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Chapter 11: Stop telling me to shut up!

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How long can the boys remain silent when Lindsey and the shrink push for answers?

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Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, I only own the plot.

WARNINGS: Swearing ... that's it again. Oh man, I'll make up for it soon I promise.

Chapter Eleven

"So Mr. Way -"

"I told you last time that Gerard is fine," he sighed as he rubbed at the crusty remains of sleep in the corner of his eyes.

"Yes ... so you did. Alright Gerard, how are you feeling today?"

"Um, well, considering I was stabbed two days ago, I don't feel all that crash hot ... as I'm sure you can imagine."

"Yes, I can imagine. You stabbed yourself with a pair of scissors, is that correct?"

Gerard looked at his brother as he cleared his throat loudly. Next, he looked to Lindsey who was watching him and smiling, edging him on. Frank was seated furthest away, biting his lip ring as he inspected his shoes nervously.

"That sounds about right," he said, not even having to think or try to remember. They all knew what had happened.

"Why did you stab yourself with the scissors?" she asked, inspecting him closely.

Lindsey continued to watch on eagerly, she wanted to know the answer, she was yet to ask him and he still had no intention to explain. Mikey and Frank seemed to already know the answer, but even so, he didn't want to say it out loud, didn't want to confirm that Frank had been right, part of it had a great deal to do with him.

"I wasn't aiming for myself," he explained as though it should have been obvious.

"You were aiming for your other self then? He was back again?" she pushed, urging him on like she always tried to do.

"Yes he was ... guess the medication didn't quite do the trick," he smiled smugly as though he knew it to be true all alone. It didn't faze the shrink.

"Why was he back?" she asked.

There was immediate silence, despite the fact it was a group discussion, nobody spoke. Gerard didn't know how to answer that, what was he going to say?

"Couldn't tell you," he lied, because he knew exactly why he had been back.

"Okay ... then tell me, why did you stab him?"

"Because he told me to," Gerard said, actually finding himself having to think back to the occasion.

"And you did?"

"Clearly," he replied pointing towards his stomach.

"Why did you pull the scissors on him in the first place?" she asked. She was on a roll today.

He thought back again. "Self defense, he came at me."

"Why did he come at you? Was he angry?"

"I think so."

"Why was he angry?"

Once again she had looped back around to the questions he couldn't answer. Why was he angry? Because he had walked away from Frank. Why was he back? Because he had walked away from Frank. How the hell was he going to explain all that when Lindsey was sitting right there with them. In fact, he knew even if she wasn't there he wouldn't explain it. This woman had no right to know.

The psychiatrist sighed as she realised Gerard wasn't going to answer again. This time she turned her attention on the other people in the room.

"Mikey, how did you know your brother was in trouble?"

Mikey looked up, surprised that he was now being asked the questions.

"Er ... well, Frank came running out to us saying that Gerard had locked himself in the bathroom," Mikey explained, shrugging his shoulders as though unsure what his answering that question was going to prove. "He was really worried."

"And the bathroom was where you saw your other self Gerard?"

"Huh? Er - Yeah," he replied, as she turned on him quickly, taking him by surprise. She seemed to be onto something now.

"How did you know your husband was in trouble?" she asked Lindsey now.

Lindsey tore her eyes away from Gerard for the first time. "Same way as Mikey, Frank came out and told us ... but I was in the kitchen, we could hear the yelling even before Frank ran out to us."

"Yelling? What yelling?" she pushed Lindsey.

"I'm not sure really," she seemed to screw up her face in concentration as though thinking back. "Just Frank shouting to Gerard, trying to coax him out I guess."

That was when Gerard seemed to catch on to what the psychiatrist was doing. She was sneaky, he had to give her that, he already knew what her next move was going to be.

"I see," and then, she turned to face the unsuspecting Frank. "Frank ... you were with Gerard before he locked himself in the bathroom then, that correct?"

Gerard felt his heart speed up as Frank looked up at her with wide eyes. Lindsey's full attention was suddenly all on Frank and Mikey looked at Gerard as though sending a mental message to him. That mental message seemed to read something like, "holy fuck!"

"Um - yeah, that's right. I went in to see if he wanted help unpacking," Frank explained, playing with his lip ring again but regaining most of his cool.

"What did you two talk about?"

"Huh? Um, just touring and music and stuff," Frank lied. It was a bad lie at this point in time, but it wasn't that untrue of what they normally talked about because that was pretty much it.

"What happened right before Gerard locked himself in the bathroom? What were you discussing then?"

There was silence. The most uncomfortable silence Gerard had ever experienced and if the situation hadn't of been so serious, he would have laughed so hard he might have broken a rib. Lindsey stared at Frank; Frank looked between Mikey and Gerard as though hoping to be rescued. None of them seemed to know what to say.

Frank's face suddenly lit up as he turned back towards the psychiatrist. "Um - we were discussing how I felt that this was all my fault."

Gerard and Mikey exchanged a look but didn't say anything. It was an answer, she would look into it more, they knew it, but it was mostly the truth, that was what they were discussing and she couldn't possibly find any hidden messages behind it.

"Why would you think it was all your fault?" she pushed once again.

Frank sighed in frustration, it was clear he didn't like being harassed by a shrink. "Isn't that what happens in these sort of situations? Everyone looks to blame themselves?"

"Well yes, that is true, how did Gerard take that news?" she asked, eyeing him closely.

"I'm right hear you know, I can answer that one for you," Gerard said, waving his hand to exaggerate his point. Anything to get the attention off of Frank for a while.

"Okay Gerard, you want to answer this one?"

"I don't really, but it seems one of us has to. Honestly though, how do you think I'd take this news? My best friend blames himself for what is clearly an issue of mine and mine alone -"

"But it's not just yours alone," Frank suddenly interrupted.

Gerard stared at Frank in disbelief hardly believing he had spoken at all. The psychiatrist went silent; Mikey stared between them with wide eyes whilst Lindsey remained quite.

"Frank, shut up already," Gerard complained, shaking his head, unable to believe Frank had just started a scene.

"Stop telling me to shut up Gerard, you never even hear me out," Frank stood up, apparently a little fed up.

Gerard was now extremely confused. Was Frank merely messing around to try and get out of the therapy session? He wasn't sure, if he was, it certainly didn't seem like it was working.

"I have heard you out Frank and I've told you over and over again that it has nothing to do with you at all!"

"And I think you made it pretty clear that it has everything to do with me!"

There was silence as they both stared at each other in fury. Then realization kicked in and they seemed to realize what was happening, what they were doing.

"Uh ... guys," Mikey said softly, they both turned to face him. Mikey merely pointed at the shrink who was watching them intently. "Remember where we are hey."

Mikey's voice was quite as it was only directed at the two of them, but it was clear Lindsey and the shrink had heard also. She wrote something down in her book.

"What are you writing?" Gerard asked, becoming slightly paranoid. Had she figured it out?

"Just some more questions I have for you, that's all."

"Well ... ask them!" he shouted angrily as Frank re-took his seat looking slightly shocked at his actions.

"Okay Gerard, if that's what you want. What would make Frank think that what you're experiencing is his fault?"

Gerard looked over to Frank. "I have no fucking idea." Frank glared as though he was going to continue fighting, but he didn't.

"Frank just said that you made it pretty clear it had everything to do with him. What do you think he means by that?"

Gerard stood up from the bed making everyone stare. "Hours up ... it's time for a smoke."

"What? Gerard please," Lindsey pleaded again.

Once again she hadn't gotten any of the answers she seemed to need. He looked at her apologetically but had no intention to stay.

"Frank!" she suddenly shouted quite loudly. "You tell me what's going on. What did you say to him?"

"What?" Frank said incredulously as he looked thoroughly harassed. "I didn't say anything to him!"

"Fucking hell, can we all just stop?" Gerard shouted above her shouts of protest. "There's not enough tobacco in the world to deal with this shit just now."

With that Gerard stormed from the room, brushing past the shrink who was still writing furiously in her notebook. He thought about grabbing the stupid thing from her and tearing it up, but he was too eager to get away.

Naturally, he wasn't allowed to leave the hospital this time around, not with his injury, so he made his way to the court yard and sat down on the bench that he had over used last time. It felt good to sit, all the yelling had put strain on his injury and he sat and clasped at it as the pain slowly died down.

He lit up his cigarette and looked around, half expecting to see the blonde version of himself hanging around, but as though sensing he was expecting it, the other Gerard didn't show up. He was no where in site. Gerard simply sniggered and shook his head, it was typical.

Turning around, his heart nearly stopped. Immediately, the first thing he saw was those hazel eyes, his eyes and for a moment he thought that the blonde actually had shown up. But the mans hair was dark and although the eyes were the same as his, it was to be expected considering they were brothers.

"Shit Mikes, don't creep up on me like that." Gerard breathed a sigh of relief after which he breathed in a lung-full of smoke.

"Gee ... Lindsey really wants to talk to you," Mikey explained, but he looked nervous as though unsure how to proceed. "And I think you owe it to her."

Gerard just shook his head. "What am I going to tell her Mikey? My feelings for her haven't changed, they're just a little - I dunno, scattered."

He shuffled across to allow his brother room to sit down, but he didn't. Mikey seemed to have something else to say.

"Frank took off," he said, watching Gerard closely as he spoke.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I mean, I don't know where he went. Lynz was hassling him and well, he just took off."

Gerard stared at his brother in disbelief. Why the hell would Frank just take off? And then other thoughts started racing through his head. He was pretty pissed off, what if he was going to do something stupid? What if he was going to drive off, distracted by everything that had happened and have an accident?

"Shit, why didn't you tell me that before Mikes? We gotta go out and find him," he announced, stamping out his smoke and heading for his room to get changed.

"Er ... what? Gee, you can't go anywhere. And we don't know that he's not just gonna go home to get away for a little while."

But Gerard didn't stop; he marched purposefully towards his room, Mikey following behind him, continuing to protest.

"Last I checked, I had every right to check myself out of here. I think I've stayed long enough anyway, I feel great," he lied, ignoring the pain in his stomach. It probably wasn't good for him to do so much running around, but his time was up, he hated this place.

"But Gerard, you have to wait ... you're not better yet," Mikey said, changing his tact as he realised that Gerard wasn't only concerned about Frank but he was using it as an excuse to get out of the hospital as well.

Gerard didn't listen, he had made up his mind, he was out of this hole. Quickly pulling off the hospital clothes he changed into the jeans and shirt that Lindsey had packed from home just yesterday. Mikey was unfazed by his clothing change and frantic packing, he was merely to worked up trying to get him to stay.

"Gee, seriously, I really think you should stay," Mikey pleaded.

"How long ago did he leave?" Gerard asked, unsure of how long he had been sitting out in the courtyard.


"How long ago did Frank leave?" he asked again, as he knelt down to the ground to make sure he hadn't left anything under the bed, an old habit from touring and staying in hotels.

"I don't know, about fifteen minutes ago. Why?"

Gerard made to stand back up but the pain that spread throughout his middle was so bad he let out a small yelp as he struggled to stand back upright. Mikey rushed to his side, cursing loudly as he struggled to lift his brother to his feet.

"See Gerard! You're in no position to leave," Mikey moaned, as he lifted Gerard and sat him on the bed.

"It takes him twenty minutes to get home from here. We'll ring in another fifteen, if he's not there, I'm out of here," Gerard said and his words were final.

Mikey complained and whined, but there was nothing he could do about it. When their waiting time was up, Mikey rang Frank's home number. After a short discussion with Jamia in which Gerard was watching his brothers face closely Mikey hung up and sighed.

"She says he's not home yet," Mikey explained, pressing buttons on his phone frantically.

"What are you doing?" Gerard asked, as Mikey dialed a number and put the phone back to his ear.

"I'm calling his mobile," Mikey put up a finger to silence Gerard. "No answer."

"Fine, that's it then, we're out of here," Gerard announced, getting up from the bed and grabbing his bag.

"Gee no! Let me go, I'll call you as soon as I know something," Mikey begged, but Gerard was already headed for the door.

"Stop it Mikey, this is my decision. Where's Lindsey?" He suddenly realised she wasn't here.

"At your place. I made her go back so that she could get some sleep. She made me promise to call if you were ready to talk though ... Gee, please stay here, they can help you!"

Gerard ignored Mikey but his younger brother soon gave up. After arguing with the doctor, shouting about how it was his right, he was allowed to leave; Gerard signed the papers and checked himself out of the hospital.

"I guess I'm the one that has to drive you as well?" Mikey complained. "You don't even know where Frank is! How are we supposed to find him?"

Gerard shook his head, he had already thought about that. Maybe he was over reacting, would Frank really do something stupid over this? He just drove off; he was a grown-up that had a right to drive off somewhere to be on his own. Maybe that was all it was, just some privacy.

Yet, some part of Gerard had to know. He was stubborn; he didn't like that Frank had taken off, that he didn't know where he was and that he wasn't picking up his phone. He didn't like being so out of the loop.

"I don't know. Give me your phone; let me try his mobile again." Gerard reached out and with a sigh Mikey handed over his mobile.

Gerard dialed Frank's number, it started ringing.

"Hi, this is Frank. I do have a life you know, hence why I'm not picking up the phone -"

Gerard hung up. "Message bank," he explained to Mikey.

He dialed again.

"Hi, this is Frank. I do have a life you know -"

Gerard hung up again and climbed in to Mikey's car thinking. Where would Frank go to?

"So? Where to?" Mikey asked, sounding frustrated, but at least he wasn't nagging anymore.

"I don't know! Maybe we should go to his house -"

"Maybe I should take you home," Mikey interrupted, rolling his eyes. "Look Gee, I'm worried about him to alright. But, there's no way in the world we're going to be able to find him unless he tells us where he is, got it?"

Gerard slammed the car door roughly as he put on his seat belt. "Fine. Take me home then!"

"Please," Mikey said forcefully.

"Please take me home then," he said loudly back.

"That's better."

"Thank you!" he over emphasized as Mikey smiled at his childishness.


AN: Ha ha. There you go. 2 chapters. Hope you're all happy. Next one is good, but chapter 13 is my baby. I love it like a child. Sorry, I just like to keep you all dying for more. But please, don't really die.
So this one, just thought I'd mix things up a bit so it's not all about Gerard. Hope you like. Happy trails. :)
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