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And Never Be Afraid Again

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Mikey's POV

Wow. I didn't expect Katie to be the one to suggest that kind of game. But, oh well, I'm fine with it. "Kay then!" I said, "Let's play."

Frank and Gerard smiled and nodded in agreement. "Who goes first?" Gerard asked.

"Well," Katie said, "I chose the game so I choose...GERARD! haha and if you pick truth I'll know you're lying if you don't actually tell the truth! And if you pick truth, along with answerin the question you have to take off one article of clothing. So, Truth or Dare, Gee?"

"Dare." Gee smiled. Gerard was never one to pick truth.

"I dare you to..." Katie thought for a moment, "Go next door in just your boxers and ask to borrow some frosting."

"Kay." Gerard got up, took off his shirt, since he wore just his boxers to bed anyways and walked out the door and across the hall. Mrs. Stapine answered with a yawn, "Uhm, Mrs. Stapine? I was wondering if you had some frosting I could borrow?"

We were all giggling as we watched from the safety of the apartment. "Why would you need frosting Gerard? And why so late?"

"Oh, well, my girlfriend is over and we were bored so we decided to...uhm...bake a cake...and we need frosting..."

Mrs. Stapine's looked at him like he was crazy, "Say no more." She walked away and came back with a jar of frosting. " can I please go back to sleep?"

Before, he could say anything, she slammed the door. Gerard came back with frosting in hand, "What's so funny? I got free frosting!"

He opened the tub and started to eat it. "My turn! Now, Mikey, TRUTH OR DARE!?"

Shit. Gerard came up with the worst dares, but his truths were even worse. "uhm...dare."

"I dare you to...hmm...I know! I dare you to smash your toaster!"

"THATS LIKE A SIN!" Meg shouted. I looked at her shocked.

"huh? you like toasters too!?" I asked.

"Yes! But Katie and Caroline won't let me use it since I put a fork in it."

I stared wide-eyed. I thought I was teh only person who did that! "MARRY ME!"

"OH GOD NO!" Katie laughed, "You two would die within the first day of living alone together!"

"Can we just get back to teh game?" Gerard asked, "Mikey, smash it."

I hung my head and walked into my room and brought out my toaster. I stopped in front of Gerard and threw it on teh ground. It smashed. "H-happy?" I said with a frown.

I sat back down and Meg wrapped her arms around me and whispered in my ear, "dont worry. you can borrow mine when we get married."

I turned and kissed her, "Kay. Now, Caroline. Truth or Dare?"

"TRUTH! hehe i wanna be different!"

"Kay..." I smiled, and looked at Frank, he gave me a glare as if to say don't do it but please like I'd listen to him, "First, off with the shirt, and second, do you wanna be Frankie's girlfriend?"

Frank's POV
I CANT BELIEVE MIKEY ASKED THAT! Oh well. Caroline blushed as she took off her shirt and then answered, "uhm...well...yes..."

Mikey smiled. "well, Frank, then why don't you ask her?!"

I slapped Mikey, "I was getting to that! Now, you ruined it." I sighed, "Caroline, since Mikey so rudely already gave away the surprise, you know what I'm going to ask, so will you?"

She nodded her head and I reached over and hugged her and kissed her forehead. Then, she pulled herself into my lap and kissed me. "EWW!" Meg laughed, "GET A ROOM!"

I smirked, "Kay!" She slapped me across the face and left my lap, "I WAS KIDDING!"

"Oh, so I'm not good enough then?!" she shouted and ran down the hall and into Mikey's room.

"N-no I-I meant...." I stuttered, shit. I messed this up.

"GOTCHA!" Caroline shouted popping back out laughing.

I pouted. I didn't like being tricked.

Caroline's POV
"MY TURN NOW! Meggie, Truth or dare!?!" I asked bouncing back into Frank's lap.

"....Truth." Meg was never one for choosing dare.

"Kay. Shirt off, and uhm...have you ever done something that you regret?"

As soon as the question left my mouth I knew I made a mistake Meg started to cry as Mikey pulled her into his arms. "Oh shit! M-meg I'm sorry! I wasn't thinking!"

Katie widened her eyes. "C, she knows you didn't mean that, but t-thats not all."


"I-I c-cut myself...."

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