard asked, looking up, unsure he really wanted to know the answer.

Frank stared back for a few moments before he laughed and stood up. “Man Gee, you ask the wrong questions.”

With that Frank grabbed his empty coffee cup and headed inside. He sat there for a few moments, unsure what he had done wrong. Suddenly, outraged, he marched inside after Frank.

“You didn’t answer the question!”

“Then ask another one,” Frank demanded angrily as he spun around to face Gerard.

“Do you like me Frank?”

“Of course I do Gerard, you’re my best friend.”

“That’s not what I mean Frank and you know it!” Gerard shouted angrily, they were close to each other; Gerard even began to wonder if one of them was going to end up hitting the other.

“No! I don’t know it. I asked you the same thing and you nodded. We’re best friends Gee, of course we like each other,” Frank looked furious.

“Well, that wasn’t what I meant.”

“What the hell do you want from me? I asked you what your feelings were and you didn’t answer, so you asked me and I didn’t answer. Answer mine first and I’ll answer yours Gerard!”

Gerard took a step back, startled but understanding what Frank was saying.

“Fine ... I fucking love you Frank. Are you happy now? I love you! I can’t help it, I just do. I’m a fucking screw up, a piece of shit for ruining all of our happy little lives, but there it is...”

There was a long silence between them as they both seemed to calm down; taking in what had just been thrown out into the open.

“... How long?” Frank asked, breathing heavily as he stared at Gerard with an unreadable expression on his face.

"I dunno ... probably since I met you. I just saw how you all reacted to Bert and well, I just buried the feelings away...” Gerard stopped talking, almost as though he was ashamed of what he was admitting to Frank.

“You want your answer?” Frank asked, looking Gerard in the eyes, that same expression on his face.

Gerard was considering saying no. Did he really want to know? But curiosity got the better of him and he nodded.

Instantly Frank closed the gap between them and kissed the surprised Gerard full on the lips. His tongue was already playing with his bottom lip and Gerard opened his mouth to let his own tongue finally meet Franks again.

Suddenly, he pulled back and watched Frank's face closely. "What are you doing?"

Frank rolled his eyes. "I'm trying to kiss you Gerard, what does it look like?"

The gap was hastily closed between them again, this time they had both made the move, their lips crashing messily together somewhere in the middle.

“Just so you know this isn’t an answer,” Gerard complained, breaking the kiss again so he could speak to Frank.

Frank didn’t seem to care that the kiss was broken, he just moved to Gerard’s neck instead, his hands tracing down his back as they moved and rested on Gerard’s belt.

“Then you can ask another one later,” Frank mumbled into his shoulder.

Gerard moaned as Frank’s fingers moved around on his belt, right above the already forming hard in his pants. Hastily, he re-located Frank's lips and resumed kissing them fiercely. He was done talking; they had other stuff to do.

Slowly, Frank's hands wriggled their way underneath his belt causing Gerard's stomach to tighten in anticipation.

"Shit ... Frank," Gerard almost cried as his whole body just seemed to jolt forward, desperate to be touched. After all, he was still on that longing high from the dream he had been having merely a little while ago. He never did get the chance to finish himself off and he had been so close.

“We’re moving to fast,” Frank smiled, as he continued to tease Gerard by rolling his fingers around just below his waist line.

Gerard tried to speak but let out a gentle moan instead as he gripped tightly to Frank’s shoulders. There body's were now pressed so close together that every move Frank made seemed to cause some sort of friction in the crotch area of his pants causing him to wriggle around and almost cry out in desire.

Way to fast,” Gerard agreed breathlessly as he mentally begged Frank's hands to venture lower.

“I can stop,” Frank suggested, almost teased as his hands moved slowly upwards and he stopped his pleasurable movements.

“Oh shit ... no, please don’t,” Gerard pleaded, rubbing a hand through Frank’s hair as though hoping it would change his mind.

Frank smiled, clearly liking the fact he was in control of Gerard. He kissed him again before his hands plummeted downwards once more. This time they undid his belt before unbuttoning his jeans and unzipping his fly all the while teasing him as they somehow managed to roughly brush against his erection with each movement.

The kissing continued as Frank finally grabbed a hold of his length, stroking and pulling gently rendering Gerard almost helpless as he gave in to the welcomed sensation. His hips rolled to the same rhythm as Frank's strokes and his body shuddered as his kisses ventured to his jaw line.

His hands were in Frank’s hair again as he whimpered at the need to be finished off, at the anticipation of his own orgasm. The noises seemed to satisfy Frank as he let out a musical type laugh and buried his head into Gerard's neck.

For a fleeting moment, Gerard felt embarrassment kick in. He was being jerked off by his best friend. In all there years together, he never thought that Frank would see him like this; so helpless, so vulnerable, so fucking turned on. They had seen each other in every situation. Every situation except sex ... and now, that was all out the window.

As though sensing his dilemma and finding some sort of delight in it, Frank's pace suddenly quickened and another moan escaped Gerard's throat. The embarrassment was back again at the uncharacteristic cry he let out, but the small guitarist clearly didn't care, it was almost as though he knew Gerard was trying to hold the noises back and therefore found great pleasure in making him cry out.

Gerard squirmed restlessly as Frank's quickened pace kept up, the kisses at his neck driving him insane. He knew he wouldn't last much longer. He thrusted into Frank's hand unexpectedly, causing the guitarist to loose his rhythm.

"Oh fuck - ungh - shit ..."

It was all Gerard could think to say as Frank roughly pinned his body against the kitchen bench so that he couldn't move and disrupt his pattern anymore. The pumping was back and Gerard grabbed Frank’s face in his hands, playing with his lip ring as he messily tried to kiss him.

Frank helped him out by locking his lips against Gerard's, forcing his tongue into his mouth and finally hitting some sort of nerve as Gerard pulled away from the kiss once more as every muscle in his body seemed to tense over and over as Frank's hands finally drove him over the edge. Incapable of speech, incapable of any movement, the pleasure was almost painful.

Without warning, his whole body just seemed to lunge forward that one last time before his breathing and his heart and everything just stopped for a split second as he released himself at last.

The movements stopped, Frank pulled away, breathless, but smiling and Gerard just stood there, leaning against the kitchen bench for support as he help onto the high of his orgasm.

"It's about fucking time," Frank exclaimed, looking quite warn out, yet satisfied nonetheless.

Gerard just smiled breathlessly as he slumped back against the counter and went about doing up his pants.

"Yeah well, I've had better," Gerard teased. It was all he could think to say as that feeling of embarrassment still lingered and he put on a mask to hide it.

"You mean you can actually moan louder then that?" Frank asked as he raised an eyebrow.

Gerard felt his face flush as Frank just laughed in satisfaction at the effect the words had on him.

"Fuck you!" Gerard muttered playfully as he stuck his middle finger up at Frank.

When his belt was successfully done up once more and the two of them seemed to calm themselves down, Gerard became aware of just how warn out he now felt. His whole body felt like it weighed a tone and he actually had to grip tightly onto the kitchen bench to stop himself from falling under the weight.

"Woah! Gee ... you alright?" Frank asked, rushing back to his side and gripping tightly to his arm to try and steady him.

"Y-yeah. I think you wore me out Frankie," he mumbled as he rubbed at his heavy eye lids and tried to laugh. "I - I just need a nap, I think."

"A nap? But you just woke up!"

Gerard forced a smile so that Frank wouldn't worry, but he quickly brushed his helping hands aside as he realised he had to lie down somewhere before he collapsed.

"Sorry Frank ... I really - need - just a little sleep."

He groggily turned away from the confused looking Frank and somehow managed to find his way back onto the futon he had only surfaced from a mere half hour ago.

As soon as his body stretched itself back down onto it and his head hit the pillow, his eyes simply shut and sleep washed over him like a raging flood.


AN: If it wasn't sexy enough for you then I'm truly sorry. I don't even pretend to be a master at this sort of stuff. Nevertheless, this one was my baby. I love it. The cinema scene is my favourite in the whole story. I hope you all enjoyed it as well.
This is like my 16th draft of this chapter for real and I was so excited about finally having it almost perfect that I had to share it with you all now. Hope you enjoy :)
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