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Love or Confusion

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Davis shares with Kayla about what he saw with Pete and Rose many nights back and she in returns gives him a little surprise.

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Love or Confusion:

I couldn't hold it in anymore. I just had to tell somebody about what I saw that night. My nearest person was one of my girls, Kayla. Kayla Fox is an amazing girl. She is a beautiful Goth. Long straight light brown hair with straight fringe, pretty pale blue eyes, soft-looking cheeks, slender little thing, damn she's pretty! Kayla always wore black. Her nails were even black and her clothes and make-up. This little darling was also a Wicca. For that reason, Keisha always calls her a devil worshipper and frowns upon poor Kayla constantly. But like the good boyfriend that I am, I always stick up for her. She may be anti-social and odd on the surface, but Kayla is one of the nicest girls I know. I met her when I first came to Miami. We were both moody kids. Pretty soon, Kayla and I became two moody kids together. As time wore on, the moodiness between went away and we became nice kids in high school along with my other girl, Charlie.

So, Kayla and I were playing on her Nintendo Wii that she brought over with this afternoon. (It's actually one of her mother's boyfriend's Wii. Long story, don't have the time to explain.) I was really nervous again. My discovery was driving me crazy. I still couldn't get Pete and Rose... doing it that night. I shuttered in disgust.

"Davis?" my doll asked me. I looked up at her quickly. She was focused on the game.

"What's wrong with, D?" she asked. I hesitated to answer at first. Then, I swallowed hard. Well, it has to come out somehow.

"I saw Rose doing it with Pete Wentz a few nights ago!" I blurted out at last. "There, I said it!" Kayla looked at me with a stoic face like she normally did. But I could see in her eyes that she was stunned.

"What?!?" she asked me. I drew in a deep breath. I painfully told her the whole story. Kayla just looked at me funny.

"Are you sure it was Pete Wentz?" she asked in suspicion.

"Yeah!" I said quickly. "I didn't want to risk what was left of my sanity to have another look to see if was him!" I noticed that Kayla was laughing at me.

"What?!?" I asked trying not to loose my mind. Kayla looked at me smiling.

"You act like sex is a new thing!" she replied.

"No!" I said. "I am aware of sex after hearing what the seniors at our school get up to! It's just..."

"You just don't want to see your sister doing it?" my doll asked me.

"Yeah!" I said quickly. Then, I slashed her samurai with my own guy. "Score!" I yelled out. "Took out of your men!" Kayla just kind pouted at me at first. Then, something strange happened. My hot Goth angel leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I was stunned at first. But then, I kissed her back. Well, what do you know? I got my first kiss from one of my girls! Now to kiss Charlie and I'm set. Kayla pulled away lightly. "Damn," I thought. "It's over already? I was just getting into it too! Damn it!" I smiled at her brightly.

"What was that for?" I asked her harmlessly. Kayla just shrugged at me innocently.

"Dunno," she said. "Just felt like it!" We both went back to our game.

"What does that mean?" Kayla asked me.

"Hm?" I asked her.

"For Rose and Pete, I mean." my doll finished. "You think they'll start seeing each other more?" I thought about that for a mention.

"I hope so," I answered at last. "I can't stand Tony. What does she even see in him anyway? I never really liked him at all. He reminds me of that one guy your mom had at your house that one night. He was such a slob too. I wonder what your mom saw in him anyway?"

"Yeah..." Kayla said unhappily. Oh-uh, I've upset her. She doesn't like talking about her mom's boyfriends. (Again, long story don't have the time to tell.) Quick, change the subject!

"Hey, that kiss!" I spoke up. Kayla looked up at me.

"Yes, what about it?" she asked me. I smiled at her richly.

"So..." I said to her. "What does that mean for us?" Kayla smirked at me.

"Don't get your hopes up!" she replied sharply. "You're not fooling me! That's all you're getting from me right now!"

"Oh, so there's more where that came from?" I asked in excitement.

"I didn't say all of that!" Kayla said quickly. I beamed at her.

"Well," I said to her. "What did you mean? Don't toy with my emotions here, girl!" She smiled at me and lightly pushed me over.

"Just shut up and play!" she said. Then, we both went back to our game. Ha! I've got one of my girls now! Now if I can only get the other one to do the same for me...

The Time to Hesistate is Through
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