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Table for...Three?

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Frank gets two unexpected vistors at lunch. My summaries fail at life...

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I walked into the cafeteria and grabbed a tray. I filled it with pasta and marinara sauce, a salad, and a bowl of ice cream.

“Okay.” I mumbled as I turned to look at my seating options. I saw an empty table and took a seat at the end of its rectangular shape.

I didn’t have very many friends, other than the four losers that I normally hung out with. This was the first time that I was on my own at lunch this year.

A loud laugh entered my ears; I looked up from my tray.

Violet was laughing at some kid she just caused to trip. She had an ice cream cup and a spoon in one hand and a bag of Twizzlers in the other.

Another girl was with her. She was a good four inches shorter than Violet. Her hair was barely at her shoulders; it was black with lime green streaks through out it. She was as pale as Violet was and had nothing but a can of Jones’ Soda in her hand.

“Hey!” Violet stopped in front of the table I was sitting at. “You’re…Frank, that troublemaking Iero kid.”

I nodded once. “And you’re Violet.” I stopped myself from saying the creep in the back of last period.

She grinned. “Care if we join you?”

Before I could respond, they were making themselves comfortable on the bench across from me.

“You’re welcome.” The other girl said.


“I just graced you with my presence. So, you’re welcome.” She grinned at me.

“This is Ranessa.” She told me, pointing a Twizzler in her friend’s direction.

“Hello.” Ranessa said, plucking a piece of lettuce from my salad and shoving it in her mouth.

“Help yourself…” I arched an eyebrow at her.

“Okay.” She took my spoon and started playing with my ice cream.

“Here,” I picked up the bowl and sat it in front of her. “I don’t dig ice cream that much anyway.”

“Um…alright,” She started to smash the ice cream, but didn’t eat it.

“Twizzler?” Violet shoved the bag in front of my face.

“So,” I said as I pulled one of the Twizzlers out, “you two are both new students here?”

“Yeah,” Violet started pealing the tab off of her ice cream cup. “We met in the principal’s office right before he showed us around last week.”

“We ended up knocking over a bunch of chairs he had sitting out side his office with a basket ball we found.” Ranessa didn’t look up; she just continued to smash the ice cream.

“He got really pissed off and gave us both detention, even though it was our first day here.” She shoved a few Twizzlers in her mouth.

“Yeah, Lowels can be a dick most of the time.” I said.

“It’s only ‘cause he isn’t man enough to have one of his own.” Ranessa placed the ice cream back on my plate. It was melted and she never did eat any of it.

“So, do you always eat by yourself?” Violet asked.

“No, all my friends I usually eat with have detention.”

“All of them?”

“Well, the four of them…”

The bell rang.

“Walk with us. I think you and that Gerard kid may be in my next class too.” Violet pushed her long brown hair out of her face as we stood up.

“Let’s go!” Ranessa ran past some kid and pushed him out of the way. Then, she slammed her Jones’ Soda can in the trash and spun around in a circle.

I looked over at Violet.

“You get used to it.” She grinned as we walked out of the cafeteria.
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