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She's Got Me Speechless

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Frank goes to Violet's house and I can't do summaries. Tah da! Read & review you fool.

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I walked to Violet’s locker after last period. I was slightly relieved to see that there was no one there but me. I took this opportunity to work on how casual I was going to look when she got there. A few seconds went by, I sighed.

“Frank?” A muffled voice came from inside the locker.

“Violet?” I asked turning around and facing the door.

“Get me out of here!” She exclaimed, and then proceeded to tell me her combination.

“Are you okay?” I asked as I pulled her out of the small locker. “Who did this?”

“Some overly huge jocks.” She glared. Then she turned around and put her thick science and history books into her messenger bag. She started to throw it over her shoulder.

“Here,” I took it from her quickly.

“I’m fine.” She grabbed the strap and pulled on it. She was tiny, but she was stronger than she looked.

“I insist.” I pried her long, skinny fingers off of it.

“Alright.” She laughed a little bit and then grinned. “Follow me.”

“We walked down a flight of stairs, out the front doors and onto the side walk.

“You should know.” She glanced at me. I looked over at her fully as she went to playing with her fingers. “I’m…um…I live with my brother, Rory. He’s twenty-three. We live in a small two story house. Rory is cool, but he likes to watch over me like a hawk.”

“So, you don’t live with parents?” I asked.

“No,” she looked up at me, “they died in a fire when I was ten. Rory was fifteen.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” I said softy, then did a little bit of math in my head. “So you’re…eighteen?”

She shook her head. “November twenty-first.”

“Well, that’s only a few weeks away.”

“Yeah,” she smiled. “Well, here we are.”

The house was small, but it wasn’t a crammed small. It was more like a comfy small.

“You coming?” I looked up. She was already at the door, getting ready to let herself in.

“Yeah,” I said, then followed her up the stairs.

“Rory!” She called out as she opened the door. “I’m home. There’s someone here that I would like you to meet.”

“’Bout time you got here, loser.” He came into view.

They looked just about the exact opposite of each other. Violet’s face had a relaxed, smooth look to it, his face had sharp features. They both had the same stunning, blue eyes and brown colored hair, though. He stood about six feet tall, easily towering over my shortness.

“This is Frank.” She said, and then grabbed my hand. “And now, we’re going to go work on our science project. Bye, dork.”

She led me into a dinning room. While she pranced around, flicking all the different light switches on (even though a lot of them seemed to do nothing), I laid her messenger bag down on the table.

“So,” she said as I sat down in a chair. She made herself comfortable on the table next to me. “Science is boring. Let’s talk about other stuff.”

I laughed a little bit at both her energy and her beauty. “About what?”

“Well,” she smiled, mostly to herself. “How do you think I’m doing my first week here?” She looked up and flashed her white smile at me.

My breath caught in my throat and my heart started to flutter. I got butterflies in my stomach. She was pretty. I must have told myself that a million times, but it was so true. I did my best to concentrate on her question, but all I could think about was brushing her hair out of her face and pressing my lips against hers.

For once in my entire existence, I was speechless; and it was all because of a girl.
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