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Bucky Down Gun

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Rose spills the details about the lunch date to Duncan. He plots to seduce Katherine.

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Bucky Done Gun:

I waited at my cubicle for Rosie to return with the details. Something huge is coming. I can just feel it. Today feels as if someone had knocked over the first domino. It's only a matter of time before all of the rest fall down. In minutes, Rosie came in like a light little bunny. She was smiling brightly when she came in. I quickly became excited. Rose had a great lunch, I can tell! Okay, just keep calm Duncan. She'll make it to you and let you know what she wants you to know. My good friend made it over to me gracefully. I smiled at her widely as I held back my excitement. Rose sat down next to me. We turned to each other with smiles all around.

"So," I spoke up. "How was it?" Rosie smiled at me with a rosy face. She looked around to see if anyone else was listening in on her. Once she was sure that it was all clear, Rosie leaned in close to me. I did likewise.

"I had a great time!" Rosie said happily. I looked at her excited.

"So what happened?!?" I pressed on. Rosie was really smiling now. I betted that it was something really great. I braced myself for more. Darling leaned in even closer.

"He fingered me!" Rose whispered in excitement. My eyes grew wide at that statement. My face turned a slight red. I wasn't expecting that one at all. I wasn't sure that I heard right at first. No, that couldn't be.

"He fingered you?" I asked her surprised.

"That's right," Rose replied to me. She said it right the first time. Such a statement almost required me to ask for more.

"Well," I said at last. "How did that happen?" Rosie casually explained the whole tell from the first bite to when Patrick came along and toned down the moment. I was intrigued. I stared at her in surprise. Who knew Rosie could be that kinky? She seemed to be waiting for me to give a response now. Well, here goes.

"Wow!" I said at last. "You have the guy in your grasp! Now all you need to do is end it with Tony and you're end of the romance will be home free!" Rosie gave me that cute little frown of hers.

"Don't start with that today, Duncan!" she said to me playfully sharp. I shrugged at her innocently.

"Hey," I said to her. "I'm just saying! Leave Tony and start fresh with Pete! The sooner you do that, the better. Simple as that!"

"Simple as what?" a voice asked us. We both looked up quickly. A bright smile came across my face. It was the beautiful, hot, sexy, yummylious...

"Well," Katherine said to us. "Enlighten me! Simple as what?" Rose looked very hesitant about what to say next, but I stepped in and took over just in time.

"Just saying that these articles this time are as simple as buying tracks on ITunes!" I said quickly. Rose nodded to back me up. Katherine kept her serious face at us. Surely, she's going to believe that one. Surely she is! Then, my lovely Katherine just nodded at us.

"Less talking and more working," she said. "I want to get this edition finished before May! We are pressing for time now!"

"Yes ma'am!" Rose and I called in unison. Then, Katherine went back to her office. We both sighed in relief once gone.

"That was close!" Rose said.

"Yep," I agreed. We both sat silent for a moment.

"Well," I said at last. "Back to work, then."

"Yes," Rosie agreed. Then, we got back to work. I smiled to myself wickedly. Poor Katherine! She seems so bored with life. Instantly, an idea came into my head. I know what I'll do! I lure her away on a date when she starts to grill all of us for more information on Pete and Rosie! I slowly put my plan together as I kept working. Something HUGE this way comes! I can just feel it!

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Author's Note: Okay guys, I need some sexy ideas for more Pete and Rose love chaps. So please give me ideas in your reviews! Pleaseeeeee!!!
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