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Valentine's day gone berserk!!

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Yuki smiled at Kaien as she whispered," Hello Chairman--father." Kaien smiled, gently, his eyes softening and filling with relief as he said," Hello Yuki. You look healthy and fit... I am sure Kaname-kun is keeping you well fed and treated." Yuki smiled as he started gushing and then crying waterfalls stating things like 'How I miss my cute little daughter' and memories of when she was a child. Kaname shook his head though he had a small smile on his face when he saw Yuki laughing, and her face seemed to glow with happiness.

"We need to go back to the Moon Dorms. The sun is about to rise and we don't want to be caught here." Kaname stated and Kaien seemed to cry even harder before he grinned sheepishly and reminded," Don't forget that Valentine's Day is right around the corner Kaname-kun, Yuki-chan." With that the two vampires froze and Yuki whimpered as she whispered," Already? Were we gone for that long?" Kaien smiled sympathetically as he answered," I'm afraid so, Yuki-chan. Though with Zero there, things should be semi-calm."

Kaien felt guilty when he saw the flash of pain cross Yuki's face before she nodded and said," Kaname-senpai is right, we need to leave now, Chairman--father. We'll visit again." With that the two walked away as Kaien sighed and thought," Yuki... don't blame yourself for what has happened between you and Zero. He knew from the beginning that you would never be able to love him the way you love Kaname."


Kaname and Yuki walked side-by-side, and they both noticed Zero hiding in the shadows underneathe a tree, watching the both of them with condemning eyes. Kaname paused and asked," Is something wrong, Kiryu? We did nothing to the Chairman, he is still alive and his blood is where it belongs." Zero didn't reply before looking up at the sky and stated, frigidly," Get moving before the Day Class comes out." Kaname continued walking with Yuki at his side, his arm wrapping around her shoulder and keeping her close.

Once they entered the Moon Dorms did Zero relax as he went to class with the Day Class, Yuki at the very back of his mind. He always wondered... what it would have been like if he could have kept Kaname from biting her and letting her return to the pureblood vampire she had been in the past.


"Yuki-chan, will be experiencing Valentine's Day with us this year!" Ichijou cheered, his smile dazzling and wrapping everyone in his happiness even Kaname smiled slightly exasperated as Aido dragged Yuki away from him and into their group as Yuki blushed when Ruka with Aido and Ichijou teased Yuki about all the Valentine's chocolate she would be getting from girls and boys. The atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful as everyone talked to one another despite it being day, even though Shiki had retreated to his room to sleep.

Seiran appeared at Kaname's side and Kaname didn't even look at her but nodded his head and she asked," Will Yuki-sama, be able to handle Valentine's Day?" Kaname didn't say anything for a few minutes before he replied," She will be." Seiran didn't say anymore as Yuki yawned, cutely in everyone's eyes and rubbed her eyes, she was still a newborn in their eyes despite having been a pureblood vampire so long ago. She still wasn't fully used to being a vampire, and Kaname stood up stating," Yuki, you are tired. Let us go to bed."

Yuki nodded her head, joining Kaname and everyone watched as the two walked up the stairs and then they disappeared from sight as the cheerful atmosphere disappeared, being replied by worry and tension. "What happens if Kiryu tries to do something to Yuki-sama right in front of the Day Class students by using the chocolate?" Kain asked, seriously and the others frowned as Rima replied," We will have to ask, Kaname-sama, alone. I, personally don't wish to worry, Yuki-sama. She's taking it badly as it is, knowing Kiryu wants to kill her."

The others made sounds of agreement, though their thoughts frequently turned back towards the upcoming Valentine's Day and what would happen if Zero used chocolate to try and kill Yuki. They knew nothing would stop Kaname from killing Zero, it was how to stop what could come before it actually happened.


Yuki curled up in the blankets, yawning and barely heard Kaname's chuckle as he whispered," Sleep, my Yuki." That was all Yuki heard before she fell into a deep yet light slumber and Kaname stood up, before brushing some of Yuki's hair away. He then walked to his desk and sat in the chair picking up a peace of paper and glancing it over. He sighed, standing up and going to the window to see the sun rising, before looking back at his bed and saw Yuki sleeping, peacefully, free of nightmares and fears.

Kaname walked over and slid in despite still being in his uniform and wrapped his arms around Yuki, holding her to him, and buried his face into her neck, inhaling her sweet, intoxicating scent, before being lulled to sleep by her faint but steady heartbeat.


Yuki's eyes open, as the burning in her throat intensified and she noticed Kaname holding her to him, with her on top, as he stared up at the ceiling. As if feeling her gaze he looked down, smiling and said, soflty," You are hungry and not for the blood tablets." "Kaname-senpai..." Yuki said, whimpering and Kaname pulled her up and positioned her mouth by his neck and said," Feed, Yuki. Don't woryr... I won't let you starve, I won't abandon you, Yuki." "Kaname-senpai.." Was all Yuki said, before her small, seemingly delicate fangs, sunk into his skin and she whimpered with pleasure as she sucked his blood.

Kaname held her gently, one hand twining through her hair and he felt immense pleasure and relief at the feeling of Yuki feeding from him. Yuki pulled away licking the blood from his neck and then watched the bite marks heal and Kaname sat up with Yuki in front of him, looking up at him innocently yet curious. Kaname chuckled as he bend forehead watching as a blush spread across her cheeks and he said," What a messy eater Yuki is." He then licked his own blood from her chin and then gently from her lips before kissing her forehead.

"Kaname-senpai is hungry as well..." Yuki said before tilting her head to the side and guided the shocked Kaname's face towards her throat. "Yuki... are you sure?" Kaname asked, his hot breath hitting her neck causing her to shiver and she replied," Kaname-senpai gave me his blood... I give my blood to Kaname-senpai." Kaname sighed, before sinking his fangs into Yuki's neck and she gasped, arching into him as he gently pushed her to the bed and drank from her, slowly but deeply. Moments later he lifted his head, licking his lips and then her wound, causing it to heal.

He then stood up, helping her up and the two then disappeared into the bathroom.


Aido looked up when he heard a pair of soft footsteps coming down the stairs and his eyes brightened as he exclaimed," Yuki-sama, Kaname-sama!" Yuki smiled at him brightly, the sadness and despair from the day before gone as if it had never been there. As they melded together to form a group, the doors to their dormitory opened and they walked out, walking down the path towards the outer gates which they would go through to going to class. Once more Zero was there, keeping the group of squealing girls and envious guys at bay as they passed.

"Yuki-sama, i'm so glad you are with us! It is so much better walking with you to class instead of you protecting us from fan girls and guys, and us going to class." Aido said, carefree and Yuki laughed, as Zero watched, frowning but there was sadness in his eyes as he watched the group of elite vampires treat Yuki as one of them and he saw that she was truly happy as well. "Yuki..." Zero thought, before he started walking, patrolling the area to make sure no girls or occasional guy tried to bother the Night Class.


Valentine's Day was upon them and Yuki had actually questioned if it was safe for her to go out there and face the crowd of guys that would be waiting for her. The more relaxed vampires around her laughed and Ichijou said, smiling, his eyes twinkling," Don't worry Yuki-sama, we shall protect you from the hordes of fan boys." Yuki laughed and they walked out, watching the girls and boys go silent before they started screaming out names. 'Idol-senpai' was one they heard frequently and Zero just glared at everyone and it went silent, as Zero stated the rules in a cool, indifferent voice.

The group of vampire broke up going to their gate and Yuki hesitantly walked towards hers, staring at the males, and truth be told, some females waiting for her. Her eyes brightened when she saw Sayori waiting for her, smiling patiently at the very front and she embraced the girl, whispering, a quiet thank you into her ear before turning to the others as they approached and she accepted a few boxes, being polite. "Yuki." Came a voice from behind her and she turned, only to smile brightly when she saw Kaname looking at her with gentle eyes and she said," Kaname-senpai."

Suddenly he was in front of her and there was a ruby red valentine heart necklace in his hands as he asked," Will you be my valentine, Yuki? Forever?" The girls groaned disappointed as Yuki gasped and then with tears in her eyes answered," Of course, Kaname-senpai! As long as you will always be mine as well." "Forever." Kaname stated, putting the necklace around her neck when suddenly a riot broke out and Yuki looked around Kaname to see that the girls from Aido's gate broke and were now chasing after the panicking Aido as he screamed," Why is it always me?!"

"Idol-senpai!!" The girls screamed and Aido looked behind him before taking off towards the closed gates before cursing his luck when he heard Yuki yell," Aido, this way!" He turned and was surprised when Yuki wrapped her hand around his wrist and pulled him after her as they joined Ichijou in running away from the girls and boys as the others stayed back with Zero to try and help control the rest from busting out into a riot.

Kaname watched as Yuki, Aido and Ichijou disappeared after being chased by the huge group of girls and boys. Suddenly a gun went off, silence falling down as Yagari stepped out of the shadows and he glared at the suddenly guilty looking Day Class and asked, his voice thick with rage," What is the meaning of this?" When no one answered he turned to face Kaname who stared out in the direction where Yuki ran before turning to meet his gaze as Yagari asked," Did some of the Day Class chase off a few... Night Class students?"

"Yuki, Aido, and Ichijou." Kaname replied, and Yagari snorted with disgust as he said," Disrupting the peace that that idiot Chairman is trying to build because you girls and boys are interested in the ever beautiful Night Class students. Get going back to the Day dorms. You, Kaname, gather a few of your followers and find the three Night Class students, then go back to the Moon Dorms. I'll deal with the Day Class students." Kaname nodded his head and said," Ruka, Rima, Seiran, Shiki, Kain. Let's go." They seemed to disappear once they entered the shadows and the other Night Class students went back to the Moon Dorms as the Day Class students went back to the Day Dorms.

Touga Yagari looked at his student, his pupil, Zero Kiryu and said," Come, I will need help getting those Day Class students to leave the vampires alone so that they can return to the Moon Dorms." Zero nodded and silently followed Yagari into the shadows.


"Yuki, Aido, Ichijou. You may stop running. Yagari-sensei and Kiryu have gotten the girls." Kaname said, calmly, appearing before the three panting vampires from their run and they skidded to a halt before they ran into them. Yuki threw her arms around Kaname's waist and said, trying to regain her breath," Kaname-onii-sama...." "We have been told to return to the Moon Dorms." Kaname said, holding Yuki gently and once they got their breath under control, they left walking towards the Moon Dorms.

"Kaname-senpai...... what is going to happen? Will things really return to normal? Can they... the humans, truly accept us?" Yuki asked, her eyes lowered, a slight frown on her face. Kaname paused before he met her eyes seriously and answered," No matter what happens, Yuki, you will never be alone. If they accept us or not does not matter anymore for there are few humans who have already accepted us."
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