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Chapter 12: And now you know why I'm celebrating!

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Gerard's dreams are just getting beyond bizare. But are they finally settling down now that he's come to a certain realisation?

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Disclaimer: You know the drill. I don't own them, thank god, Gerard would be locked in a mental asylum by now. Story is mine.

WARNINGS: Swearing ... thats' it. I swear.

Chapter Twelve

"I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone..." The blonde Gerard sang lazily from where he lay on the arm chair, aviators covering his eyes from the warm sun. "Such lies Gee.”

Gerard crossed his arms angrily as he accepted the suns warmth. It was beginning to become all too familiar. He could now tell when he was dreaming and when he was awake. This was the dream world, he knew because the suns warmth was much like the warmth he knew his real body felt back home; under the warm blankets of his bed and Lindsey’s tight embrace.

"Don't talk to me," he said crossly as he hunched back in his own arm chair.

This time they were on the balcony of what looked like some fancy hotel over-looking a sunny, calm beach. The ocean stretched out for towards the horizon and then - the fog. Unexplainable fog continued on from there. It should have been a welcomed change from his darker dreams of late, yet it was just eerie, he didn't like it. It wasn't real.

"I wasn't talking to you, I was singing to you. But now ... now I am talking to you, but I don't want to stop."

Gerard sighed as he shook his head. Sarcasm, unkindness and bitterness, that seemed to be all this other Gerard could understand. He wasn't very pleasant company.

"What do you plan to do to me this time?" Gerard asked, really not in the mood for being beaten up and abused. "Put fire crackers up my arse and set me a light?"

The blonde pulled the aviators off and looked at Gerard as though he was extremely surprised at what he had just said.

"Now really Gee, I am hurt. What have I ever done to you but be there when you need me most? But that fire cracker idea is pure genius, I'll remember that for later."

He pulled back the sleeve of his black jacket and grabbed a permanent marker that was conveniently resting on the coffee table in front of them. Pulling off the lid with his teeth and not bothering to sit up, he mumbled as he wrote something on his arm.

"There, now I wont forget," and he twisted his arm around to show Gerard the word 'FIRE CRACKERS' painted on it in chunky capital letters. It was his hand writing, it was his arm, it was just like he did on stage and this only made Gerard scowl more.

The blonde laughed his familiar yet un-familiar laugh. Gerard wondered if he was actually capable of laughing like that, it sounded more like the laugh he would use for when he performed 'Mama'; so fake and all just for show. The aviators were back on again now and he tapped his foot to an invisible beat.

"Wo-oah! We're so miserable," he sang out, pausing only to yawn as though extremely bored. "That Pete Wentz really should hurry up and build that bridge. He needs to get over it!"

Laughter again. Gerard didn't find it very funny. He wondered if he continued to ignore him, continued not to say anything, if he would just disappear and he could wake up and continue doing, whatever it was he had been doing before he went to sleep.

"You were trying to find Frank ... remember?" the blonde announced as though Gerard was stupid for forgetting.

Thoughts of Frank rushed back to his head and he remembered what he had been doing before he rested his head.

When they had left the hospital he had thought himself to be fairly silly for over-reacting about Frank so much. But when he still didn't answer his phone many hours later he began to panic, even more so when Mikey began to panic as well. Lindsey started talking about how bad she felt and was even tossing up about calling the police to find him; that only made Gerard worry more.

Then midnight came and went, still no answer, until the phone finally rang and Jamia's name was flashing on the screen. But it was no good news, she was in tears, he still hadn't called, still wasn't home. Frank Iero was missing in action.

" ... Things are better if I stay. So long and goodnight, so loooooooong and goodnight," the other Gerard sang loudly snapping the real Gerard from his thoughts. "Hmm ... seems that Gerard Way needs to build a bridge as well. Oh wait ... sorry, that's you!"

"Oh ha ha, very fucking funny. You must be so proud of yourself today," Gerard said sarcastically as the blonde clutched at his side as he laughed at his own joke again.

"Loosen up Gee. Man, you're so emo tonight," he said, tisking loudly.

"Today you mean ... the sun's still up," he stubbornly shot back, crossing his arms across his chest. He hated the word emo.

"Hmmm, so it is. But this isn't real Gerard ... it's still night time, your not really here; you're at home in bed. I thought you'd figured that out by now. Man you're slow."

"What is this? Huh? One minute you're all pissed off and angry about me messing everything up, next thing you're fucking lounging around in a hotel, over looking the beach and making jokes every chance you get. What is your deal?"

The blonde sat up as though he had been given an electric shot. "I just realised ... oh shit - I can't believe I forgot."

"What?" Gerard asked, looking confused as the blonde got up from the chair and disappeared into the hotel room.

It was several moments before he came back out, large cocktail glasses in his hand, an umbrella in each. He placed them on the table then disappeared back inside, when he came back out again, he had two pizza boxes stacked on top of each other. Placing them on the table next to the drinks he sat down and smiled happily.

"Margarita’s and pizza!"

Gerard just stared at him, not believing what he was seeing. The blonde didn't laugh; he looked quite serious except for the small hint of a smirk on his face as he lay back down on the chair and sipped at his margarita happily.

"Are you fucking insane?" Gerard shouted loudly still unable to believe what he was seeing.

"What's wrong Gee? I thought you'd be happy. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get them to deliver here? Man, the directions I had to give."

Gerard felt like saying something, anything, but he knew there was no use fighting any longer. He seemed to understand what was happening. So far, this other him had been everything that he wasn't. He was aggressive when Gerard was submissive, he was strong when Gerard was weak, he was knowledge and understanding when Gerard found he had none.

Now, he was panicking, worried about Frank. But this Gerard, once again, was his complete opposite. He was cool, he was calm, it was as though he was merely relaxing, waiting for Frank to just walk in through the door.

"Nobody has pizza and margarita’s together," he sulked as he realised there was nothing else for him to do as he clearly wasn't going to wake up just yet.

He grabbed his drink and sipped at it. It actually wasn't too bad. The pizza was just as good. Pepperoni and meat lovers.

"My favourite," the blonde announced happily as he grabbed a piece. Clearly it was his favourite, Gerard had just been thinking the same thing.

"Aren’t you worried about Frank?" Gerard finally asked, his conscious getting the better of him.

"No. I think you've done enough worrying for the both of us. Why do you care anyway?" the blonde questioned lazily, but there was a cheeky grin on his face.

"Because I do, he's my best friend and I'm concerned. We didn't part on the best terms," he explained as though it was obvious.

"And?" the blonde urged, sipping his drink so loudly if he was at a dinner party they would have kicked him out.

"And what? That's it."

"Hmmm, I don't think so. I'll ask again. Why do you really care?"

Gerard opened his mouth to argue, to say the same thing he had just told him moments ago. But he suddenly realised what the blonde was playing at. Why did he really care? Because he lov - no, it was to strong a word. Or was it? He had known Frank for years, lived with him in tight, horrible, living conditions for just as long and still he wasn't sick of him.

Did he love Frank? Had this gone just beyond a slight realization that he cared for him a little more then a friend? His over-reacting at the hospital, even Jamia was shocked he had checked himself out.

"And now you know why I'm celebrating," the blonde broke through his thoughts again. "Cheers."

With that he reached forward and lightly tapped his glass against Gerard's, humming into it as he took another sip.

"What are you talking about?"

"You love Frank. And you've finally realised it. I feel like my work is done ... almost anyway. We still have a long way to go."

Gerard put down his drink as the anger boiled up inside of him. This other him thought he had done all the work. He hadn't. This was all Gerard, he had done it himself, and it was hardly a reason to celebrate, this had all gone exactly how he feared it would. Lindsey was suspicious, it was only a matter of time before she figured it out and Frank was nowhere to be found.

"You're forgetting that Frank is missing. What if he doesn't come back? What if he's lying in a car wreck somewhere? Huh? What then?"

Furious, Gerard got up and threw his drink over the balcony. When that didn't satisfy him he grabbed the pizza boxes, still full of pizza, and tossed them over it to.

"Woah ... Gee, that cheese was hot. What if it got someone down there in the eye?"

"Shut up! Just shut up! Stop messing around!" Gerard shouted at the blonde, pacing furiously.

"Well, well, well," the other Gerard said with a grin as he put his hands behind his head and stretched out in his arm chair, completely unfazed by Gerard's mood swing. "Now look who's the angry, aggressive one."

He stopped pacing, suddenly quite confused. None of this made any sense, he didn't get it. What were these dreams supposed to be? What was this blonde version of himself supposed to be? Nothing was making any sense.

"Are you going to answer that?" the blonde asked, yawning lazily.

"What?" Gerard said, unsure what he was talking about.

The blonde sighed and shook his head. Getting up from the arm chair, he walked over to Gerard. Suddenly aware that it might just be the blondes turn to go nuts, Gerard backed away until he hit the balcony railing.

"I said ... are you going to answer that?"

"Answer what?"

Smiling wickedly the blonde reached up his arms and pushed. Somehow the strength he mustered was enough to lift Gerard up and over the railing. He was falling, straight down, to join the pizza and margaritas on the lowest floor...


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he shouted as he bolted upright in bed, his body cold from the sweat that covered it.

"Gee! Shit ... I thought you weren't going to wake up again," Lindsey exclaimed, clutching at her heart as he had clearly taken her by surprise.

"No ... I'm awake, it's all good," he said, more to himself then to her. She looked at him, eyebrow raised. "What?"

"Are you going to answer that?"

His heart stopped, he stared at her in confusion. He felt awake, but she was saying the same thing the blonde had been saying.


"Your phone ... it's been ringing," she looked around, clearly unsure where it was.

"Oh ..." It all suddenly made sense again as he realised that his pocket was vibrating.

Hastily he pulled out the phone and inspected the name flashing on the screen. "It's Frank!"

"What? Oh my god ... answer it!"

He didn't need telling twice, fumbling with the buttons slightly he finally managed to press the green one.

"Frank, Frankie! Where are you man? Are you alright? What happened? Where'd you go?"

So many questions, he wasn't sure what one he wanted answered more.

"Gee ... I'm drunk," came a slurred, giggling voice from the other end.

"Oh," was all Gerard could say in reply, all that worrying and for nothing, Frank had merely gone out drinking. "Where are you? Do you need a ride home?"

There was another small giggle on the other end. "Yeah ... I smashed up my car."

"You what? How? Are you alright?" he asked, more questions, more thoughts. Was he alright? Was he drunk when he had been driving?

"My head hurts a little ... and I was sick," he explained. There was coughing and it sounded like Frank was gagging, probably going to be sick again.

"Okay ... Frank, you have to tell me where you are. Describe it to me," he explained slowly as though speaking to a child. He still remembered what it was like to be drunk all the time ... he hated it when people spoke to fast for him.

Frank moaned through the phone, whining as he spoke. "I dunno, it's to dark to see anything."

"Come on man, just try alright," he sighed, rolling his eyes. It was so typical of frank to get lazy when he was drunk.

"I think I'm near the Kensington Hotel," he slurred into the phone. "It's cold Gee; I don't want to make you come get me. You'll get sick."

"Shut up Frank, I'm leaving right now okay, see you soon. Just, don't move from there."

Frank stuttered something but he had already hung up. Jumping out of bed he pulled on his shoes and socks, pulled on a jumper and then, remembering what Frank had said about being cold, he grabbed another.

"Is he alright? Where are you going? Are you going to get him? I'm coming with you!" Lindsey announced, jumping out of bed as well.

"No Lynz, I need you to stay here. Just call Jamia and Mikey and let them know he's alright. He's just drunk, that's all. Smashed his car to I think, but he sounds fine."

Gerard kissed her forehead sloppily as he was in a hurry to leave, she nodded in understanding and he took off. Jumping in his car he took off in the direction Frank had given him.

It wasn't hard to find him, once he had reached the street the Kensington pub was in, he couldn't see Frank anywhere and for a moment he thought he had given him the wrong directions. He probably wasn't anywhere near the hotel, but as he turned the corner to head towards the main road, he saw the only other car he had passed in ages this early into the morning, or late into the night, whichever way you wanted to look at it.

There, smashed into one of the street light poles was what Gerard recognized as Frank's car. He put his breaks on, backed up slightly and pulled off the road. Turning the car off he climbed out and looked around.


No reply.

"Frankie? Come on man, where are you?"

"Over here Gee," came Frank's familiar slurs and for a moment Gerard couldn't work out where the voice had come from, Frank certainly wasn't anywhere he could see.

"Frank? Where the fuck are you?"


"Where? I hear you but I don't see you," Gerard complained, walking around the car wreckage trying to find the person that belonged to the voice.

Something grabbed hold of his ankle and he nearly fell over in shock. Letting out a small, surprised cry, he looked down and saw the small guitar player, smiling up at him drunkenly from underneath the car.

"Frank you scared the shit out of me. What are you doing under there?" Gerard asked, bending down, cringing slightly at the pain it caused the injury in his stomach.

"Fixing the car ... it broke down. Won' even start," Frank slurred, giggling.

Gerard smiled kindly as he realised just how drunk Frank really was.

"Frank, you smashed it into a pole. That's what the problem is man," he said gently, trying not to laugh to hard at the confused look on Franks face.

Suddenly, he crawled out from underneath the car, stood up shakily and stared in shock at the remains of his vehicle.

"Oh my god Gee ... you're right! It was a pole. You should have been a mechanic!"

Gerard shook his head as he struggled to stand, it was an effort, but somehow he managed with just the slightest bit of pain. He had been so wrapped up in finding Frank that he had forgotten he had only just left the hospital that morning, he needed to take things easy.

"Oh shit Frank," Gerard exclaimed as he suddenly noticed Frank's head was bleeding. "You hit your head buddy?"

Frank rubbed at his head and cried out, at the pain no doubt, straight after, he laughed. He always laughed when he was in pain.

"I think I hit my head!"

"Shit, let me look at it." He managed to get Frank to stand still long enough to check out the cut. It was pretty big, it was going to bruise, that was for sure, he wondered if he would need stitches. "Maybe I should take you to the hospital."

Frank shook his head and wrapped his arms around himself, shivering as the breeze picked up.

"Alright, come on Frank. We'll sort this out tomorrow, let’s get you home okay."

Frank nodded, then fumbled around in his pockets until he pulled out his car keys and waved them around triumphantly.

"I think we'll have to take my car Frank," he explained as he took the keys off his friend and pocketed them, smiling sympathetically at how drunk he was and how he would be reacting tomorrow when the alcohol wore off and he realised what he had done.

Somehow he managed to get Frank in the car, get his spare jacket on him to stop him shivering and drive him home. He only had to pull over once so that he could throw up, it appeared as though he was getting most of it out of his system, if he was lucky he'd wake up with a very mild hang over.

Gerard took him straight to Jamia's and handed him over, she hugged and kissed him and as he explained about the car she silenced him and made it quite clear she was just glad to have him back.

That was when Gerard felt it, a jealous pang seemed to go off somewhere near his heart and he looked away in shame. It was too much, he couldn't take it. Yes, he liked Frank, he knew that now, but Frank had merely been toying with him. Jamia and Frank were together, nothing would change that, nothing at all.

He rubbed at his eyes, he felt so sleepy again, his stomach ached and he knew he had to get away from here. "I'd better head back home," he explained as he pulled out his car keys.

"Oh Gee, don't be silly. You can barely keep your eyes open," Jamia objected as she managed to coax Frank into going into the house to clean himself up. "You'll have to stay here tonight."

Gerard opened his mouth to protest, but somehow a chain of events seemed to play out in his mind. The sleepy feeling he had was so familiar, if he got in his car he would probably pass out and have an accident. Did he really want to end up back in hospital?

"Yeah, alright ... if your sure it's okay," he said, still a little unsure.

"I wasn't asking you Gee, you don't have a choice in the matter, you're staying and that’s that."

Frank was singing some song by the Misfits as he drunkenly jumped around the house. As Jamia set Gerard up on the futon, she was yelling at him to keep it down and to hurry up and get into bed.

Gerard thanked her as she made sure he was comfortable, turned off the light and headed for her and Frank's bedroom so she could no doubt sort him out so that they could all get some sleep. The jealousy was back again and he felt an ache in his heart he couldn't explain, the only pain that matched it was the throbbing in his stomach, the bending down by the car didn't do him any good, he wished he had of bought his pain killers with him.

"GOOD NIGHT GEE!" Frank screamed loudly from the bedroom.

"NIGHT!" he called back as he heard Jamia yelling at Frank for being so loud.

Then, once again, he drifted back off to sleep.


AN: So this is my fav chapter to date. It's just a little bit of fun and I loved writing it. And this was going to be all you guys get for a while. But you've been so good to me that I'm giving you my second fac chapter (this one) and my favourite (the next one) all in one night.
Don't read them too fast! That's your warning. If you read this one quickly then read the next slower. LOL! You don't want to miss a thing. :)
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