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Think Happy Thoughts, Think Happy Thoughts

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what happens NOW?!

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Caroline's POV
I can't believe what Meg just said. I looked over at her with shock and disappointment, "M-meg, when? why?"

She sobbed into Mikey's chest. "A-after the a-accident a-and a-after R-ryan commited s-suicide. I-it was my fault! I-I couldn't t-take it!"

Katie and I went over and hugged her. "Meg," Katie whispered soothingly, "It wasn't your accidents happen and it's not your fault he commited suicide..."

"Yes it is!" she shouted at us, pushing all of us away from her, "If I wasn't high, I wouldn't have let Ryan drive drunk! And if he didn't drive drunk, mom and dad would still be alive and s-so would Ryan!"

"M-meg," I was surprised, "Y-you were always t-the strong one, h-how did you...?"

"I d-don't know ohkay! It was once! Just some acid, but if I wasn't a fucking idiot, the people I love would still be here! I hate myself!"

With that, she ran down the hall into Mikey's room and slammed the door. I got up to run after her, but Katie pulled me down. “She doesn’t wanna talk to us C...”

“I’ll go and try to talk to her.” Mikey quietly said, getting up and heading out of the living room

I sighed. Since when has she wanted to talk to someone other than me and Katie?! She’s always told us everything! At least, I thought she had...

Meghan’s POV
I ran down the hall into Mikey’s room. That question brought up all those old emotions and I just needed to get away. I sat down on his bed and rummaged through my purse until I found what I was looking for. I put the shiny silver blade to my wrist and watched the blood glisten against my pale skin. I wasn’t going to cut too deep. Just enough to make the pain go away. I was getting ready to add a second slit when someone grabbed the blade from my hand. I looked up to see Mikey’s eyes full of fear and filling with tears. “M-Meg,” He whispered, “P-please don’t do this to yourself. I care about you and don’t want to see you hurt.”

I broke down sobbing and he sat down next to me on his bed. “Y-you mu-must think,” I stuttered, “I’m s-such an idiot....I-I un-understand if y-you don’t wanna ta-talk to m-me an-anymore...”

He placed to fingers under my chin and tilted my head up to look into his eyes, “No Meg, I want you to understand that none of what happened was your fault and there’s people who love you so much who don’t wanna see you hurt yourself.”

“Yeah Meggie,” Caroline smiled entering the room, “We love you.”

Then Katie entered with Gerard and Frank, “We all do.”

I smiled as they all came over and hugged me. “T-thanks guys, but how can you love me? I just fucking met you!” I laughed wiping away the last of the tears.

“Aww!” Frank laughed, “we may have all just met, but I think you guys are pretty fucking awesome! You’ll definitely be like my bestest friend!”

“Yeah,” Gerard winked, “And I bet you and me could make an amazing comic book.”

I giggled, “How’d you know I was an artist?”

“I don’t know...I guessed.”

We all laughed and headed back to the living room where we decided to watch a movie. Gerard put in Nightmare Before Christmas. Gerard and Katie laid snuggled up on the couch, Mikey took the loveseat with me on his lap, and Frank and Caroline took the floor where they made a pillow fort.

Mikey’s POV
I yawned and opened my eyes. I glanced at the clock and read 8:32. I smelled coffee in the kitchen and realized Gerard and Katie were already up. I didn’t wanna move, afraid to wake Meghan, but grr....that coffee was taunting me. While I was debating whether to move or not, Meghan’s eyes fluttered open. I leaned down and kissed her. She giggled. “That’s a nice thing to wake up to in the morning.”

I laughed and gave her one more kiss. “Well, something else to wake up to, is coffee. And it’s in the kitchen. And I need some.”
She slowly got up and rubbed her wrist. “You want a band aid?” I asked. She shook her head no and we quietly avoided stepping on Frank and Caroline who were sprawled out all over the floor, pillow fort collapsed beside them. We headed into the kitchen to see Gerard and Katie filling water balloons, giggling hysterically. “What are you two up to?” I asked, grabbing a cup of coffee for me and one for Meg.

Meg giggled. “they’re gonna pelt Caroline and Frank with cold water balloons. I wanna help!”

“Me too!”

“Kay,” Katie whispered, handing us each two balloons and walking towards the living room, the four of us lined up with our ammunition ready for launch, “One, Two....”

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