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Chapter 14: A storm is coming!

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With things finaly going his way for a change will the blonde leave Gerard's dreams for good now? Or is there something far more sinister just around the corner?

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Disclaimer: I don't own My Chem, I do however own the story line.

WARNINGS: Silliness, insanity, jealousy, swearing. Now I'm just making them up :)

Forgive the pirates of the caribbean bit. I couldn't help myself.

Chapter Fourteen

It was the strangest feeling he had ever experienced. Probably because it had been a while since he had felt this sickly feeling of being roughly thrown about a boat on unsteady seas.

Wait! What?

He opened his eyes and pushed himself off the soaking wet deck of what could only be described as a boat of some sort. In fact, he had seen enough movies to know that it looked unsettlingly exactly like a pirate ship!

The water that rained down from the sky joined the water that rose up over the side of the boat from the ocean below and already managed to make him nothing short of saturated.

Last time he had been on a boat he had been so violently ill that he had vowed to never go on another one for as long as he lived. Naturally, he didn't count on visiting one in his very vivid dreams. In fact, it felt so real that he couldn't help but gulp down the sick that threatened to spill from his already rising stomach.

"Argh, me heartie' you'll be as sick as a dog by the time this trip be through," a voice he recognized as his own, only lined with a thick pirate-like accent, shouted out over the crashing of the ocean.

"What the hell is going on?" Gerard called out, shielding his eyes from the sea spray so he could try and locate the blonde.

He really shouldn't have bothered for at that moment firm hands grabbed him and he could see his other self inches away from his own face.

"I have no idea Captain Gerard, but me thinks it might be time to abandon ship!" the blonde yelled out, shaking him roughly, but there was an excited expression upon his pale face.

At first, Gerard just stared, unsure of whether to laugh at the blonde’s appearance or not. He was still dressed in his black parade clothes, his white-blonde hair plastered to his head from all the water. One eye was covered with a black eye patch, one ear was pierced with a large golden loop and a small monkey danced around excitedly on his shoulder.

The monkey suddenly stopped and screeched at him causing him to recoil slightly. He didn't like monkey's very much. It clearly didn't bother the other version of himself though.

"I don't think he likes you very much Gerard," the blonde announced matter of factly.

"Yeah, well good, cause I don't like him either."

"I wasn't talking to you! The monkey's name is Gerard ... you're Gee, he's Gerard. Saves the confusion."

He bit his tongue, refusing to argue or snap back, already knowing that it never got him anywhere. Instead, he decided on a more important topic of conversation.

"Where are we?" he shouted, both frustrated and scared at their current situation. He didn't like being abandoned at sea. It felt so real!

"I have no fuckin' idea ... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

With that the blonde lifted up his arm rather dramatically placing a bottle of rum to his lips and took a deep swig from it. Noticing Gerard staring in confusion, he cocked his head to the side inquisitively and held out the bottle for him to take.

"What? No! You know I don't drink," Gerard whined, shoving the bottle and the offending arm that held it away, still trying to recover from the insanity of it all.

"A pirate that doesn't drink? Ye should walk the plank for that!"

The blonde waddled off a little drunkenly as the monkey played with a gold necklace around his neck. He marched up the stairs and towards the steering wheel of the ship, he grabbed at it and began turning it dramatically, pulling out a compass and inspecting it as though it was giving him every answer he had ever wanted to know.

Gerard clutched at his aching head and tried to ignore the sea sickness that was threatening to incapacitate him from his thoughts. He had to remember how he got here and where he was when he had fallen asleep.

"Yo ho! Yo ho! A pirate's life for me!"

"Shut up!" Gerard shouted loudly over the roar of the ocean, but he doubted the blonde even heard him as he continued to sing louder and louder as he whirled the wheel around and around causing the ship to groan at the effort of having to move against the wind and the powerful waves.

Okay, think Gerard ... where are you? Where were you when you fell asleep?

"You're kidding right? You really don't remember?" the blonde screamed out, voice barely audible. "This sound familiar? Uh - uh - uh - uhhhhhhhh! Oh don't stop Frankie!"

Gerard watched as the blonde stuck his hand down his pants and forced the sounds of an orgasm. If it wasn't for the fact his company was himself, Gerard was sure he would have been slightly embarrassed by the situation as memories rushed back to him.

He had woken up on Frank's futon. They had spoken to each other; finally, Gerard had gotten everything off his chest. He had told Frank he loved him and - did that really happen? Did he and Frank really have that moment in the kitchen? Had Frank really given him that hand job or was that just all part of his sick twisted mind.

For some reason, he decided to ask. If anything, just to distract himself from throwing up on the deck of the ship. He really wished the boat would stop rocking.

"Was any of that real?" he shouted out.

"WHAT?" the blonde yelled back, clearly not being able to hear a word Gerard was saying.

Getting quite agitated now, Gerard decided to ask another question that was bothering him.

"WHY THE HELL ARE WE ON A PIRATE SHIP?" he shouted as loud as he could. The blonde leaned far over the wheel to hear him, a hand cupping his ear.


Gerard just scrunched up his face in confusion as he had only really heard bits and pieces of what the other him had shouted. The sea was getting rougher, and now, to make matters worse, the dark sky was flashing with lightning, the roar of monstrous thunder following to close to it for comfort. A storm was coming!

A storm is coming!
As he repeated the thought over and over in his head there was an odd ringing noise that filled his ears as all other sounds, but his breathing, disappeared completely.

Then, he heard it ... a faint whisper of a song, lyrics he couldn't quite understand just yet. He spun around and around until his eyes locked with a dark shadow in the corner of the ship. There, peering out from the shadow was a pair of eyes, a pale face and a wicked smile that made his body run cold.

Rasping breathing filled the air and Gerard knew it wasn't his. It belonged to this figure in the shadows.

The figure wasn't looking at him, at least not yet, but as the ringing in his ears continued the eyes suddenly connected with Gerard's and a terrible laughter shot through the air.

Suddenly, the ringing in his ears was rushed away and the sounds of the crashing ocean came back to assault them once more. The blonde's singing voice was still desperately trying to compete against the over powering sounds of nature. The figure in the shadows was gone.

Then, just like that, the boat suddenly lurched roughly to the side and Gerard fell flat onto his face on the cold, wet deck of the ship. Hastily, he grabbed hold of the first solid object he could find as he realised he was going to slide right through the ships railings and down to the dark, unknown ocean below.

"Hold on Captain, the seas be rough tonight!" The blonde, clutched onto the wheel for dear life as he yelled wildly.

"I'm going to be sick," he cried out, gagging slightly as his stomach lurched again. "Where the hell are we headed anyway?"

The blonde inspected the compass, turning it around and around in his hands. He lifted his eye patch, squinted and then put it back down again.

"Which way's North?"

Gerard moaned as the blonde shook the compass in frustration before growling angrily and tossing it into the harsh ocean below.

"Ah who needs it! We're free Captain Gee ... Shiver me timbers!" The blonde spun the wheel violently again and Gerard, who had just gotten back onto his feet, fell flat onto his face once more.

"What are you doing?" Gerard yelled angrily, breathing heavily as the sickly feeling continued to swim around in his stomach again.

"No, no Captain Gee. It's what arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ye doing?"


"Say it!"

"Say what?"

"What arrrrrrrrrrrr ye doing?"



The blonde waved his arms around in frustration and Gerard was thrown to the ground once again as the ship spun violently to the other side.

"FINE! What arrrrrrrrrrr ye doing?"

The blonde laughed. Not his normal laugh, it was a pirates laugh and Gerard rolled his eyes in frustration at the silliness of it all.

"We be going to see Frankie, Captain Gerard," the blonde announced with a salute. "You can ask him your question yourself."

Gerard moaned again as he felt his breathing increase. He suddenly felt slightly strange, his stomach gave a horrible lurch and his head swam violently.

The feeling distracted him and he lost his grip on the small grove in the timber flooring that surfaced all pirate ships' decks that he just so happened to be holding onto. He got a quick shot of a laughing blonde-haired pirate Gerard before he slipped off deck and plummeted down into the dark, roaring ocean below...

"Man over board ... man over board! Shiver me timbers ... batten down the hatches ... why is the rum always fucking gone...?"


Gerard bolted upright on the futon he had been lying on, the sun shining down into his eyes causing him to squint in protest.

His first thought was that it had all been a dream. All of it. He had never spoken to Frank; he had never admitted his feelings to Frank. Disorientation took over him and he suddenly realised that he was rocking as though he was still on that horrid pirate ship.

Swaying slightly his head lurched and his stomach leapt up into his throat. He tried to get up and make it to the bathroom in time, but all he managed to do was sit up and lean over the side of Frank's futon before he threw up all over the floor.

"Shit! Gee ... you alright?" Jamia asked as she ran into the lounge room and took in the scene before her.

Gerard moaned as embarrassment kicked in and he realised what he had just done.

"I'm sorry Jamia," he whined, clutching at his stomach.

He felt the bandage around his stomach and his head swam again as he tried to get some sort of time frame for everything that was happening.

Yesterday afternoon he had left the hospital, last night he had brought Frank back here ... then what? Did what happen this morning actually happen? Or was this the first time he had woken up?

Jamia put her hands on her hips and sighed.

"Are you ever going to stop apologizing Gee?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at him. "You were sick, it was hardly your fault."

His stomach seemed to settle itself down as it realised he was quite steady and no longer swaying around violently on a pirate ship. At the memory of his dream he rolled his eyes and groaned. Sure that now, he was officially insane.

"Frank! Come quick, I'll need your help," Gerard heard Jamia shout as she disappeared for a moment.

Gerard groaned again. Now Frank was going to come see that he had been to helpless to get himself up from the bed and to the sink or toilet in time to throw up. Once again, he felt beyond embarrassed and he struggled to sit himself up in bed so that he could at least access whether he felt any better or not.

"No Gee, it's alright, just lay down if you're not well," Jamia exclaimed as she re entered the room with wet towels which she tossed over the sick that was on the floor.

"I-It's okay ... I'm feeling better now, honest," he explained as he forced a smile.

He was being honest, because as his brain and body slowly began to wake itself up more and more he realised, with great relief, that he wasn't on the fiercely swaying pirate ship anymore. His stomach had settled down at last, even if his abdomen did pound in protest at the strain his stitched injury was receiving.

Wincing slightly, he clutched onto his bandaged stomach as he heard someone else enter into the lounge room.

"W-what happened Jamia?" Frank questioned as he looked from the pale Gerard to the towels that she was laying out onto the floor.

"Gerard was sick. Maybe we should take him back to the hospital," she announced looking up at Gerard in concern.

"What? No! I'm fine, really, I don't want to go back," he said, a little louder then he had meant to. But, he really, really didn't want to go back there ever again.

Frank looked at him sympathetically, biting his lip as he thought it through. "Gee, I think Jamia might be right."

"No! Really, I'm okay. Please - please, just ... I don't want to go back!"

He strained his voice as much as he could, desperate to get his point across. Jamia and Frank seemed to look at each other closely as though trying to access telepathically what they thought they should do.

"Alright. But, if this happens again, I'm taking you back, kicking and screaming if I have to," Frank warned, but Gerard knew it was only out of the fact that he cared about his well-being so much that he said it.

And, then Gerard began to think again. He couldn't really remember anything since last night; his mind was still trying to decipher what had been real and what hadn't.

Frank had woken him this morning, given him coffee, they had talked ... amongst other things. Did any of that actually happen? He couldn't really remember going to sleep after everything with Frank; it must have been a dream.

He pushed a hand through his hair, realizing just how damp it was from the usual sweat he obtained from his bad dreams.

"I'll give you a hand Jamia," he managed to say as he struggled to get up from the bed.

A sharp pain split across his wound again and he let out a small cry. Frank and Jamia immediately rushed at him as it had been a very uncharacteristically weak cry, even Gerard was surprised to hear it.

"What is it Gee?" Frank asked in concern as he steadied him with gentle hands, clearly trying to stop him from moving. "You bust a stitch again?"


Suddenly the pain was all but forgotten as Frank's words seemed to mentally stomp on an accelerator in his mind, causing his thoughts to rush around in there at a hundred miles per hour.

So that morning had happened. He had woken up with a busted stitch, the blood on the sheets.

Looking down, he saw that he had on a different shirt, it wasn't his at all, but the sheets he was sleeping on still had small spots of dried blood on them, no doubt from when he had woken up before.

Now, he was thoroughly confused and he knew that it could all be answered if he could just open his mouth and ask Frank about that morning. But what the hell would he say? He doubted it would go down to well if he simply came out and asked him if he had in fact had his hand down his pants that morning. If it was all just a dream, he could just imagine the humiliation he would suffer.

"H-how long was I asleep for?" he decided on asking, ignoring Frank's probing hands as they inspected his bandage.

That was when Frank's hazel eyes locked onto Gerard’s, filled with intensity as he smiled slightly.

"Only an hour or two. I got you coffee ..." Frank stopped fidgeting with the bandage, clearly satisfied that there was no real problem with it. “... then you complained you were still tired and went back to sleep."

Gerard furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. There were so many blanks, he was so confused. So had he in fact imagined everything?

Somehow Frank seemed to catch on, he couldn't explain, it was almost as though he knew what Gerard was thinking and the small guitarist rolled his eyes as though in annoyance.

Then it seemed to click. It hadn't been a dream at all; the whole thing had been real. Gerard was so stupid; he knew Frank couldn't talk about in front of Jamia, using his eyes and a few unnoticed dramatic pauses to get his point across, which was that the events of that morning had actually happened.

"Oh - erm - sorry ... j-just really out of it, you know," he stuttered.

Suddenly, he had butterflies in his stomach as everything rushed back to him. Nervous, happy, unsure of himself - he really had no idea what he was feeling.

"Don't apologize Gee," Jamia piped up, breaking through his thoughts as he remembered that she was still there. "Frank went straight back to bed as well."

"What? So Gerard can sleep but I can't," he whined at the accusing tone in her voice.

"Gerard isn't well Frank!" Jamia reminded him.

"Neither am I!"

"Yours was self inflicted!" Jamia protested.

"Oh yeah ... right. Erm, how'd it go with the car?" Frank asked, suddenly changing his entire demeanor as he seemed to come back to reality himself.

"Don't ask," Jamia said as she shook her head at him. "We'll talk about it later."

Frank looked at Gerard with wide eyes, clearly realizing that once he left, he was going to be in trouble for what he did last night. But Gerard was suddenly hit with another thought, a not so good one.

What happened hadn't really changed anything. All it had managed to do was make Gerard realize that he loved Frank, that perhaps Frank even loved him back, or at least liked him more then a friend. But, they were both still married and neither of them was doing anything to change that fact.

Nothing's changed! His mind seemed to shout out at itself and he clasped at his head as though all this thinking was going to give him a headache.

"You know, maybe I should be getting back to Lindsey," he suddenly announced as he realised that, for now at least, this wasn't where he wanted to be. There was to much thinking to be done.

He didn't wait for a response from either of them, instead he quickly got to his feet, ignoring the pain in his gut and looked around for his shoes.

"Ummm ... no. I'm thinking you should definitely stay put, you look like shit you know," Frank intervened as though he was being completely stupid. Jamia nodded her head in agreement.

"I'm fine Frank! You can't make me stay! I just want to go home alright!"

Gerard bit his tongue immediately. He hadn't meant to sound so aggressive, but his mind was racing, there was turmoil in his head. He hated seeing the looks between Frank and Jamia, he hated that they got each other so well, that they were still together, that they were so in love. He needed to get out of here, he needed to go home.

"A-are you sure Gee?" Jamia asked, biting her lip as though wanting to help, but not wanting to hear him so angry again. "I mean, if you want to stay here longer that's alright by us. I called Lynz last night, she knows where you are, she knows that you're okay."

Frank didn't say anything, clearly he had noticed Gerard's little outburst, because he was inspecting him closely, remaining very quiet.

"It's alright. You two have a lot on your plate and I'm feeling better ... really!" he added as Frank seemed to open his mouth ready to say something.

"Oh - well maybe Frank should drive you home at least," Jamia added as Gerard had managed to pull his shoes on and locate his car keys.

"Na, that just puts you guys out. Plus, don't want him to smash your other car now do we?" Gerard said, trying to slip in a joke so that he could fool them into thinking he was fine.

Jamia forced a smile but Frank continued to look on in confusion as though he wanted to say something but couldn't seem to find the right words to say.

"Please call when you get back safely," Jamia called out as he ignored the looks he was getting and headed for the door.

"Of course I will. Oh and sorry again about the floor, you sure you don't want a hand clean -"

"No no, Gee, it's alright, really ... just please drive carefully," Jamia added, following him to the door. Frank stood where he was and didn't move, his expression unchanged.

"Er ... thanks Frank ... f-for the shirt - I'll wash it then bring it back," Gerard said. What else could he say? What else could he do?

With that he didn't wait for a reply. Exiting the house he got straight into his car and backed out of the driveway, his mind racing as he realised that he had just left very abruptly, leaving Frank looking not only confused but extremely hurt.


AN: Hey hey, I'm back. Sorry for the delay, but I'll be honest and say updates wont be as regular as they usually are now. You are all up to the same part of the story as me, you know as much as I do. I have 4 more chapters witten, but they all have to be played around with at the moment and maybe a few ore added in. Still, shouldn't be to long a wait.
Really hope you enjoy. This is an important chapter, as silly as it was. You will find out why a little later. Enjoy :) And hope you are allhaving a fantastic week!
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