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The Project Begins

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Frank finds out that even science teachers can bring some excitement into his life. I can't do summaries that well...

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“Vi-o-let!” I looked up to see a girl skipping down the hallway; she and Gerard were linking arms.

I had never seen her here before. She was about the same height as Gerard, maybe an inch or two shorter. She has black hair that reached down just past her shoulders.

“Why are they-“ I looked over at Violet, who, I just noticed was the same exact height as me.

“I don’t know.” She cut me off shaking her head.

“Guys!” Gerard stopped abruptly, just inches away from Violet, Ranessa, and me. “This is Raina. Have you met her? She likes to skip, like me!”

“We’ve met.” Violet told him, her voice half bored as she pulled her almost stomach length hair back into a ponytail.

“She’s ou- my neighbor.” Ranessa stumbled over her words.

“Yeah,” Raina said.

Out of the corner of my eye I thought that I saw her shoot a glare at Ranessa.

The five minute warning bell rang.

“This way to science class,” I grabbed Violet’s arm. Together, we walked a few doors down the hallway and pulled into our science class. Gerard and Ray joined us soon after.

“Back of the class for the new kid.” Violet sighed as she went back to her lab table.

She was lucky she didn’t have a partner. Most of the time, her stuff was all over the table and her feet were usually propped up on the chair beside of her.

My partner wasn’t there today. It was such a same. I loved to creep her out.

“Okay class,” Mrs. Whyett said, “today you are going to be assigned partners for a science project that I’m choosing for you.”

I sighed. Whyett was big boned and very bossy. That caused problems with a majority of the class and often resulted in rude nicknames. Most of them thanks to me and Ray.

She went on to explain everything that we needed to do. I faded in and out of her blabbering, until…

“Miss DeLeo.” She snapped.

We all turned around. Violet was sleeping, her head resting on her unopened science book. Slowly, she opened her eyes and lifted her head up. She pushed back some of her hair that had fallen out of the ponytail and stared at Whyett.

“It’s nice of you to join the rest of us.” Teacher-lady told her. “Care to tell the rest of the class what I just explained?”

The class murmured and a few people snickered. Then Violet said one word as calm as she could be.


She went on to recite everything that Mrs. Whyett said, word for word. The class was completely silent when she finished. Whyett’s mouth was open slightly, as if she was too shocked to remember to close it.

“Well, um…here are your partners. Violet DeLeo, you are going to be paired with Frank Iero.”

I turned around to grin at her, expecting her to look excited. Instead, she looked like she had been expecting the news.

“Get with your partners. “ Man-lady said after she told everyone else who they were going to be sent through hell with. “Discuss what you are going to do with the theme that I have given you until the bell rings.

I walked back to Violet’s table. She greeted me with a smirk as I took the seat next to hers.

“’Sup, partner?” I asked.

“I don’t feel like talking about the project right now. You wanna come to my house after school and we can work on it then?” She asked.

“Yeah, that’d be cool.” I said.

“Sure. Oh, Ranessa and Raina are coming over too.”

“Awesome.” I responded. “How did you know what she said? You were sleeping.”

“I got mad skills.” She looked into my eyes and flashed a perfect white smile.

I felt my hear flutter and start to melt as her crystal, blue eyes bore into my brown. That one look from her pretty face sent chills up and down my spine. Her smile made her even more beautiful than before. I had almost instantly developed a crush on Violet DeLeo.

Her smile spread further across her face. The bell rang moments after.

“Meet me at my locker after school?” She picked up her bag, shoved her books in, and stood up.

I nodded, unable to say anything.

“Good.” She laughed and walked out, leaving me almost frozen in my spot.
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