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Another Night And I'll See You

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Katie's POV
Gerard followed Mikey and Frank to get pajamas, leaving Caroline and MEg looking happy, but confused. "Meg, Caroline," I said to them, "I only asked cause i knew they wouldn't mind and I'm kinda afraid of Joe..."

They shrugged their shoulders. "kay," Meg said sliding down onto the couch, "but you know you're not the one he's looking to hurt."

I read Caroline's thoughts and smiled, "Well, Ohkay...I guess I'll just call us a cab..."

I pulled out my phone and started to dial the number, "Don't you dare!" Caroline yelled and reached her hand out.

The phone flew from my hand all the way to hers. Meg and Caroline jumped while I just smiled. "CAROLINE!" Meg shouted, "YOU HAVE TELEKINESIS!"

She just stood there, phone in hand shocked, "Wait? So, I can move telephones with my mind!? ThATS ALL!?"

Meg and I laughed, " can move anything with your come the guys get your pj's from Frank using telekinesis."

She just nodded as the boys re-entered the living room. Before they could hand us our pajamas, Caroline, had them floating into our hands. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?" they all shouted.

"thanks Caroline!" I said, then I turned to the guys, "Caroline's powers have come in!"

They all gave us blank expressions. Then Meg explained, "I don't know if Katie or Caroline told you, but Katie can read minds, I can change emotions, and now C, has telekinesis," before Frank could speak I cut in, "No doesnt mean she can only move telephones with her mind...she can move anything."

"AWESOME!" Mikey shouted, "Now, go get in your pajamas so we can start this party!"

MEg, Caroline, and I headed into Mikey's room to get changed. We each wore a par of the guys boxers and some band tee. I had Avenged Sevenfold, Meg had AFI, and Caroline had Taking Back Sunday. Caroline giggled. "What's so funny?" MEg asked.

I giggled with her. "think about what we're wearing Meg..."

It took her a minute but then she burst out laughing. We headed back to the living room.

Meghan's POV
We headed back into the living room and decided to play twister. Caroline wanted to use her new powers so she said she'd be the spinner the first round of Me versus Mikey. After a few turns we were tangled up with me half under him. "kay Mikes," Caroline laughed, "Right hand blue."

Mikey reached, but fell on me. I rolled out and jumped up. "I WINN!!!!!" I yelled.

I did a quick victory dance and then gave Mikey my hand to help him up. I giggled as I looked down at him. "Mikey?" I said, about to burst out into laughter.


"Pleas tell your pants its not polite to point."

We all burst out laughing except for Mikey who was blushing madly. Aww. He looked so cute when he blushed. I pulled him up and gave him a kiss. I looked up at him and whispered, "Don't worry, I think it's cute how excited you are that I won."

Caroline's POV
I GOT MY POWERS FINALLY! SICK! YES! It was my turn to play against Frankie. I ended up falling, but I pulled him down with me. He pouted, "NOT FAIR! I WANT A REMATCH!"

"NOPE!" I stuck my tongue out at him, "It's Gee and Katie's turn!"

Gerard and Katie groaned. "Can't we play something else?" Katie asked, "OH! I've got a game..."

"Katie, I LOVE YOUR IDEAS!" I giggled. I knew exactly what she was going to say.

Meg started laughing. "what are we playing!?" the guys asked confused.

"How bout..." Katie giggled, "A game of Strip Truth or Dare?"

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