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Choose Life, Choose Job

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Adam and the others learn about Vanessa's blog becoming property of Beach Radio Magazine. Adam also keeps a watch for Katherine on her quest to learn more about Prose.

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Choose Life, Choose a Job:

Ever since we learned about Katherine trying to find out about Pete and Rose, it's been a little uneasy here. We all have to be on our guard 24/7 at work. Our boss is a sneaky one. She has a way of getting information out of us. Noriko is her favorite target. The poor girl naive and can't keep a secret to save her life. That's one of the reasons why Vanessa doesn't include her in her little missions. "The less Noriko knows, the better," Vanessa always told us. That's the one thing Nessie is right about. (Not to question her judgment or anything, she is just... how do I put this? A little off at times. Just don't tell her I said that!)

I have one eye on my articles while editing and my other eye on the outside. Can't be careful these days. Okay, I need to relax some to keep from losing my mind! Yeah, that's it. I shut my eyes and breathe in some. I feel better now. I began my work again. I need to think about something else for the time being. My mind began to wander back to Sakura. I wonder how she's doing on her British article in the 90's. I bet it's easier than my 70's one. Sure there was some great British music in the 70's, but the 90's was really when the British Invasion took off. (It's actually the 60's, but you know what I mean.) Well, damage is done. So all I can do now is work on this section until the project is finished.

I noticed Vanessa looking worried. That was unusual for her. Nessie is only upset when it's her younger sister. But, I don't want to ask yet. I think about that for a moment. Screw it, I just have to ask her or I'll go insane for the rest of the day. I turned around to her.

"Hey Nessie," I said to her. She looked up at me in silence. I pushed myself to go on. "What's wrong today?" I asked her. Vanessa just sighed at me.

"My blog is be repossessed," she said to me. I looked at her confused.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"Boss-Lady and BRM now own my blog!" she summed up. I looked at her shocked now.

"WHAT?!?" I asked her. Vanessa nodded at me.

"But... how?" I managed to ask. She broke down and told me the whole story. I couldn't really say anything after that.

"Well..." I said. "That's good in a sense if you think about..." Vanessa looked pale at my statement. She seemed about to scream when we were interrupted. Sakura was peeking down at us. She was smiling like a cat as per usual.

"Hey party people!" she called to us. "What's up?" Vanessa went very pale again. She didn't want to talk at first.

"Vanessa's blog now belongs to BRM!" I blurted out. Sakura's face was now painted in shock.

"Really?" she asked. Vanessa nodded nervously. Sakura was just as shocked as I was.

"But... how?" she asked. Vanessa explained the whole story to her. Sakura just listened in surprised.

"Wow!" was all that she could say at last. The three of us were silent.

"Wow what? What's going on?" a voice asked us from behind. We all looked up to see Noriko. She had apparently come around the corner to ask us a question or something. She's just as bad as Rose with sneaking up behind us while were talking.

"Vanessa's blog belongs to BRM now!" Sakura announced. Nessie went pale again. Noriko looked at us confused.

"Aunt Nessie has a blog?" she asked.

"Yeah!" Vanessa replied in a high-pitched squeal. Then, Sakura told Noriko the whole blog story. She looked amazed.

"We have company blog now!" she called. "I'm so proud of you Aunt Nessie!"

"Don't be!" Nessa yelled out.

"What's going on?" another voice asked us. We all looked up. Robyn was watching us now. She always manages to spot out a crowd from miles. Noriko stepped forward smiling.

"BRM has a blog now!" she chirped. Robyn looked at us confused at first.

"But I thought we're allowed to have blogs. Unless..." she said. Then, she turned to Vanessa.

"Did she...?" the Canadian woman began to ask.

"Yes!" we all replied. Robyn looked shocked.

"But how?" she asked. We all repeated the story to her. The story was repeated many times today. By the end of the day, everyone knew about Vanessa/BRM's blog. Nessie looked sick and pale by the time it was time to go home. Aw, poor girl. But, I know her. Nessie is resilient. Pretty soon, she'll use this change to her advantage and all will be fine in Vanessa land! But what is she going to do about all of those Prose posts? That's going to be a mess to deal with. But again knowing Nessie, she find a way around it. Oh well, thinking too much now. Need to wind down for more tasks "commander" Nessa has for us tomorrow. See ya!

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