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She's a Creep

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Frank Iero is just all peachy, until he meets the creepy new girl...

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Disclaimer – I have never met My Chemical Romance. Yes, I’ve been to one of their concerts. No, I have never met them. It’s tragic. Therefore, none of this is true…that’s right I’m basically telling you that if you read this fanfic…then you are reading lies.

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“Ms DeLeo?” Our history teacher, Mr. Pitts called for the second time. The whole class turned to face the girl sitting in the class. She had only arrived a week ago.

She looked up from the paper she’d been doodling on, her icy, blue eyes staring at him from underneath her hood.


“Did you hear the question that I just asked you?” He asked, giving her a slight glare.

“The declaration of Independence was formed in 1776.” She smirked at him. “And, your real first name isn’t Marcus, it’s Harold.”

“How did you…?”He glared at her. Her smirk was still on her face. “Take that hood off, no hats in the building.”

She rolled her eyes and pushed the hood back. Her long brown hair fell forward into her flawless looking face.

“Is your real name Harold?” Gerard asked. I turned back around to see his reaction.

“That’s not important.” He mumbled, turning back to the board. He scribbled ‘1776’ in chalk.

“Harry Pitts.” I snorted, turning back to the girl who had just announced Mr. Pitts’ actual name.

She had her hood back up and was back to drawing on her paper.

“She seems a little weird.” Gerard mumbled to me a I turned back around.

“You really have no room to talk.” I gave him a strange look. Yesterday, he had come to school dressed like a fucking drag queen.

“I make a damn good girl and you know it.”

“Gerard Way and Frank Iero!” Mr. Pitts spun around to face us. “There is to be no talking! Violet DeLeo, get that hood off of your head! Do the three of you want detention?”

“No, Mr. Harry Pitts, sir.” I put my hands up in defense. I heard Violet’s failed attempt to muffle a laugh.

“One more crack like that at any time this week, and you and your jokester pal, DeLeo, back there will be in detention with me for two weeks!”

“Oh, but…” I turned to see what she had to say.

“One more.” He threatened.

She shut her mouth, but still smirked in my direction. Her long face had a heart shape to it. Her skin was pale and flawless. Her light pink lips made her blue eyes pop out.

I’m not going to lie, she was very pretty.

“It’s not polite to stare at the new kid.” Gerard mumbled in my ear, causing me to jump.

“I can’t help it.” I didn’t look away as Violet went back to drawing. She’s really pretty.” I thought that I saw a smile twitch at the corners of her mouth as I said the words.

The bell rang; Violet stood up and walked by me. “Later trouble maker,” she smirked.

“Like you have room to talk!” I said as she walked out.

“Creepy kid.” Gerard said in a singsong voice.

“You are stupid.” I sang back to him.

“Whatever.” He turned to walk in the opposite direction that we were supposed to be heading in.

“Where are you going?” I asked

“Detention, the rest of the guys do too. That leaves you to eat by yourself partner.” He told me. Then, he took off skipping down the hallway.

I stood there wondering why he was skipping, and then realized that some things were better left unknown. I turned and started making my way to the cafeteria.
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