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Night Class

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Yuki ended up staying with Kaname when Ruka and Rima couldn't settle who Yuki stayed with, not that Yuki seemed to care. During the day the two slept most of it away, until it was getting closer to night time. Yuki's eyes snapped open once the sun started setting and the moon was rising, only to notice Kaname already up and at a desk, with a paper before him. "Kaname-senpai?" Yuki asked, sleepily and Kaname raised his eyes, a soft smile pulling at his lips when he saw Yuki blinking at him sleepily and he thought," So cute.."

"Yes Yuki?" Kaname asked, placing his pen down and watched as Yuki got up from the bed, stretching and yawning, as she pouted and stated," I don't wanna get up..." Kaname chuckled as he said," Ah, Yuki-chan, does seem very sleepy." Yuki suddenly blinked as if finally awakened and blushed heavily when she noticed just what she had said. Kaname noticed her eyes tinting red and pulled a tablet out of his pocket and dropped it into the glass of water on his desk and then stood up, walking to Yuki.

He held out the glass, which turned a light red and said," This will help, Yuki. I know you want real blood but we can no longer drink each others blood here." Yuki frowned but nodded her head and took the glass, and drank while Kaname watched, a slight frown on his face. "Kaname-senpai... you are hungry, as well, aren't you?" Yuki asked, causing Kaname to look at her and instead of answering he stated," You must get used to drinking water with the blood tablets instead of regular blood."

Yuki frowned but didn't say anything more on the matter, as she finished drinking the water and watched Kaname go to the window, suddenly sad as he asked, softly," You miss Kiryu, don't you?" "Does Kaname onii-sama, think that I will leave him again?" Yuki asked, eyes worried and Kaname turned around, eyes widening as Yuki wrapped her arms around him and she whispered," Don't look so sad, onii-sama. I won't ever leave you again... I won't ever make you sad like when my memories were erased and I became a human. I will never leave you like that again, or leave you at all. Please... onii-sama."

"Yuki... thank you." Kaname whispered, as he bent down, wrapping his arms around her and burying his head into her shoulder. Yuki lifted her arms wrapping them around his neck, and holding him close.


There was a knock at the door and the two seperated as Kaname said," Come in, Ichijou." Ichijou entered, a slight frown on his face as he asked," Are you two alright, Kaname-sama? Yuki-sama?" "We're fine, Ichijou." Kaname answered, looking back out the window to see the sun setting, while the moon was starting to rise. "Well, everyone's waiting downstairs for you two. So... lets go!" Ichijou said, cheerfully and Kaname put his hand, gently on her shoulder and Kaname nodded his head and the two walked out of the room, which Kaname closed and then down the stairs.

In the lobby, the others vampires waited patiently and watched as the three walked down the stairs and Kaname pulled Yuki to him, only to receive a confused expression but no reply, as he looked forward. The Moon Dorm doors opened and they walked out and down towards the path, watching as the Gates opened and the Day Class girls with some guys started squealing at the sight of the Night Class males, and Yuki. They didn't move from the two lines, as they started passing towards their class though, Yuki stopped by Zero causing the rest to stop and look back at her.

Yuki whispered, softly," Thank you, Zero-kun." Zero looked at her glaring before his gaze softened when he sad the sad look on her face before she continued on and he watched Kaname wrap his arm around her shoulder, pulling her slightly closer to him.


Once they entered the classroom, Kaname swept Yuki up the stairs and to the very top, by the window and the two stood there together as the others followed slowly leaving other vampires down at the lower levels. "Kaname-sama... Yagari Touga is our teacher still." Aido stated, glancing down just as the doors opened and the famous Vampire Hunter walked in. Yuki noticed the dark blue wavy hair, the one blue eye, while the other was covered, and she thought," Zero-kun's master... Touga Yagari."

"Once again, I shall be your ethics teacher. It seems we have a new student... Yuki Cross." He said, his one good blue eye, narrowing in on Yuki who was beside Kaname, whose arm was around her shoulder lightly, now tightening slightly. "Gomen, Yagari-sensei but my true name is Yuki Kuran." Yuki corrected, quietly, eyes going blank, as Aido, Kain, Rima, Shiki, Ruka, Ichijou and Seiran surrounded Yuki, leaving Kaname the option to do whatever he wanted. Kaname glanced at them, feeling secretly pleased that they automatically went to Yuki's side, as if feeling her distress when it wasn't showing on her face, they were there to protect her from any danger, including their teacher.

"Pureblood vampire, huh? So your Kuran's sister." Touga said, and Yuki looked at him defiantly and asked," Is that a problem, Yagari-sensei?" Touga's lips twitched upwards slightly and he replied," Huh... attitude and bravery, in such a tiny person as you. This year, will be interesting at least. Tell me though... have you at least gone and seen the Headmaster since you've made your return?" Yuki seemed to freeze, and her whole body seemed to go on shut down, as Kaname frowned, shaking her softly, and softly calling her name.

"Touga-sensei, you did not need to ask something so personal. I will make sure she goes to see Headmaster Kaien." Kaname said, coldly, his murky ruby brown eyes, staring down at Touga who just returned it calmly. Kaname looked at the others surrounding Yuki and they moved without him having to tell them anything. He then started walking, while pulling on Yuki gently to get her walking and when that didn't work, he just picked her up bridal style and the two seemed to disappear, as soon as he got to the door.


Slowly Yuki regained control over her body, to notice that she was being carried, and wind hit her face gently. "Kaname-senpai...?" Yuki asked, carefully and felt rather than heard Kaname's chuckle as he answered," We are going to see Kaien. Are you ready to face him?" Yuki turned and clentched his white shirt and nodded her head before whispering," Please put me down, Kaname-senpai." Kaname did as she said and placed her on her feet gently and they continued on in silence. Kaname simply entered with Yuki following and the door closed, leaving Zero who was in the shadows, to wonder what two pureblood vampires would want with the Headmaster.
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