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Authors Note MOST RECENT (8-13-08) *chapter order mixed up*

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weeee a new chapter is on its way!

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First of all, the order of some of the chapters towards the end of the story are all jumbled up, so I have no idea where you're seeing this authors note. From what I'm seeing, it's chapter 38 when it should be 43. So I'm sorry but I can't figure out how to fix them yet. The order should be:

Authors Note: New Chapter, The Fourth Drink Instinct, Thank You Reviewers!, Authors Note, Belief, and then this Authors Note

But to the whole point of the authors note:

I am, as I type, working on the next few chapters. I have alot of stuff cooking up for you guys. It's going to be marvelous. The drama will suprise, intrigue, and mystify you! Haha so in a nut shell, it's going to rock. I hope I hope. So don't forget to go back and read the last chapter as a refresher. And review gosh darn it! :D Another thing I think you guys forget to do on occasion is to rate the chapters. If it's funny, sad, inspiring, or whatever other emotion you can think of, then let me know! Kay thanks again and look forward to a new chapter this week.
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